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Table of Contents:
Quick Start - Your Account Info
Support Center
Step 1 - Build/Upload Your Website
Step 2 - View Your Site
Step 3 - Setup Email Accounts
Step 4 - Point Your Domain Name
Additional Info
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Temp URL:
Temp Control Panel: (Use until your domain is
fully qualified, see Step 4)
Temp Webmail: (Use until your domain is
fully qualified, see Step 4)
Control Panel: (Use after Step 4 is completed)

Keep your username and password safe - it can access all services in your account.

Our Support Center is located at: - Please bookmark
this page.
(a) Getting Started Guide -
If you are a new client our Getting Started Guide will be helpful. It is a collection of
instructions and tutorials that will help you setup your website.
(b) Control Panel Help:
You can find an online guide to the common features of your Control Panel by using our
Control Panel Flash Guides or by referencing the documentation found at the lower left
of the control panel.
(c) Knowledge Base -
The InMotion Hosting Knowledge Base is a repository of tips and general technical
information. You can use it to find instructions for configuring software on your local
computer, how to use features in your Control Panel, as well as answers to other common
(d) Community Forums -
The InMotion Hosting Community Forum is an advice forum where you can find
information on various topics related to having a web presence, including tips on
designing and managing your website, questions about email, and answers to not-so-
common questions.
(e) Help Desk -
If you are unable to find answers to your questions from any of the above resources, our
email support department is available 24 hours a day (including holidays!) To contact
support staff, login to our Help Desk with your username and password, or email

Building Your Site Using a Web Builder
(If you are building a site with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or any other web authoring
please skip this section and proceed to Transferring a Site With FTP)
Premium Web Builder
The Premium Web Builder is for Business Class customers only, and it must be installed
by a technician. If you are interested in using the Premium Web Builder please click here
to contact support and request an installation.
Once you receive confirmation from a technician that your builder has been installed, use
the following information to log in and build your site:
Login URL:
Value Class customers may use the builder available in Fantastico from within Cpanel.
Any Value Class customer wishing to upgrade to Business Class to use Premium Web
Builder may simply call 888-321-4678 or email support to request the upgrade.
Transferring a Site With FTP
The most common way to transfer your site from your computer to the server is by using
a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. Most web authoring tools (Dreamweaver,
FrontPage) have an FTP client built right into them. You will use the following details to
connect via FTP:
NOTE: All files must be loaded into the /public_html/ directory regardless of the FTP
client you intend to use.
Username: steveb8
Password: notmyjob
Once you have completed Step 4, from then on out you should use the following details:
Username: steveb8
Password: notmyjob

If you need help, we offer several guides for the more common FTP clients:

SmartFTP - [Text Guide]
WS_FTP - [Flash Movie] [Text Guide]
Internet Explorer - [Text Guide]
Dreamweaver - [Flash Movie] [Text Guide]
FrontPage - [Flash Movie] [Text Guide]
FRONTPAGE USERS NOTE: Outlined below are additional instructions on how to
upload your site using FrontPage. FrontPage will not publish until you have completed
Step 4 of this document, as it relies on being able to access your domain name.
FrontPage Specific Instructions
To setup your account for FrontPage, you must follow these steps:
Log into using the username and password
located at the top of this email
Click On "FrontPage Extensions"
Click On "Install"
NOTE: If you are not using FrontPage do not install the extensions.
Next you will "Publish" your site using the following information:
Username: steveb8
Password: notmyjob
Additional help is available by using our FrontPage Tutorials: [Flash Movie] [Text
Guide] or the Help documentation found in FrontPage itself

Until you complete Step 4, you will need to use the temporary URL to view your site.
This is because your domain is not yet pointed at InMotion Hosting.
Your temporary URL is:
When you have completed Step 4, you will be able to visit your site using your domain

