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									CBAP® Exam Hosting Policy

    IIBA™ Certification Body

        December, 2007
          Version 1.1
1.        Introduction
International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA™) launched the Certified Business Analysis
Professional™ (CBAP®) Certification Exam in 2006, and hosted CBAP® exams throughout
2007, using a paper-based exam. Paper-based exams will continue to be scheduled, even with
the planned introduction of computer-based exams, in 2008. With a combination of hosted
paper-based exams, and the offering of computer-based exams, IIBA intends to dramatically
increase the geographic reach and timely availability of the CBAP® exam. However, there will
continue to be locations at which there is the need for paper-based exams, and where a
CBAP® exam has not been scheduled.

This CBAP® Exam Hosting Policy lays out the requirements and process for an organization to
arrange to host a paper-based CBAP® Exam at a time and location meeting the needs of its

2.        Organizations Eligible to Host a CBAP® Exam
Exam offerings can be hosted by IIBA Chapters, training providers recognized as IIBA
Endorsed Education Providers (EEP™), and other organizations (such as employers of
business analysts).

     •    Training providers must be IIBA EEP™ to qualify to host the exam, and must be in good
          standing with IIBA as of the exam hosting application date.
     •    Chapters must have been formally chartered by IIBA as of the exam hosting application

All hosts must provide proof of appropriate commercial general liability insurance to cover
candidates who take the exam.

     •    IIBA Chapters do not have to show proof with their application and may use the IIBA's
          insurance policies for their hosting locations if they are asked to provide proof to the
          hosting location. (Contact us if this is required).
     •    For all other hosts, the insurance requirements are as follows:
              o   The host is to provide a Certificate of Insurance to add "International Institute of
                  Business Analysis" as Additional Insured and they are to carry a minimum of
                  $1,000,000 of Commercial General Liability.
              o   A sample of a Certificate of Insurance for the host's broker to complete will be
                  provided upon request.
              o   Coverage must be in force, at a minimum, on the day of the proposed exam.

2        CBAP Exam Hosting Policy     10/15/2008
3.        Exam Location and Date Requirements
     •    Location must be able to accommodate special needs candidates (as per the “CBAP®
          Exam Special Accommodation Form”)
     •    Location must be able to handle a minimum of 25 candidates, with 40 square feet
          available per candidate (minimum 1000 square feet)
     •    The exam site cannot be within 300 km/ 200 miles of a “conference” exam if the
          proposed exam date is within three months of a scheduled conference exam
     •    The exam site cannot be within 150 km/100 miles of another exam offering if the
          proposed exam date is within three months of a scheduled exam offering exam date
     •    Exams must be held Monday to Saturday between 8:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. local time

4.        Requirements for CBAP® Exam Candidates
     •    The CBAP® Exam cannot be limited to members of the hosting organization
          (employees, clients, chapter members).
     •    There must not be any requirement for prerequisites, membership, or future participation
          with the host to be granted a seat in the exam (e.g., if education provider, cannot require
          taking an EEP course to qualify to sit for the exam; Chapters cannot require that a
          candidate is a member or will become a member)
              o   IIBA will monitor this to ensure ISO standards are met
     •    In order to ensure that potential candidates outside of the host organization are made
          aware of the exam sitting, there must be a plan to market the exam to the public
              o   Message to be delivered
              o   Where message will be delivered [newspaper, list of companies and contact
                  names, chapter members and outreach (i.e., tell anyone you know)
              o   Must provide proof of execution of marketing plan to IIBA
              o   Failure to meet marketing requirements will result in loss of ability to host an
              o   Hosts must provide contact information to enable potential candidates to indicate
                  interest in sitting for the exam or to ask questions.
              o   Hosts must advertise the process to be followed by potential candidates
     •    IIBA will advertise the exam offerings on the IIBA Web site and in the IIBA newsletter.
     •    There is no maximum number of candidates.

