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We at Wijeya Newspapers Ltd have identified this potential and are planning a
special advertising feature to cater for the requirements of this customer segment.
This advertising feature would be an ideal platform for Tenders, Auctions or any
sort of Procurement Notices. We are keen to put up this annual contract scheme
for Publishing the Notices in Newspapers and Websites together, for the cheapest
prices in the market. We here by come up with the Combination of Print and
Media structure for the maximum promotion & changing the shape of the media
publication and promotion.

We take this opportunity to appraise you about the new Faster, Effective &
Economical way of promoting tender/ auction/ notices (instead of conventional
newspaper) which can guarantee you assured results in terms of reach, response,
savings and competitive bidding. We have launched Sri Lanka’s First Tender Portal
– where 1000’s of supplier can find tenders 24*7,
anytime & from anywhere.
Service we offer

   Print Media:- Now you can Publish your tender in the form of Classifieds
    into our new section of TENDER CLASSIFIEDS, in all the 3 Languages
    Would be published in all the 3 Newspapers as
    Daily mirror (English)
    Lankadeepa (Sinhala)
    Virakesari (Tamil)

   Internet/Digital Media:- In this new era of Internet, we are keen to offer
    you the Internet Promotion, In this package we offer the Publishing services
    to Departments such that all tenders/Auction/Notices they publish are
    available on their website as well as on & Any of these websites can be
    accessed for free of cost by your suppliers/contractors
Online/Digital service
   Micro Tenders portal for your organization with Global access
   Listing in FREE TENDER
   Web access listing
   Email notification to all
   Banner/Marquee of your micro tender portal on the home page
   Publishing of Tender Notice (Any Size, Any Language).
   Publishing of Tender Documents (Any Size, Any Format).
   Publishing of Corrigendum Notice (any number).
   Publishing of Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting.
   Publishing of Tender Results.
   Promotion of Tender among your select Buyers.
   Publishing of Banners/Marquee.
   Supplier Registration Facility.
   Annual Procurement MIS on various parameters.
   Tender Search Engine.
   Your admin control panel for uploading with customized login.
   Tender Mailers to suppliers.
Why Advertise Tenders with us
   We have an exhaustive database of lakh’s of Global Supplier who are
    into supply & service various government organization across the world.
   Wide range of product as Lankadeepa, Dailymirror, Virakesari,
    Lanka Onetender all together at a cost of one.
   More effective and fast promotion for the tender as the promotion will be
    done for Low class and High class people, As we have all the people
    in corporates refering the Internet and not the Newspapers.
   Will be having all the features like Micro tender portal for
    department and our vast exhaustive database of lakh’s of Global
    Supplier who are into supply & service various government organizations
    & Private Corporate across the World will give you the wide exposure.
   Fast & Effective Solution in-line with suppliers need & IT Age which is
    Dependable, Fast & Quality Service at the same house and with
    Immediate results.
   No Hassle to contact us and negotiate every time as in this package you
    can once pay and get the service for whole year, The yearly contracts
    are being charges as 25% of the actual annual cost, which saves your
    75% of advertisement budget.
Benefits of Combo
Conventional – Newspaper                 
Local Coverage – a newspaper can reach to all      Global Coverage – a website can be accessed
the smaller vendors and suppliers, Door to Door.   from anywhere, anytime & mostly being used by
                                                   Medium or Large scale vendors.
Cost - Classified has changed the shape of         Cost – Tender irrespective of Size, Format, Color
market & now you can publish your tender for       or number of Editions and copies, so do does'nt
cheapest price.                                    have the limitation of content.
Visibility – a newspaper advertisement appears     Alerts - The Notices Online can be send as an
just for a day and would be an source for early    forward approach to all the people at no cost,
information and Intimation.                        where reader need not to spend.
Dedicated space - Unlike of other newspapers,      Dedicated Tender portal - You will own your
any page or anywhere, we have a                    own Procurement Portal which compiles all
dedicated section as Tender Classifieds.           your notices from the 1st day, making easy for
                                                   suppliers to track your notices.
Vernacular tenders – Unlike of any other now       Vernacular Attachments - Now you can attach
you can promote your tender in all the three       the detailed notices in any language as an
languages as English, Sinhala & Tamil.             attachment in the downloadable format.
Manual process – Contractors refering to the       Online system – a contractor can view tender
newspapers will interact with your officer for     notice of his choice, download documents, gets
Tender notice, document, corrigendum etc and       an email alerts if corrigendum is published and
they can refer the website for more information    can view minutes of pre bid meeting for a tender
of can adopt to contact you.                       without having to interact with any govt. office.
How to Host Tender with us

                                  Click here to know about
                                  us, services offered by us,
                             for contact detail, And much more.

  Put your Enquiries in this for Publishing
   your own tenders or Auctions as well.
Send your Inquiry to us
  Hosting Panel
              The User ID & Password for the Contract
                Holder is being provided for access

 Hosting Control panel is being provided under the yearly
 This is the panel from where the buyer can upload his tenders
  or NIT’s any time & for any type of buying or selling on his
NIT Preparation

 Most Comprehensive and the easiest way wherein you can
  put all the details & submit it.
Submission of NIT

      Shows the Details of the NIT you submitted

                                                   Other options for attachment
                                                          of tender doc.