To use email with your new hosting account, there are four general steps you will need to
take. These involve creating the account on the server, setting up your email program for
that account, troubleshooting any errors you may encounter, and configuring your spam
(1) Creating An Email Account On the Server - [Flash Movie] [Text Guide]
Here is a step through for creating the account on the server. If you prefer, you can watch
a FLASH VIDEO of this process and pause it at any point while you enter your
Log into using the username and password
located at the top of this email
Click on the MailIcon
Click on the third option down - Manage/Add/Remove Accounts
Click on the Add Account link at the bottom of the page
Enter the email address and a password for the account you would like to create
In the Quota field make sure to enter a suitable quota limit for your account (see more on
quota below)
Click 'Create'
Quota Details: When creating your email account, be sure to set an account quota that
will accommodate your regular mail usage. Please remember, going over quota will
prevent you from receiving mail, so it is important to set your quota to appropriate size.
(2) Accessing Your Mail
There are two common ways to access mail, Webmail or a POP3 client such as Outlook,
Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and others.
Option 1: Configure a POP3 Mail Client
You may use virtually any POP3 client such as Outlook 2003, Outlook Express, or
Thunderbird to access your email.
The process of setting up an account in each of these applications will vary, but
regardless you will need four pieces of information:
Your full email address, (
Your email username, ( (Important!)
The password you entered in Step 1 of the mail setup.
Your POP3 server name: OR
Your SMTP server name: OR
NOTE: If you are using a domain name registered elsewhere, you can use mail.steve- as your POP3 / SMTP server ONLY after completing Step 4 of this email.
 Click HERE for a Flash Video on configuring Outlook 2003
 Click HERE for a list of Flash Videos for other Email programs such as Outlook Express
or Thunderbird
Option 2: Webmail - [Flash Movie] [Text Guide]
Once you have completed Step 4 of this email you will be able to use the following URL
to access your webmail:
Until then, you can access your Webmail using the following steps:
Using your full email address ( as your username and
password you created in
Step 1 - Log into
Select your mail program (Horde or SquirrelMail), once you have logged in, click Inbox
or Mail - use Help at the top of the page for more information
(3) Choosing Your Level of SPAM Protection
InMotion Hosting provides SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper, two tools which can help
reduce the amount of SPAM you may receive.
You can review our guides to setting up these tools here:
We recommend adjusting the aggressiveness of your SpamAssassin based upon the
amount of SPAM you receive.

If you have purchased your domain from InMotion Hosting, you will simply need to wait
until your domain begins resolving. This may take anywhere from 2 to 24 hours. No
additional action is required.
If you have purchased your domain name elsewhere, you will need to contact the
registrar where you purchased your domain in order to change your Name Servers /
Modify DNS [Flash Movie]. This can be done via your registrar's online interface,
however in some cases you may need to contact them directly to make these changes.
You must change your Name Servers at your Registrar to:
Name Server 1 IP:
Name Server 2 IP:
For additional help changing your name servers at a specific registrar, please view the
following tutorials:

If you will be developing applications using either PHP or Perl, or installing specific
scripts of software onto your account, the following information may be required:
The full path to your home directory is: /home/steveb8/public_html/

The location of the Perl 5 binary is: /usr/bin/perl

All accounts have access to PHP 5.
Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled server upgrades or maintenance are performed in the evening, or night of the
10th and 24th day of each month. During these maintenance windows, we suggest that
you do not make any modifications or changes to your site. On these days, your site will
not be down, unless otherwise noted.
Updating Billing Information
If for any reason your billing and/or contact information changes, please notify us as soon
as possible so that we may update our records. You may do this by calling our support
desk or by completing and faxing in the form located here.
News and Announcements
It is recommended that you visit for up to the minute
server status and announcements.


InMotion Hosting - Your Business Hosting Partner
Toll Free: 888-321-HOST (4678)
International: +1.213-258-4422
Fax: 310-359-0211

If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact us.
You may review our terms of service at anytime by clicking here.