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					                      POST SHOW REPORT
                  1st Telecom Security India 2002
                      International Exhibition & Conference
                       25 September to 26 September 2002
                              Le Meridien, New Delhi

1.0 Introduction
1st Telecom Security India 2002 brought together international experts,
researchers, implementers, and users of network and distributed system
security technologies to discuss today’s important telecom security issues
and challenges. The conference provided a mix of technical papers and
panel presentations describing promising new approaches to security
problems that are practical, and, to the extent possible, have been
implemented. It also fostered the exchange of technical information and
encouraged the telecom community to deploy available security
technologies and develop new solutions to unsolved problems.

The international exhibition and conference was inaugurated by Shri Vinod
Vaish, IAS, Secretary - DOT & Chairman (TC), Ministry of Communications
& IT, Govt. of India. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. DPS Seth,
Member - Services & Technology, Ministry of Communications & IT, Govt.
Of India.

In his inaugural address, Shri Vaish stated that,"Battles in the future willl
not be fought in the open, they'll be fought over the information & telecom
networks, and we should be ready for such kinds of cyber war." He further
stated that, "India has taken the first step in the direction with cyber laws in
place, but the need of the hour is to have new methodologies that ensure a
faster dispensation of justice."

In his keynote address Dr. Seth said that in order to ensure high network
security, one has to focus on preventive measures; detection & monitoring
of intrusion of networks and information about when and how the breach of
networks took place.

Convergence Plus hosted an Industry Reception at the Le' Meridian Hotel
on 25th September 2002. The reception was an important meeting place for
interaction between the exhibitors, industry players, members of the press
and the organizers.
1.1   Endorsements

The Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications &
Information Technology, Government of India was the co-sponsor of the

Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India, which interacts
with the government to create the right environment through dissemination
and exchange of information for strengthening the technology base in the
country, was the co-organizer of the event.

1st Telecom Security India 2002 was supported by Association of Basic
Telecom Operators, Cellular Operator's Association of India, Internet
Service Providers Association of India, VSAT Services Association of India,
Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, which are apex
industry associations in India.

The exhibition was an excellent opportunity for participants
 to make contacts,
 showcase technologies,
 identify initiatives and
 forge future collaborations and partnerships. .
The major thrust of the exhibition was to foster the commercialization of
new and emerging technologies by creating strategic alliances between
inventors and the global telecom industry.

 Exhibitors were satisfied by the visitor response, which included delegates
and    decision-makers      from     ministries,  governmental     agencies,
entrepreneurs, R&D personnel from industry, educational institutions and
academia etc.

The 1st Telecom Security India 2002 international conference held
concurrent to the exhibition concluded on a successful note.
The conference provided an interactive forum for experts' from the
research arena to deliberate on newer technological breakthroughs and
provided a platform where fruitful partnerships were formed among
government and innovators in the private sector to explore new ways of
curbing the global telecom security challenge. The invaluable
presentations and the expertise of the high profile speakers created a pro-
active and educational forum of discussion and debate.


0930 – 1030 hrs: Registration

1030-1130 hrs: Inaugural Session
Chief Guest:
 Shri Vinod Vaish, IAS, Secretary-DOT & Chairman (TC) Ministry for
   Communications & IT
Keynote address:
 Dr. DPS Seth, Member - Services & Technology, Ministry of Communications
   & IT
 Mr. Wen-Ming Wong, CTO, Datacraft Asia
 Mr. Yehuda Sorek, Director-Sales & Marketing (Asia Pacific), Verint Systems
 Mr. Alex Last, President & CEO, Las Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore

1130-1200 hrs:    Tea/Coffee

1200-1330 hrs:
Session I: “Security Threats For Optical & Broadband Access Networks”
 Mr. Ashok Juneja, CEO, Bharti Broadband Networks Ltd.
 Mr. KANG Eu Ween, Regional Marketing Manager-Security Services,
   Datacraft Asia Ltd.
   "Managed Security Service : How do telecom providers use security to value-
   add to their customers"
 Mr. Yehuda Sorek, Director-Sales & Marketing (Asia Pacific), Verint Systems
   "Lawful Interception in Modern Networks"
 Mr. Adam Weinberg, Director–Technology Security Group, Nice Systems Ltd
 Mr. Bipin Amin, Sr. Technical Consultant SEA, Network Associates
   “Challenges facing today’s enterprises”

1330 – 1430 hrs: Lunch

1430 – 1600 hrs:
Session II: “Security For Wireless Communications and Threats to 2.5G
           and 3G Wireless Networks”
 Mr. Biswapati Chaudhuri, Jt. Wireless Advisor to Govt. of India, Ministry of
   Communications & IT
 Mr. Vijay Yadav, Country Manager, CommWorks
   Mr. Benjamin Lee Kim Boon, Regional Security Consultant, Datacraft Asia
    “Ensuring Security: Why security due-dilligent in telecom is vital for your
    business and what should be done?"
   Mr. Yehuda Sorek, Director-Sales & Marketing (Asia Pacific), Verint Systems
    "Compliance with India DoT Regulations for Lawful Interception"
   Mr. Karanvir Singh, President, Voxtron Dezign Lab Pvt Ltd
    “Legal Interception of Broadband Networks”
   Mr. V Pradeepan, Technical Consultant, Select Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

