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					Workforce Development


                Bill Chapman
 Investors in People Development Manager
     DCELLS – Business Skills Delivery
             Workforce Development Programme

Client focused, flexible framework of support to help organisations
    develop their workforce and improve business performance

 Key components:
      • Business Skills Hotline

      • HRD Advisors

      • Investors in People Framework

      • Investors in People Assessment Service

      • Discretionary Funding/Support Programmes
Business Skills Hotline

   Provide high quality information and advice to employers regarding
                   Workforce Development support

 • Freephone 0845 60 661 60
 • Signposting to partners and support agencies
 • Administrative support for WDP
HRD Advisors

HRD Advisors work with organisations to:
   • Undertake a strategic review against the best practice principles set
     out in the IiP Standard
   • Assist in the development of an Organisation Development Plan

   • Assist in the development of an Organisation Learning Plan

   • Perform a skills brokerage role

   • Help evaluate the impact and return on investment of training and
HRD Advisors continued

    • Assist organisations to utilise discretionary funding support where
    • Support and prepare organisations towards becoming an IIP
      recognised organisation

    • Provide continued support to those IIP recognised organisations as
IIP Framework & Assessment Service

     • Framework of best practice for business improvement through
       people development
     • IIP engagement is a key objective for WAG

     • WDP underpinned by the principles of IIP
     • Wales IIP Quality Centre manages the assessment and review
Support Programmes
  • Selective Discretionary Funding Grants
  • Private sector organisations
  • Between 50% to 70% WAG contribution
  • Funding levels aligned with DE&T Flexible Support for Business
  • Statutory training is not eligible for funding

  • Leadership & Management Workshops
  • Delivery in a range of business disciplines
  • Approved providers delivering pan Wales
  • Delivered to National Occupational Standards
  • Subsidised by WAG

  • Work Based Training
  • ‘on the job’ skills development
  • Qualification based
Support Programmes continued

   • Basic Skills
   • Employer Pledge
   • Advisory support available
   • Selective grants available

   • ReAct
   • Skills development for individuals made redundant
   • Training Support
   • Recruitment support

   • ProAct
   • Pilot programme in response to current economic climate
   • Training support
   • Wage subsidies
Support Programmes continued

   • People in Business Clubs
   • Masterclass
   • Key note speakers
   • Networking opportunities for like minded organisations
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