Channeling People to Success

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					Channeling People to Success
Channeling People to Success


                                                                 Source from our pre-screened database
                                                                 (interviewed, technical-tested and
                                                                 reference-checked) of over 5,000
                                                                 potential candidates
       A History Rich with Success was founded in 1995 as a software              Utilize our extensive network of offices
       consulting firm to provide IT consultants and              spanning the continental U.S., and tap
       consulting capabilities to clients with the desire to     into the best global talent with relevant
       gain and maintain their competitive edge through          work experience and excellent academic
       technology. has established a broad            backgrounds
       and extensive client base by providing services to
       some of the most successful companies in the
       U.S. services clients in a diverse group       Leverage our established brand name
       of industries ranging from manufacturing to               recognized for quality consultants in the
       financial services, from mid-size companies to the         IT market
       Fortune 500.

       Year after year, has achieved                  Capitalize on our extremely quick
       tremendous success both in terms of revenue               turnaround and competitive rates on the
       growth and consultant retention. We offer a unique        best technical talent available
       employment experience to our consultants which
       translates into an extremely high level of employee
       performance and customer satisfaction.                    Enjoy seamless integration of resources
                                                                 – we provide IT professionals that fit
                                                                 your requirements, corporate culture and
       The Advantage                                  expectations

       From our internal seasoned staff of Account
       Managers and Recruiters to our consultants who            Augment your team with IT professionals
       work on site for you, we believe that the key             who come from leading companies with
       ingredients to a successful relationship are superior     experience in the latest technologies and
       service, quality consultants and quick response.          deliver results from day one delivers the IT consultants you want,
       when you need them. They are properly screened,
       reference-checked and have the experience to              Provide cost effective solutions to our
       ensure success at every step of the engagement.           clients
       Almost 60% of our hires are referred through our
       in-house employee referral program. Check out the advantage yourself - you will be glad
       you did.

Channeling People to Success

       The People Process
       We channel people to success by utilizing our proven processes.
       We have a range of comprehensive methods for searching,
       recruiting and hiring. At, we guarantee a rapid
       delivery of qualified professionals.

       Our Candidates
       We have a strong employee database of IT professionals who
       have recently completed assignments or are in the process of
       finishing their project engagements within a short period of
       time. These consultants and their skill details can easily be
       accessed on our web site.

       Live Recruitment
       Our experienced and highly talented team of Sales and
       Recruiting Managers cater to immediate and time-sensitive
       requirements by going “live” for orders.

       Internal Referrals
       We have a strong and effective referral program whereby our
       employees can refer their friends and acquaintances who in
       turn are put through our rigorous screening process before they
       are considered for employment.

       Employee Care Specialists
       Each employee is assigned an Employee Care
       Specialist (ECS) to assist them throughout their engagement.
       Every ECS works with the employees on client orientation,
       employment process, and any other concerns. The goal of this
       program is to facilitate a greater degree of interaction and
       communication between employees and the company resulting
       in a better and more productive work environment. Through this
       program, we have been able to address employee issues and
       concerns which have been important to bolster the productivity
       of our consultants at client locations.

       Most employees are permanent career consultants.
       We monitor and review their progress and performance at
       regular intervals. Our staff has an excellent understanding of
       each of our consultant’s strengths, thereby assigning them to
       projects that fully utilize their expertise and build upon their
       interests and career objectives. This enables us to provide
       quality, reliable services to our clients on time and within budget.
                                                                   Channeling People to Success

Our Expertise is staffed with some of the brightest and most                A Word From Our
experienced professionals, highly trained in a wide variety of         Clients & Consultants
hardware platforms, operating systems, network architectures
and application software packages. Our consultants combine         Clients and consultants see results when
excellent technical and interpersonal skills along with strong     they work with Our approach is
business insight. Areas of specialization include:                 simple: focus on quality and deliver experts
                                                                   who ramp-up quickly and yield positive
•   ERP/CRM Solutions                                              results.
•   Data Warehousing
                                                                   Julie Kukura
•   Internet and Web
                                                                   SAP Program Developer
•   Client Server                                                  MODIS Solutions
•   Networking and Database & System Administration                “We have rightfully chosen to
•   Telecom and Datacom                                            help us with our ERP needs.
                                                                   has been extremely professional and has
                                                                   provided quality consultants for our
                                                                   staffing assignments. I look forward to
                                                                   growing our business with the partnership

                                                                                                 Nisar Palagiri
                                                                       “I am very happy and proud to say that
                                                                      I have been working as an employee of
                                                          for more than three years. The
                                                                     company policies and benefits are great
                                                                    and its Employee Care Specialist (ECS)
                                                                   program has been very helpful. Whenever
                                                                         there is a need for help, my ECS has
                                                                     been a dedicated friend that makes sure
                                                                   everything works out well and I am happy.
                                                                            Overall, and the ECS
                                                                                program are simply wonderful.”

                                                                   Stephanie Osyda
                                                                   Technical Lead Recruiter
                                                                   Consultants’ Choice, Inc.
                                                                   “I want to express my sincere thanks to
                                                         ’s exceptional employees.
                                                                   They have truly helped me make good
                                                                   choices in the selection of technical teams,
                                                                   skills and talent. employees’
                                                                   knowledge and ability certainly make a
                                                                   big difference when it comes to our
                                                                   needs and reputation. Thank you for your
                                                                   professionalism. will always
                                                                   be my first choice!”

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       Suite 520
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  Fax: 508.598.1481

   950 Tower Lane
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 Tel: 650.350.1730
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