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					                                           April 7
                                          6:30 P.M.

A regular meeting of the City Council of International Falls, Minnesota, was held in the Council
Chambers of the Municipal Building on the 7th day of April 2008 at the hour of 6:30 P.M.

MEMBERS PRESENT:             Councilors Eklund, McBride, Meyers, Rognerud, and Mayor

MEMBERS ABSENT:              none

APPROVED MINUTES OF                  Motion by Councilor McBride to approve minutes of the
MARCH 17, 2008 REGULAR               regular city council meeting of March 17, 2008. Motion
CITY COUNCIL MEETING                 seconded by Councilor Rognerud and carried unanimously.

APPROVED TRANSFER OF                 Motion by Councilor Rognerud to approve transfer of
LODGING TAX FUNDS –                  Lodging Tax in the amount of $280.53 to Fund 101.
$280.53                              Motion seconded by Councilor Eklund and carried

APPROVED TRANSFER OF                 Motion by Councilor Meyers to approve transfer of
PAPERMAKERS ESCROW                   Papermakers Escrow in the amount of $5,068.15 to Fund
FUNDS - $5068.15                     601. Motion seconded by Councilor Eklund and carried

APPROVED TRANSFER OF                 Motion by Councilor Rognerud to approve transfer of
CITY FUNDS FOR WATER                 $31,434.93 to Fund #601 for water used by various city
USED BY VARIOUS CITY                 departments. Motion seconded by Councilor McBride and
DEPARTMENTS - $31,434.93             carried unanimously.

APPROVED PAYMENT OF                  Motion by Councilor Eklund to approve payment of the
CLAIMS AS PRESENTED                  following claims from various funds of the city.