1600-1630 hrs:     Tea/Coffee
1830 hrs:          Cocktail Reception

3.2 Day Two

1000 – 1130 hrs:
Session III: “Security Issues Associated with Voice and Video Over IP”
 Shri RRN Prasad, Member, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
 Dr. Chris Blair, CTO, Eyretel Plc., UK
   “Surveillence Intelligence Analysis on VoIP      Networks”
 Mr. Nimrod Borovsky, Director -Product Marketing, VocalTec
   "Providing Lawful Interception in Long Distance VoIP Service Solutions"

1130-1200 hrs:     Tea/Coffee

1200-1330 hrs:
Session IV: “Encryption Security: PKI, Certification & Allied issues”
 Mr. Ramji Srinivasan, Advocate, Srinivasan & Srinivasan
 Mr. Vikas Munshi, Senior Consultant, Safescrypt Limited
   “PKI - Applied Public Key Cryptography”
 Mr. Rajesh B Batreja, Regional Manager –South Asia & Middle East,
   Digisafe Pte Ltd.
   “Advanced Encryption Standard”
 Mr. Rajeev Wadhwa, COO, Global E-secure Limited
   “Global e-security concerns & solutions”
 Mr. Janardhan Iyer, Technical Solutions Architect-India, RSA Security
   “Encryption , Digital Certificates and PKI - The Key security and trust enablers”

1330-1430 hrs:     Lunch
1430-1600 hrs:
Session V: “Mobile Application Security”
 Shri Kamalesh Deka, Director (DCPW) & IG (Comn.) BSF, Ministry of Home
 Mr. Manoj Paul, Head Technology, Bharti Telenet Ltd
 Mr. Ashok K Sharma, Head – Technical Services, Spice Communications
   “How Secured are the Mobile Networks
    for Running Mobile Applications/Services”
 Mr. Anirudh G Joshi, Lecturer, Department of Management Sciences,
   University of Pune

1600-1630 hrs:    Tea/Coffee

4.0 EXHIBITORS / SPONSORS           (According to Alphabetical Order)

   Checkpoint
   Commworks
   Datacraft India Limited
   Digisafe
   Nice Systems Limited
   Nokia
   Select Technologies
   Trend Micro
   Verint Systems Limited
   Websense

Convergence Plus conducted a survey with all the exhibitors and the
observations are as follows:

MAIN REASONS FOR EXHIBITING*                                       PERCENTAGE

Explore new markets                                                     63.00
Generate new sales leads                                                70.00
Secure at show orders                                                   25.00
Obtain feedback on products/ services                                 24.00
Gather Market information                                             20.00
Promote Principal's products/ services                                24.00
Promote Corporate Image                                               17.94
Recruit agents/ distributors                                          14.75
Launch new products/ services                                         14.11
Meet existing clients                                                 14.11

*Note: Multiple Answers were received

85%         established useful business contacts
75%         expect orders as a result of participating
80%         plan to exhibit at 2nd Telecom Security India

Satisfaction at visitor turnout

75% quantity                                      90% quality

Convergence Plus also did a survey with all the visitors who had come to
visit the exhibition and attend the conference.

6.1 Main Activity of the visitor's organization
   Cellular Service providers                                10.00
   Consultancy/ Research analysis                            0.89
   Defence/Security Services                                 2.03
   Department of Telecommunications                          5.32
   Education & Training                                      1.24
   Equipment Suppliers                                       0.37
   Government organisations                                  11.00
   Internet Service Solutions                                4.01
   Ministry of Communications & Information Technology       7.44
   Ministry of Information & Broadcasting                    6.23
   Multi Service Operators                                   3.06
   Networking Equipment / Administration/ Security           2.11
   Paging Operators                                          3.12
   Paramilitary Forces                                   1.01
   Satellite / Terrestrial Channels                      2.60
   Telecom Fraud Management Companies                    11.05
   Telecom Operators                                     15.85
   Telecom Service Providers                             12.32
   Others                                                00.72

TOTAL                                                     100.00

6.2 Visitor Registration Statistics

                    Registered        Spot Registration           Total

VIP's                     45                                      45


Overseas speakers         08                                      08
Indian Speakers           15                                      15
Delegates Day I           150              60                     210
Delegates Day II          110              75                     185
Visitors                  1576             200                    1776

6.3 Visitor Questionnaire Analysis

   Good Experience at the show                                   88%
   Objective to review new products                              96%
   Formulation of new business relationships                     90%
   Objective to form joint ventures                              75%
   Finding new solutions                                         85%
   Considered it very important to be able to see                99%
    Multiple companies and products under one roof

6.4 Visitor Organization's Function

Service & Maintenance                            20%
User                                             5%
Manufacturer                                     45%
Distributor/ Agent                               15%
Others                                           15%
6.5 Visitor Involved with purchasing/ recommending

Yes                            75%
No                             25%

6.6 Source of Information about the event

Newspaper                      45%
Magazine                       10%
Suppliers                      5%
Associates                     4%
Direct mail invitations        35%
Others                         1%