                                          After Submission it asks for the
                                              approval to make it Live

   After Submitting the NIT it asks for multiple options like to
    Edit, View, Revive (To create the duplicate), Cancel, Statistics.
   Other options are like for attaching the tender document.
   Or Publishing a corrigendum and for reports
    Attaching the Tender Document

   The option of tender document is provided for attaching the tender
    document, which could be downloaded by the bidders and could be
    submitted to the buyer with the non refundable fees.
   This make easy for buyer and bidder both that the buyer doesn’t have to
    print and distribute the documents and the bidders doesn’t have to
    approach the department asking for documents (These could be much
    helpful for the outstation clients)
Your Tenders After you Host from your Panel
on Home Page

    Your Marquee
    or banner for
    your website
                                                 Free View to all
                                                  Visitors with
                       Paid View for
                          all the

    Your tenders will be Displayed on with the regular tenders.
    Your tenders will be Displayed on the Free Tenders page.
Your Own Website

                                   Free View to all
                                    Visitors with

 Preview of the website
Open Format of Tender on your Website

                                                     Link to
                                                  Download the

   The link of Document to download it is provided as ‘Detailed
  Tender Classified on the Newspaper
#Road Development Authority#
Contact: Chief procurement manager, A-456 Galle Road, Colombo. Tel: 2564890
Tender for: Road construction       Closing date: 28/10/2007
Tender no: RDA/JSDB/101/07-08 Website ref no: 1432567
For more details, Please refer
Tender for renovating the road from……..

2nd tender

3ed tender and so on…
About Lanka Onetender
 Sri Lanka’s first and only tender portal, Changing the
  shape of procurement to E-procurement.
 This is the New, Faster and Economical way for
 This is the online B2B platform where the seller &
  buyer meet their needs.
 Help to fulfill the need of our customers of 'Tenders
  on Demand' by reaching out to them through web and
 Is the best way that you can promote tenders and
  receive tenders effectively .
 is being Powered by the
  ISO 27001:2005 certified company from India as E-
  Procurement Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
About Wijeya
   It is the most innovative print media company in Sri Lanka. With a
    local circulation of over 1,000,000 copies in all three languages and a
    portfolio of over 14 publications, Wijeya Newspapers in definitely the
    print media company that can give you the cutting edge.
   The "Lankadeepa" is the leading national Sinhala daily today. It is
    published in seven editions daily catering to the various geographical
    areas of the country. It is also the
   Sinhala newspaper in the internet as well as the first e-paper.
   Lankadeepa won the people's award for the most popular newspaper,
    organized by SriLanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM).
   Nielsen People's award for the two consequent years 2006 and 2007.
   The Sunday Times was adjudged Super Brand for the years 2006-
   Its other publication Daily Mirror is emerging as a most trusted daily in
    English catering to a wide readership.
   The group publishes magazines and weeklies in all three languages
    which have either no competition or leaders in their own market
Other Services We Offer…
 Hosting
Tenders Notice
Auction Notices
Other Procurement Notices

 Advertisements
Banners or Marquees
Email Promotions
Links and Sub-Domains
Web mails and Pop Out pages

 Subscription to Daily dose of Tenders.
Email Alerts
Web Access
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E-Procurement Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the fastest growing Internet Companies
of India. We are managed by a team of young professional who have a combined
experience of more than 500 man year of in eProcurement domain and they supervised the
eProcurement in excess of Rs.100,000 Million for various Government and Private
Organization across India. Our competitive advantages are listed below,

India's first & only ISO 27001:2005 Certified.
India's first & only company to have enabled ADB funded Tenders online.
A young and energetic team of 120 + employees.
Compliance to World Bank, Asian Development Bank, CVC guidelines.
Compliance to Information Technology Act 2000.
Complete eProcurement - eTendering, eAuction, Reverse Auction, eSourcing.
Successfully enabled procurement for Rs.10, 000 Million online for customers.
Database of 5 Lakh Suppliers from across the world who deal various things.
Presence in all key States across India with target to reach global.

Other Services:,, , ,,,
Client Lists

Health and Medical services Govt. of India
India Government Mint Mumbai
Bank of Maharastra
Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board
Jaipur Development Authority
Bata Industries Ltd.
ICICI Bank Ltd.
Asian Development Bank
SGS India Private Limited
BT Composites Ltd/ Binani Industries Ltd.
Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd
HCL Technology Limited
HP India limited
ISPAT Industries Ltd.
Kirloskar Brothers Limited
Kores (india) Limited
And 1000's of more into the same service….
Alliance Partners

DG Market, USA – Global Tenders
C-DAC Noida – Implementation Partner
Media Gallery – Nepal
Wijeya Newspapers Ltd – Srilanka
Eprocurement Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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From Team
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