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									                       Jobs & Employment Support Services (JESS)

                                 Board of Directors Meeting


                                        June 25, 2008

Present: Frank Alaniz, Harry Bahr, Terry Briggs, Cryus Dashatki, Jackie Langum, Barbara
         Lynch, Doug Robinson, Edward Smith, Mary Visintainer

Staff:   Laurie Tochtrop, Mary Davies, Carla Meno, Connie Wilson, Tanja Anglin

Absence: Harriett Sinclair, Maureen Werner

Roll Call – A quorum established.

Minutes – Harry Bahr made a motion to accept the minutes with necessary corrections,
         seconded by Barbara Lynch. Motion carried.

Terry welcomed the new board of directors and gave them an opportunity to introduce
themselves. They were Cryus Dashtaki, Jackie Langum, and Frank Alaniz.

President’s Report – Terry Briggs

Terry stated he would give his reports within committee reports. We had a staff member who
passed away, Shelton Nailor, if anyone would like to contribute to the family please see Laurie
or Tanja.

Executive Director’s Report – Laurie Tochtrop

The incentive program was a great success. Terry donated funds for a gas card that was greatly
appreciated. The more fish you have the greater chance you have at winning. The staff has gone
through a lot of transition.

The DVR partnering meeting will be on June 26, 2008. At this meeting, the new business
services liaisons will be introduced. Earlier two DVR counselors came out for an informational
meeting for the new staff.

We will be switching our phone service from XO to Nuvox communications. Our phone vendor
CBC has gone out of business. We are currently looking for a phone vendor that services our
telephone system so that we can have a smooth transition.

Enterprise has a car rental program for employees who will be traveling over a 130 miles. The
federal mileage reimbursement has increased to 58 cents a mile. This program it sponsored
through United Way of Greater St. Louis.

All funding has been approved for FY09. Satisfaction surveys will be going out.

Treasurer’s Report – Edward Smith

We are heading in the right direction now. We have to look at other sources for a line of credit
because Midwest Bank has declined our request. We have a draft copy. (of what?)

Terry asked if we have a plan in place to pay back the line of credit. Carla stated that a minimum
of $30,000 to be paid by the end of summer. Terry suggested that we come up with a plan to
create a nest egg. Ed stated that we get back to break even. Ed suggested that everyone review
the budget and email the finance committee if there were any questions. Carla mentioned that we
are fully staff with one vacancy. The budget figure is a realistic one for the salaries. We have
also included a small budget for marketing.

Ed Smith made a motion to continue authorizing expenditures for this interim period until the
July Board of Directors meeting. Doug Robinson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Summary of Youth Programs – Mary Davies

The summer city program received funds from SLATE. This year we have an increase in
students. Last summer we started with 23 students and this year we have 32 students.

Our largest program started on June 9 th with 164 students. JESS is serving 42 students this year.
SWEP is a collaborative effort. There are seven agencies in the SWEP program and JESS is the
lead agency. The students work 20 hours a week for eight weeks during the summer and are paid
a training wage of $4.50 an hour. This has been a very positive and growing program for 12

One of our largest employers, Wal-Mart, decided not to participate a week before the program.
Barbara asked what the reason was for Wal-Mart not participating. It was liability insurance and
labor issues.

The STEP program has started again this summer in St. Charles County. We have two one on
one students with their own job coach. This program is smaller and ARC is the lead agency.
Terry stated the SWEP program is one of the better program big assistance to JESS.

Committee Reports

Program Committee – Mary Visintainer

The main numbers are down because of changing of responsibility of staff. The June numbers
are increasing. We anticipate that placements will be increasing with new staff. The MRDD,
PLB, and Supportive living numbers are increasing. We will be filling the position for a county
retention counselor. We have 13 placements this year. We had ten referrals in May and nine for
job development in the city and one assessment in the county and five new referrals for June
from Vocational Rehabilitation.

Harry asked Laurie to go over the job titles, Business Services Liaison is a better name for Job
Developer, and they will be going out and developing partnerships with companies. The title
sounds more corporate. Supported Employment Specialist title changed because Supported
Employment Coordinator caused some confusion when potential candidates were applying for
this position. It sounded more like a supervisory position.

We hired a client for the custodian position. Mary stated that clients were receiving 40 hour a
week positions.

Fund Development – Barbara Lynch

I have been in contact with 2T Promotions. Mary Davies had a concern about the United Way
black our period. There was a concern for funds that will be needed for the fashion show. We
have decided to move this event to next year without 2T Promotions. We are not in a position to
have and elaborate fashion show.

Mary Davies had a concern about the Monsignor Behrmann scholarship being awarded at the
SWEP award program because the students in this program are not eligible for the scholarship.
Harry asked if the scholarship could be given at a board meeting. Mary Visintainer did not think
this would not be a problem. Barry suggested that if we could have a brunch so that some of the
board members could attend. We will have a recognition ceremony for the scholarship reciepnts
after the next board of directors meeting.

Barbara also suggested that we have entrepreneur breakfast meeting and support our board with
being board members.

Connie Wilson – Business Advisory Counsel

Business Advisory counsel. We need the help from the board of directors. Have a one hour
presentation to get them encourage and excited. They may hire our clients. We need to educate
the business community about hiring individuals with developmental disabilities. The breakfast
will be Wednesday, September 17, 2008. Harry believes that this is a great idea we also need to
include our funders. Terry stated that this is going to require board members to make contacts to
give this a personal touch. We will like to have invitation mailed in August.

October is National Employment Disability Month. JESS would like to take this opportunity to
have training for our client, their families and employers on disaster preparedness. I have
contacted American Red Cross for training. The training will be for employers, clients, and their

Laurie suggested having a JESS team for the Autism Walk.

Facilities Committee – Terry Briggs

The buyer is still interested in buying the building. We have a potential on lease part of the
building that will not be until March of next year. We are not in a position to sell the building
and lease a new building. Barry suggested that we have the realtor to focus on either selling or
leasing the building. Harry suggested that we determine what space needs we will be utilizing.

Old Business

Personnel Plus

Barbara asked if we were going to keep Personnel Plus. Light House for the Blind is using three
employees through Personnel Plus. The Personnel Plus sub committee will be under the finance
committee to give a recommendation to the board by the August 27, 2008 meeting

Strategic Planning

As requested by the United Way, the strategic plan has to be reviewed and updated. The
executive committee will perform the task of the strategic plan committee. The executive
committee will start meeting in July and will have a recommendation by September. We have a
contract with a consultant to prepare the strategic plan. We will make a decision on whether to
use her services.

Any board members who can attend the United Way Site visit are welcome.

New Business

.Three potential board members are present today.

Barbara Lynch motion to accept Cryus Dashatki, Jackie Langum, and Frank Alaniz to the JESS
Board of Directors, seconded by Doug Robinson. Motion carried.

Closed Session

Meeting adjourned

Minutes Recorded By:         Tanja Anglin

                             Minutes Approved By:    Mary Visintainer, Board Secretary


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