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									.za Domain Name Authority
• Delegated to Mike Lawrie / Uninet project
  in 1993
• Registrations at the 3rd level in defined
  categories (.co.za, .org.za, .ac.za etc)
• Possibly unique situation with sub-
  delegation to 2nd level administrators
• A number of “interim” arrangments eg
  Uniforum delegation for co.za
Impending Retirement

• Mike Lawrie approaches ISOC-ZA
• ISOC-ZA convenes a drafting committee
• DC report tabled
• Namespace ZA formed
• ECT Act process
• Compromise in the Act
Key Features in the ECT Act
• .za Domain Name Authority established “for the
    purpose of assuming responsibility for the .za
    domain name space as from a date determined
    by the Minister”
•   S21 Company
•   Namespace ZA members automatically members
    of .za DNA
•   Membership open to all “citizens and permanent
    residents of South Africa”
Key Features      cont

• Committees
• Co-opt outsiders
• Procedures and criteria for establishment
  and disestablishment of 2nd level domains
  and delegations to such domains (Annex
• Board appointed by the Minister on the
  recommendation of a selection panel
Key Features             cont

• Appoint CEO
• Licence registrars and registries
• Functions
   –   Administration
   –   Elevate public awareness
   –   Research and investigate
   –   Policy recommendations
   –   Evaluation
• Funding – PFMA until self-sufficient
Key Features            cont

• Regulations
  –   Requirements for registries and registrars
  –   Registrations
  –   Pricing
  –   Restorations
  –   Standard agreement terms
  –   Anti-competitive and unfair behaviour
  –   Creation of new
  –   Compliance monitoring
  –   Policy
• ADR – not .za DNA but likely responsibility for

• Company incorporated
• Directors recommended and
  recommendations accepted –
  –   Hasmukh Gajjar (Chair)
  –   Preeta Bhagattjee (Deputy Chair)
  –   Sonwabo Eddie Funde
  –   Richard Heath
  –   Xoliswa Kakana
  –   Alan Levin
  –   Nomvula Mbangela
  –   Mike Silber
  –   Victor Wilson
Way Forward

• Finalising redelegation
• Uniforum hosting ICANN in Cape Town
  December 2004 in conjunction with DoC
  and .za DNA
• Re-evaluating primary and secondary
• Policy initiative
The Obligation to Consult
• Membership driven organisation
• Promotion of Administrative Justice Act
• ICANN redelegation process
• Intention
  – Prepare policy document
  – Public comment
  – Finalise policy on main issues
  – Move to licensing regime
• Membership issues not fully addressed
  – Being rectified as a priority
• Speed
  – Needed to bring all to the same footing
  – Resource constraints
• Consultative process
  – Numerous informal consultations
  – Can now begin
  – This session as a first public opportunity
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