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Florida’s Official Student Advising Web Site
 Pamela A. Kerouac, Ed.D.
 Coordinator of Outreach & Academic Support
 Florida Center for Advising & Academic Support
 325 W. Gaines St.
 Suite 1414 Turlington Building
 Tallahassee, FL 32399
 (850) 245-0518
  Florida Center for Advising &
        Academic Support
            Florida’s online statewide
 student advising web site promoting seamless
  integration and articulation for K-20 students
         and educational organizations.

  Florida Academic
Counseling & Tracking
     for Students
FACTS: A Suite of Online Student-
   Centered Advising Services

    1 stop shop of multiple resources
    A student learning platform that
     enhances core learning processes, skill
     mastery, & career preparation
    Free access to statewide content
     management system that provides
     comprehensive academic advising and
     information storage.
                         Why is FACTS needed?
To provide Florida Students with free, efficient, & reliable
   academic advising services. supports the academic mission of Legislative Goals

1. Advising highest student achievement
2. Promoting seamless articulation between students,
   parents, and educational institutions
3. Guiding students in developing awareness and
   preparation of relevant workforce competencies
College shouldn’t be the best 10 years of life.   “Undecided” is OK….. Clueless is NOT!
•     60% of all students change their major at least 1 time
•     Average student in FL SUS graduates with 24 “extra” credit hours
    Get on the “The FACTS Track”…
   College and Votech Planning: Institutional Information, links to home
    pages, disability services and resources, financial aid, catalogs, records &
    registration, etc.
   High School Planning: Academic evaluation, graduation diploma
    options, and planning features
   Academic Advising Functions
         Degree Search, Sample Degree Evaluation, Transcripts
   Online Admissions Applications
   Financial Aid Resources
         Direct Link to State & Federal Applications
         Application Status Check
         Institution-specific Scholarship Links
   Career Planning Resources
         Career Portfolio
   Advising Resources-common prerequisites manuals, Fla. Counseling
    for Future Ed Handbook, Residency Guidelines, Dual Enrollment, etc.
Planning a Future
High School Planning
High School Resources
   High School Academic Evaluation
       The DOE High School Transcript Database=
                FACTS, Bright Futures &
        FL Information Resource Network (FIRN)
Compare student’s academic record with
  requirements for Bright Futures Scholarships
Compare student’s academic record to minimum
  course requirements for SUS admissions
Compare completed courses with new graduation
diploma options and requirements
High School Evaluation
High School Course Summary
Financial Aid Links
Financial Aid
              College and Vo-Tech Planning
Institutions…locations and links to institution home pages
Relevant pages (Admissions, Catalog, Registrar, etc.)
Application w/ Individual Institution Logo
               Click on
Institution’s Disability Services Links
Distance Learning Resources
Access College Transcripts & Grades
Other Links and Resources
The Career Portfolio
Help, I am Lost!
          What’s on the Horizon ?
   High School Planner
   Updated college profiles
   Reports for districts on student usage
   New universal log-in
   Postsecondary access of H.S transcripts
   Expanded degree search
   ROI-reporting of e-portfolio learning
    outcomes and career credentialing
    Next Generation Evolutions for E-Learning

   Our e-learning clients: Florida students, parents, &
   We major in EMPOWERMENT!
   Our experience: educational leadership,
    accountability and cost effective technology solutions
   Our business is driven by legislative intent
   We offer a single point of contact for student
    information & advising services
   We increase educational productivity and operating
    efficiency by offering just in time internet access,
    anytime, anywhere