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					     With unicare® we offer you a number of wireless solutions. Whether you are
     looking for a wireless Nurse Call system for a project with temporary housing,
     a complete wireless DECT system for telephony, or, a wireless solution for
     Personal Alarm systems, with unicare® we can offer you an integrated

                              Wireless communication

    Control center        Calamity calls       Personal alarm
                                                                                             Some wireless systems
      Domotics                             Wireless communication

                                                                           Within the concept of wireless communication, we offer a vast
   Patient services                         Building management
                                                                           number of solutions.
      Interfaces                               Assistance call

      Nurse call            Security        Acoustic surveillance          Some examples are:
                                                                           n	 Wireless Nurse Call system

                                                                           n	 Wireless telephony (DECT/GSM/WVOIP)
                      Customized                                              Unicare® offers a variety of wireless telephony sets, be it integrated
As with all our products, you determine, together with CLB, what the          with other solutions or not. For example, we offer a handset for a
best solution is for your specific situation. Do you need to integrate        wireless DECT system that has a built-in pager.
your solution with other communication systems? Are we talking             n	 People location tracker, for determining the (last) position
about a temporary or a definitive scenario? To what extent do you             of a person
expect your requirements to change over time?                              n	 Wireless personal alarm systems

These and many more questions need to be asked and answered in
                                                                                             Expandable with other unicare® concepts
order to determine the right solution for you. CLB will assist you with    The modular concept of unicare® enables you to expand the system
this and is always able to offer you a solution which will meet your       at any time with systems or products from one or more of the 12
immediate requirements and which is flexible for the future.               unicare® concepts. In the case of Wireless Communication systems,
                                                                           virtually all other concepts are potential candidates for integration.
                      Advantages of wireless                               Besides integration with unicare® concepts, integration with third
There are several reasons why people choose wireless systems. The          party systems is also possible.
advantages include:
n Mobility

n Lower installation costs and increased flexibility towards your future

n Ideal solution for temporary situations

n Easy integration with other (existing) systems


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