Airport Commission                                                            26,955.26 28792-
Ameripride Linen & Apparel Ser      Cleaning Service                           1,129.80 28680
Betty Bergstrom                     Travel Expense                                35.00 28681
BP                                  Gas-Fire                                     114.50 28682
Bremer Cardmember Service                                                             - 28683
Bremer Cardmember Service           Travel/Supplies/Parts-City Dept            8,420.69 28684
Bruce Bergstrom                     Travel Expense                               140.00 28685
Careertrack                         Training Registration                        297.00 28686
Carlson Auto Repair                 Gas - Street/Electrical/Water              2,001.61 28687
Chamber of Commerce                 Session Priorities Dinner                    850.00 28688
Citizens for Backus AB              Change Workshop                              160.00 28689
City of Int'l Falls-Fund 101        Lodging Tax Transfer                         280.53 28690
City of Int'l Falls-Fund 601        Transfer - Pm Escrow                       5,068.15 28691
City of Ranier                      Overpmt Refund-Jespersen                     237.36 28692
City Water Department               Annual Water For City Departments         31,434.93 28694
Clayton Bahr                        Travel Expense                               140.00 28695
Convention & Visitors Bureau        Lodging Tax                                5,330.02 28696
Courtney Hamly                      Acct Dep Refund                               20.00 28697
Daily Journal                       Zoning Notices                             1,370.11 28698
Department of Labor & Industry      State Surcharge                              165.67 28699
dsgw Architects                     Voyageur History Center                    7,073.72 28700
E Kooch Sanitary Sewer Dist         City Beach/Water Plant                        85.50 28701
E-Gads Inc                          Bldg Official Services                     3,045.38 28702
Encompass Textiles & Interiors      Ambulance Blankets                           958.72 28703
Eric Norstad                        Travel Expense                               140.00 28704
Falls Lumber Co Inc                 Buildings & Grounds                           58.32 28705
Fargo Water Equipment               Supplies                                      96.09 28706
Forest Hill Cemetery Assoc          Monthly Payment                              533.00 28707
Friend's Garbage Service            Monthly Garbage Service                      862.29 28708
Frontier Comms Of America           Long Distance Telephone Service              130.40 28709
Frontier-A Citizens Comm Co                                                           - 28710
Frontier-A Citizens Comm Co      Telephone Service                    1,456.52   28711
Gail Rognerud                    Medical Reimbursement                  526.80   28712
Grafix Shoppe                    Units 7 & 3-Graphics                   619.61   28713
Grainger                         Tools                                   73.96   28714
Graybar Electric                 Supplies                               347.50   28715
Hawkins Inc                      Equipment Repair/Chemicals           6,042.56   28716
HD Supply Waterworks Ltd         Equip Maint                            134.75   28717
Holiday                          Gas-Police/Fire/Street/Amb/Water     4,937.95   28718
Husky Spring                     Unit 11 - Parts                         60.96   28719
Image Trend Inc                  Field Bridge License Support         4,000.00   28720
Infinity Wireless                Radio Repairs                          105.00   28721
Int'l Falls Thrifty White        Ambulance Supplies                      21.49   28722
Int'l Falls US Post Office       Permit #79 Escrow                    1,500.00   28723
Jeff Hausmann                    Acct Dep Refund                         20.00   28724
KGHS/KSDM                        Bldg Official Ads                      495.00   28725
K-Mart #9689                     Water/Pound Supplies                    55.12   28726
Kooch County Auditor/Treasurer   Spec Assessment Admin Fees             105.00   28727
Kooch County Treasurer           Solid Waste Service Fee              1,351.00   28728
Lawson Products Inc              Supplies                               955.58   28729
LMC Insurance Trust-Liab         Mason Deductible/Ambulance             527.00   28730
MacQueen Equipment Inc           Parts-Water Dept                       202.73   28731
Maintenance Engineering Ltd      Supplies                               192.89   28732
Mannco Trucking Inc              Parts- Street/Water Plant              230.38   28733
Marco                            Monthly Bill                           104.00   28734
Meds-1                           Training - Ambulance                   250.00   28735
Menards International Falls                                                  -   28736
Menards International Falls      Supplies-Elect/Water/Lib/Bld&Grds      438.38   28737
Mesabi Range Eveleth Campus      Training - Fire Dept                    50.00   28738
Midwest Medical Equip & Supply   Oxygen                                  94.24   28739
Mike Fox                         Travel Expense                          35.00   28740
Mike Rud                         Ins Reimb-Sick Leave Bal               446.00   28741
Minnesota AWWA                   Operator School Reg                    230.00   28742
Minnesota Energy Resources Cor   Utilities                           18,855.92   28743
Minnesota Industries             Supplies-Water Dept                     15.12   28744
Minnesota Life                                                               -   28745
Minnesota Life                   Engineering                            657.31   28746
Minnesota Power                  Monthly Utilities                   18,280.70   28747
MN Board of Peace Officer        License Renewals                       540.00   28748
MN Dept of Labor & Industry      Boiler Inspection-Mun Bldg             355.00   28749
MN Dept of Revenue               Use Tax                              2,133.00   28750
N Kooch Area Sanitary District   Effluent Treatment                  38,206.95   28751
NAPA Falls Supply                Parts/Supplies-Street/Fire/Water     1,704.01   28752
National Fire Prot Assoc         Handbooks                              195.11   28753
North Country                    Maint Agrmt-LEC Copier                  51.17   28754
North Star Publishing            Admin Forms-St. Supplies-Web Des.      934.41   28755
Northeast Service Cooperative    Health Insurance Premiums           18,115.50   28756
Northern Auto Parts              Supplies-Street Garage                 739.08   28757
Pelland Welding, Inc.            Units 15 & 20 - Parts – Street         362.05   28758
Petty Cash - Betty Bergstrom     Petty Cash                             190.59   28759
Physio-Control Inc               Ambulance Supplies                     490.76   28760
Pitney Bowes                     Qrtly Lease Charges                    423.00   28761
Pitney Bowes Reserve Acct        Postage                              1,000.00   28762
Professional Training Services   Dealing With Change Training         1,160.00   28763
Quill Corporation                Supplies-Police Dept                   339.39   28764
Rainy Lake Communications        Cell Phone Battery                      31.94   28765
Rainy Lake Oil                   Oil/Kerosene-Street Dept               813.85   28766
Rainy River Community College    Confined Space Training              2,030.00   28767
Randy's Discount Auto Center     Gas-Street/Admin/Bldg&Grd/Water      2,805.42   28768
Range Paper Corp                 Cleaning Supplies                      431.87   28769
Road Machinery & Supplies Co.    Unit 15 – Parts                         28.61   28770
Robert Dunkirk                   Overpmt Refund                           5.65   28771
Ronald Rogers                    Police Benefit                         150.00   28772
Rural Cellular Corp              Cell Phones                            659.21   28773
Shawn Mason                      Medical Reimbursement                  430.96   28774
Stock Tire Company               Unit 85 – Parts                         38.32   28775
Ted Brokaw                       Travel Expense                          35.00   28776
Tee's Plus                       DARE Shirts                            716.25   28777
Terry Wood                       DARE Supplies                                    59.16     28778
The Boyle Law Firm               Office Allowance                                300.00     28779
The Duluth Clinic Ltd            Medical Director                                258.33     28780
The Nelson Trust                 Health Insurance Premiums                    22,008.00     28781
The Northsite Screen Prints      Amb Logo on Blankets                            177.00     28782
Tony Holler                      Acct Dep Refund                                  12.00     28783
UniCare                          Amb Overpmt Refund                            1,133.18     28784
Uniforms Unlimited               Clothing Lessard/Hultman                        246.80     28785
Van Pavleck                      Travel Expense                                  140.00     28786
West Payment Center              Monthly Bill                                    427.88     28787
Widseth Smith Nolting            Watermain Replacement                        17,987.55     28788
Xerox Corporation                Monthly Charges/Maint Agreements                574.56     28789
Zee Medical Service              First Aid Supplies-Garage                        54.36     28790
Ziegler Inc                      Unit 20 – Parts                                  54.04     28791
Motion seconded by Councilor Meyers and carried unanimously.

