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					       Electronics Information
     and MTT WebMaster Report

Timothy Lee

       October, 2005
        Summary of Activities

Support for multiple conferences
   IMS 2006
   RWS 2006
Web-based collaboration tools being explored
   Contact Manager (email directory)
   Document Sharing
   Calendar
Electronic Forums
Domain name status
Next Period
                Server Summary

Interland account to new 3 GHz Xeon RAID
 Major capabilities
   Plesk webserver administration
   Pond TPMS system hosted
   50 IP addresses
   Multi-level management of users
      Client level
      Webuser
      E-mail
ftp and email services for various MTT-S functions
   File storage
   E-mail for T-MTT activities and paper reviews.
       MTT.ORG Webserver Performance

New mtt.org server performed well
during IMS2005 paper submission and
attendee information periods
Twelve domains in active use
IMS2003 retired
www.mtt-tpms.org performing well
www.mtt.org traffic
TPMS Activities
IMS2005 stats
Mtt.org websites
Support of IMS2006 and other conferences activities
Electronic Information Committee

Web-based Collaboration Tools
Transition to Web-based Collaboration Tools
   Needs
        Contact (email address) management
        Document sharing
        Calendar
        Multi-level access control
        Easy to manage and maintain
   Low-Cost (Self-hosted) -- WebAsyst
        Simple interface
        Open source
        No calendar function
        $1200 one time cost
        Small company (Russia) – longevity?
   Microsoft Sharepoint (buy hosting)
        Tight integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook
        Requires Windows Server 2003 and SQL server
        Approximately $20 to $100 / month
        Supported by Mr. Bill Gates
WebAsyst Web Collaboration Suite

WebAsyst is an open source software
system working on any standard web-
server in the Internet, on your local
network on even on a stand-alone
computer. WebAsyst consists of the
following major components:
WebAsyst Server
Web Client
Windows Client
                WebAsyst Features

PHP + PEAR open source
MySQL open source database
Template-based web client
interface (SMARTY)                Mtt.org webserver meets
Web Services support (SOAP,
XML)                              minimum requirements for
Multilingual interface support
(localization)                    WebAsyst
HTML-based printer-friendly
reports                           •Linux
Interaction between
applications                      •Apache web server
Logical and reference integrity
control                           •PHP
Multiple platform compatibility
(e.g. Windows, Linux)             •MySQL
              WebAsyst Modules

Contact Manager
   Email database
Document Depot
   Repository for sharing   Windows Client
    of documents
Project Manager
   Gantt tool for group
Quick Notes
Support Import and
Export to most common
e-mail programs such as
Multi-Level Rights Management
Product Pricing
                     Microsoft Sharepoint
Rich out-of-the-box functionality, which enables
information workers to become productive quickly and
assures IT professionals of quick, cost-effective
Integration with everyday tools enables information
workers to get started quickly by using familiar tools that
enable users to share information and collaborate with
peers easily.
Organization-wide standards provide persistent
security, management, and integration as well as uniform
retention and compliance policies on a reliable and scalable
Incremental deployment options enable IT
professionals to implement collaboration capabilities within
the timeframe and budget determined by their
Easy and cost-effective extensibility, which is made
possible by a rich development and customization
environment. These capabilities enable IT professionals to
build solutions specific to the needs of any organization and
develop managed, hosted services that connect the
organization with its customers, partners, and suppliers
throughout the value chain.