3        CBAP Exam Hosting Policy     10/15/2008
5.        Required Number of Exam Candidates
     •    At least 8 candidates must be approved to write the exam before approval for the exam
          will be granted.
     •    However, if there are at least 8 candidates, but not enough candidates to cover IIBA’s
          cost of running the exam (which differs based on the exam location), exam approval will
          only be granted if the potential host agrees to cover any shortfall between IIBA’s
          revenue from that exam and the cost to run the exam.
     •    For IIBA Chapters and other host organizations other than training providers:
              o   At least 15 candidates must be approved to write the exam by the exam cut-off
                  date (45 days prior to the exam date). If fewer than 15 candidates are approved,
                  IIBA has the right to cancel the exam. Any costs to cancel will be charged back
                  to the host.
     •    For training providers:
              o   At least 20 candidates must be approved to write the exam by the exam cut-off
                  date (45 days prior to the exam date). If fewer than 20 candidates are approved,
                  IIBA has the right to cancel the exam. Any costs to cancel will be charged back
                  to the host.

6.        Administration of the CBAP® Exam
     •    Exams will be administered, including proctoring, as are all CBAP® exams hosted by
          IIBA (no exceptions).
     •    IIBA will not charge any fees other than the candidate fee (e.g., for host application
          assessment or to hold the exam).
     •    Hosts cannot charge any fees to candidates

7.        Exam hosting process
The following process must be followed to host a CBAP® Exam:

         6.1. Solicitation of potential candidates and exam dates
Potential hosts are free to survey their membership/clients/staff and the general public to
determine the potential number of candidates, and a date on which candidates would be
interested in writing the exam.

         6.2. Exam Hosting Application
     •    The potential host must email certification@theiiba.org to request a host application
     •    The application must be completed and submitted to certification@theiiba.org

4        CBAP Exam Hosting Policy     10/15/2008
             o   The application must include the requested date for the exam
             o   The exam date will not be confirmed or scheduled until the applicable number of
                 candidates has been approved (see above). Until then, the exam date is
                 considered tentative.
             o   For locations in North America, the exam date will be, at minimum, 90 days from
                 the date the exam is approved.
             o   For international locations, the exam date will be, at minimum, 120 days from the
                 date the exam is approved.
             o   From date of host application approval to acceptance of the required number of
                 candidates for exam approval must not exceed six months.
    •    Approval of exam offering application will be communicated within three weeks of receipt
         of the application.
             o   IIBA may alter the timeline for candidate assessments due to the number of other
                 exams in the process and IIBA’s ability to manage candidate application

        6.3. Marketing of the “Tentative” exam
    •    Upon approval of the exam hosting application, IIBA will advertise the exam date and
         location as tentative on the listing of upcoming CBAP® exams.
    •    The host may continue to market the exam as “tentative”; this is not the execution of the
         host’s documented marketing plan.

        6.4. Candidate Applications and Assessments
    •    Candidates for the potential hosted exam complete and submit their application
         packages, with the application fee, to IIBA.
    •    IIBA will batch all applications submitted for a tentative, hosted exam.
             o   Applications will not be assessed
             o   Application fees will not be cashed
             o   IIBA will notify the potential host, on a period basis, of the number of applications
    •    Once at least 10 applications have been received for the exam, all applications received
         to-date will be assessed.
             o   Individual candidates will be notified of their results (as per the standard
                 application process)
             o   The potential host will be notified of the number of successful candidates
                        If fewer than 8 candidates were approved, the exam will remain tentative.
                        Applications will again be batched until a reasonable number have been

5       CBAP Exam Hosting Policy     10/15/2008
                         received to reach 8 approved candidates (approximately 125% of the
                         remainder to reach 8)
     •    Final approval of the exam will be communicated within one week of approving the 8th
     •    Approved candidates will be notified by IIBA of the approved exam.

         6.5. Marketing of the Approved Exam
     •    Once at least 8 applicants are approved, the exam date and location will be finalized and
          approved, and:
              o   The IIBA exam listing will be updated to reflect as such
              o   The host must execute its documented marketing plan in order to widely
                  disseminate information regarding the approved exam, and provide proof of its
                  execution to IIBA

         6.6. Submission of Applications for the “Approved” Exam
     •    Once the exam has been approved, any subsequent applications submitted to IIBA will
          be assessed as received (not batched)
     •    Any additional candidates must be approved 45 days prior to the exam date.

8.        More Information
     •    If you have any questions on this policy or the process, please email
     •    This policy is subject to change at any time.

6        CBAP Exam Hosting Policy     10/15/2008

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