The following checks were issued under blanket authorization:
Tom Lynch, Sec/Treas               C.O.P.S.                                      91.00     87388
Assurant Employee Benefit          Voluntary LTD Insurance                      184.32     87389
Minnesota Life Ins                 Suppl Life Ins                               335.10     87390
I.U.O.E. Central Pension Fund      Suppl Retirement                            1470.72     87391
United Way of NE Minnesota Inc     Contribution                                  10.00     87392
AFLAC                              Suppl Ins                                    279.62     87393
TruStar Federal Credit Union       Savings                                    1,397.00     87394
Border States Bank                 Savings                                      695.00     87395
MN Department of Revenue           State Withholding                          5,690.17     87396
Bremer Bank NA                     Fed Withholding                           27,937.29     87397
Wells Fargo Bank                   Bonds                                        600.00     87398
Bremer Bank                        Savings                                      250.00     87399
MN Child Support Pmt Ctr           Wage Assignment                            1,036.43     87400
PERA                               Retirement                                19,835.73     87401
Orchard Trust Co Trustee/Custo     Def Comp                                   7,011.00     87402

RECEIVED PRELIMINARY                City Administrator Otterness noted that the city had
REPORT FROM CITY                    received a preliminary report from City Engineer Mike
ENGINEER REGARDING                  LaFrance outlining concerns regarding the county request
COUNTY REQUEST FOR                  for designation of CSAH 155. Otterness noted in
DESIGNATION OF CSAH 155             particular that configuration and costs of key intersections
                                    remained unknown at this time. He stated that Boise is
                                    committed to working with all interested parties on interim
                                    measures that reduce safety concerns on the Burner Road.
                                    Councilor Rognerud reported that city officials had met
                                    with Boise recently regarding both the road and an
                                    easement for utilities to the riverfront. She stated that
                                    Boise is committed to a solution that results in the vacation
                                    of the Burner Road but does not care where Hwy 332 is