[1] Basic Windows SharePoint Services functionality can be
extended by adding other Microsoft technologies and
                     Better User Experience

• Easy user adoption. It is easy for users to adopt new collaboration tools and services by integrating Web-based
team collaboration services into everyday tools such as Microsoft Office, which includes e-mail, instant messaging,
and information rights management. The familiar Microsoft Office interface eliminates the need for training to
acquaint users with new software and helps users avoids the delays that erode productivity and slow document or
project delivery.
• Web browser access. The browser-based interface empowers users to create, access, and modify shared team
workspaces on demand and provides users with a single point of access to all of the rich information stored in team
• Adapt workspaces to meet team needs. Users can easily adapt team workspaces to fit the needs of specific
projects and communities by using built-in and extensible templates, Web Parts, views, and custom lists.
Demo AdCom Sharepoint Site
Demo Contact List
Demo Calendar Management
(example Windows Sharepoint hosting)
Other Electronic Information
      Activities Status
           IP Addresses,
 216.122.105:75 – 124
 Can assign IPs as exclusive or shared
 Can create sub-domains without costs
(ie. forums.mtt.org)
                         Domain Names Status NIC Handle                      Description
Domain Name Registrant:                      MTT3-DOM                        IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
Admin Contact:                               MG10277                         Marc Goldfarb
Technical Contact:                           DA6173-ORG                      Interland Inc.          800-214-1460
Billing Contact:                             MG10277                         Marc Goldfarb           Marc.Goldfarb@ieee.org
Nameservers:                                                                 ns1.nameserve.net, ns2.nameserve.net

                                  Last                                                                      Last
 domain             Expires     Renewed                           domain                     Expires      Renewed

                                                                     mtt     .org           6/19/2012      11/12/2002
                                                                mtt-tpms     .org            9/14/2007      9/14/2004
                                                                mttwireless .org              9/5/2007       9/5/2004
                                                                radiowireless.org             9/5/2007       9/5/2004
                                                                rawcon       .org            9/11/2010      9/11/2005 Roger Marks acct
 ims2004   .org      1/9/2007   11/11/2001                      rfic2004     .org           11/19/2005     11/19/2002
 ims2005   .org      1/9/2007   11/11/2001                      rfic2005     .org           11/19/2006     11/19/2002
 ims2006   .org      1/9/2007   11/11/2001                      rfic2006     .org           11/19/2007     11/19/2002
 ims2007   .org      1/9/2011   11/11/2001                      rfic2007     .org           11/19/2007     11/19/2002
 ims2008   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001                      rfic2008     .org           11/19/2007     11/19/2002
 ims2009   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001                      rfic2009     .org           11/19/2007     11/19/2002
 ims2010   .org     6/22/2011   11/11/2001                      rfic2010     .org           11/19/2007     11/19/2002
 ims2011   .org      7/3/2011   11/11/2001
 ims2012   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001
 ims2013   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001
 ims2014   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001
 ims2015   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001
 ims2016   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001
 ims2017   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001
 ims2018   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001
 ims2019   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001
 ims2020   .org     6/21/2011   11/11/2001                                                  Revisions
 ims2021   .org    11/11/2011   11/11/2001
Basic Approach:                                                                             lengthened ims2002.org one year
Domain names are reserved as far in the future as practical, presently 20 years             9/5/2004
Domain names are registered for a minimum of 18 months following the conference date        added mttwireless.org and radiowireless.org
to allow the organizing committee to use the site for debriefing activities and attendees   9/15/2004
to use the site for informational purposes.                                                 added mtt-tpms.org
                                                                                            added rawcon.org
         Domain Names Actions

   Suggested actions:
1) extend renewal on ims2006 for an additional year
2) add rfic2011-2025
3) add ims2022-2025
4) allow rawcon.org to expire in 5 years without
5) if there are other domain names that we want to
   notes: rfic2004 will expire next month. I've sent a
            Plans Next Period

Web-based AdCom Directory
   Complete trade between WebAsyst and MS
   Will submit to Finance Chairman for approval
 Continued support of MTT-S conferences
   Software revision & maintenance
   Documentation & training
   Search engine

Adcom leadership (KC Gupta, Mike
Web Team
   Conference webmasters
   Content developers
   Marc Goldfarb (domain names)
   Jeff Pond (TPMS)
   Jon Hacker (IMS2005 paper submission)
   Jenshan Lin

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