pectinase practical for open day by lindash


									                       Pectinase Practical for Open Day
1. For this practical you will need:

      Apples                                        Pectinase solution
      Filter papers and filter funnel               Glass rod
      Four pairs of beakers, distilled water        Two 10 cm3 syringes
      Small measuring cylinders                     Stopclock or stopwatch
      Water baths set at 30, 40, and 60°C (+ room temperature)

2. The apples have already been minced for you.

       Place 100 g of apple mush into each of 8 labelled beakers (four with enzyme,
four without enzyme).

        Add 2 cm3 of pectinase solution to each of one set of four beakers.
        Add 2 cm3 of distilled water to each of the other set of 4 beakers (= controls).
Stir the contents with a glass rod.

3. Stand two beakers (one with pectinase and one a control) in water baths at 30, 40,
and 60°C and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Leave the final set at room temperature.

       Filter the juice from each beaker separately into measuring cylinders. Record
the volumes of juice collected from both lots of apple at 1 minute intervals until no
more juice is collected.

4. Record your results in a suitable table, showing the times and the volumes of juice

        Plot a graph of your results, showing the volumes of juice against time. You
could develop this experiment to investigate the effects of pectinase on the yield of
juice from other fruits, or the effect of pectinase concentration on the yield.

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