APPROVED CONSENT                    Motion by Councilor McBride to approve the consent
AGENDA                              agenda as follows:
                                        Allow/approve expenses for Water Department
                                           Employees, Rich Christie and Donald Urban to
                                           attend the Northeast Minnesota AWWA school
                                           May 14-14, 2008 in Ely
                                        Allow/approve expenses for Mayor, Councilors
                                           and/or City Administrator to attend the 2008
                                           Annual League of Minnesota Cities Conference and
                                           Marketplace June 11-13 in Rochester
                                    Motion seconded by Councilor Rognerud and carried

ADOPTED RESOLUTION 12-              Councilor McBride moved to adopt Resolution #12-08
08 APPROVING                        approving commercial loan to Reuben and Peggy White
COMMERCIAL LOAN                     dba White’s Rental Service in the amount of up to $15,000.
                                    Motion seconded by Councilor Eklund and carried
APPROVED DSGW                    Motion by Councilor McBride to approve DSGW
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN             architectural design proposal for VNP headquarters in the
PROPOSAL FOR NATIONAL            amount of $67,273 plus expenses. Motion seconded by
PARK HEADQUARTERS                Councilor Eklund and carried unanimously. City
                                 Administrator Otterness stated that these costs would be
                                 recovered by the city through the lease proposal.

HEARD REQUEST FOR                Mayor Mason noted that KEDA is seeking input on
KEDA INPUT ON ECONOMIC           priorities for economic and community development. She
DEVELOPMENT PRIORITIES           noted that the council has completed this portion of the
                                 city’s strategic planning and directed that the draft of the
                                 plan be forwarded to KEDA for its consideration.

ADOPTED RESOLUTION 13-           Motion by Councilor Meyers to adopt Resolution #13-08
08 DESIGNATING                   designating depositories for city funds. Motion seconded
DEPOSITORIES                     by Councilor Eklund and carried unanimously.

REFERRED TO COMMITTEE            City Administrator Otterness stated that the city has been
REQUEST FOR COMMENTS             requested to comment on the draft Koochiching County
ON DRAFT COUNTY                  Development/Zoning Ordinance. Mayor Mason referred
ORDINANCE                        the request to the Economic Development Committee for

REQUESTED JOINT                  Mayor Mason stated that the city has requested regular
CITY/COUNTY MEETINGS             joint meetings of the city council and county board and
                                 directed that council agendas be forwarded to county board
                                 members whose constituents include city residents.

DIRECTED THANK YOU               Mayor Mason noted that the Cities of International Falls
LETTER TO SCOTT                  and Littlefork had been successful in their joint grant
ZAHORIK                          application to the Minnesota Department of Employment
                                 and Economic Development for housing rehabilitation
                                 funds. Motion by Councilor Rognerud to send thank you
                                 letter to Scott Zahorik of KOOTASCA for his efforts on
                                 behalf of the city to receive these funds. Motion seconded
                                 by Councilor McBride and carried unanimously.

REFERRED TO COMMITTEE            Mayor Mason referred to the Finance and Legislation
REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE           Committee the International Falls Bass Championship
WITH 2008 BASS                   request for assistance with the 2008 tournament.

APPROVED EXEMPT                  Motion by Councilor Rognerud to approve application for
PERMIT FOR UNITED WAY            exempt permit for United Way of Northeaster Minnesota to
                                 conduct a raffle on May 9, 2008. Motion seconded by
                                 Councilor Meyers and carried unanimously.

APPROVED EXEMPT                  Motion by Councilor Eklund to approve application for
PERMIT FOR BORDERLAND            exempt permit for Borderland Humane Society to conduct
HUMANE SOCIETY                   a raffle on September 19, 2008. Motion seconded by
                                 Councilor McBride and carried unanimously.

APPROVED CHILD ABUSE             Motion by Councilor McBride to approve “Child Abuse
PREVENTION                       Prevention” Proclamation and authorize its publication.
PROCLAMATION                     Motion seconded by Councilor Rognerud and carried


ATTEST:                                     Shawn Mason, Mayor
Rodney Otterness, City Administrator

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