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  Christianity & the European Union
The European Union
is becoming a new
                           Europe needs the Gospel of Christ
legal entity. But the
proposed                                Rejection by the European                      As Europe attempts                   A Europe
                                        Union of Christ reflects a                     to define who we                     which
Constitution makes                      deliberate decision to base EU                 are it cannot do so                  disavows its
no mention of the                       laws upon Enlightment                          by denying a major                   past,
role Christianity has                   humanism rather than                           component of our                     denying the
played in securing                      Europe's Christian heritage.                   European identity. It                fact of
                                        Good government requires                       is time to build on a                religion,
democracy and                           politicians to work in co-                     common cultural,                     and which
preserving open and        operation with the Creator God.               moral and religious heritage.                      has no
free societies. Join       Ram Gidoomal CBE                              Europe’s history can only be          recognition of the
                           Leader, Christian Peoples Alliance            understood by acknowledging           spiritual dimension will
this campaign for                                                        the influence of the religious
                                        This petition for a referendum                                         be greatly impoverished.
the recognition of                      on the draft EU Constitution     components which have formed          Most Rev Mario Conti
Europe's shared                         deserves wide support. Given     the identity of Europe and            The Archbishop of
Christian heritage                      the rich Christian traditions    inspired the formation of the         Glasgow
                                        that are imprinted upon our      European Union. A reference to
and for a                               own historic constitution, why   God and our Christian Heritage is
referendum of the                       should Britain exchange its      not a threat to Europe, However I
British people on                       own political birthright for a   believe exclusion of such a
                           proposed European mess of potage?             reference is a threat to the
whether to approve                                                       European Union.
                           Lord Alton of Liverpool
the draft document.        Crossbench peer                               Dana Rosemary Scallon MEP
                                                                                              JEREMIAH 6 VERSE 16
 or email •
 Write to: CPA, PO Box 932, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 1HQ or call 020 8408 9304                        your souls.”
     European Union. Join us today.
     The CPA needs help from supporters like you to help transform the                           will find rest for
conception to natural death.
nations. It will campaign for a Europe where life is given respect from
                                                                                                 walk in it, and you
a radical approach to social justice and trading relations with developing
Peoples Alliance will fight to uphold marriage and family life and will take                     good way is, and
fresh choice. In the June 2004 European and London elections, the Christian
want to vote according to the social teachings of the churches now have a                        paths, ask where the
Thanks to the introduction of new, fairer ways of voting, Christians who
 and justice.
                                                                                                 ask for the ancient
 vision for society based on Christian Democratic ideals of hope, compassion
                  the Christian roots of democracy by offering voters a new                      crossroads and look;
                  The Christian Peoples Alliance is a party that seeks to renew
    Christian politics                                                                           “Stand at the
    Join the team that’s changing                                                             This is what the Lord says . . .

               The Petition for the Recognition of Christ in the European
                 Constitution and for a National Referendum
               To the honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
               and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled The Humble Petition of
       Residents of the United Kingdom
The European Constitution, drawn up by the Convention on the Future of Europe has excluded in its Preamble any
mention of the role of the Christian faith in the culture, values and democratic heritage of Europe. For over a
thousand years, the British Monarch has affirmed in the Coronation ceremony the central role of Christianity.
Parliament in turn recognises in prayer each day its reliance on a higher authority for wisdom in reaching decisions.
These acknowledgements of Christ are signs of Britain's dependence upon a sovereign God. Adoption of the
European Constitution in its current form will formally end the pledge in the British Constitution by our head of
state to subject the rule of government to that of Christ. Such an action would displace the recognition of
Christianity in the British constitution and elevate the collective will of the European states.
The European Constitution is finalised at an Inter-Governmental Conference in December 2003 and may be ratified
by the Houses of Parliament early in 2004. Her Majesty's Government has stated that ratification is not required by
the British electorate in a national referendum. However, the proposed constitutional treaty marks a significant
change of status in the relationship of the European Union member states and the formal creation of a new state.
Wherefore your Petitioners pray that your honourable House will:
• Ensure the continuation of the recognition in our public life that all human power or responsibility is derived
  from God,
• Affirm that nations and rulers are subject to God, receive their authority within God's ordinance and are
  accountable to God for their exercise of responsibility.
• Amend the preamble to the European Constitution to recognise the sovereign Lordship of Christ over Europe and
  the role of the Christian faith in the culture, values and democratic heritage of Europe.
• Enact legislation to allow the British electorate to express its acceptance or otherwise of the proposed
  constitutional treaty through a simple majority in a national referendum the outcome of which would be legally
  binding on the legislative and executive institutions of the state.
And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray, &c
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Promoted by Rev George Hargreaves on behalf of the Christian Peoples Alliance both at PO Box 932, Surrey, SM1 1HQ. Printed by K Printers, Stanley Works, Stanley Ave, HA0 4JB.

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