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on behalf of


									                           N.N. Associates
                       Is pleased to conduct an e auction
                                  On behalf of
             Haier Appliances India Pvt Ltd
The e-auction Haier/2009/EA05, for disposal of scrap arising out of
manufacturing operations of the company “Haier Appliances India Pvt Ltd, B3,
MIDC, Ranjangaon, Shirur Pune shall be carried out by N N Associates for the
period of “1st July 2009 to 30th September 2009.

The On line Auction Sale shall be held from 11.00 AM onwards on 21st June

Prerequisites for participation:
   1. Bidders are allowed to participate in auction for all the items only after
      paying refundable interest free deposit of Rs. Two Lakhs (Rs 2,00,000/-)
      paid by DD of nationalized bank only, DD should be in the name of "Haier
      Appliances India Pvt Ltd, payable at Pune.
   2. Bidder not interested in all the items offered, might bid only for a selected
      few, it is even possible to bid for a single item as well. The deposit amount
      in such cases shall vary in proportion to the number of items bided for and
      would be worked out separately.
   3. The second Highest Bidder Deposit shall be returned without interest after
      full payment of Security Deposit by winning bidder. In case the winning
      buyer does not make the security deposit within the prescribed time frame
      (3 working days) then the Deposit of the winning bidder would stand
      forfeited. In such case it is bounding on the second highest Bidder to lift
      the material at the rate bid by them.
   4. In case the bid is rejected, the bidder’s Deposits shall be return back
      within 7days of the auction without any interest.

Guidelines for On line Auction
  1. Closing time shall further get extended by two minutes if a bid is received
      during the last remaining minute of the scheduled closing time or else it
      shall close dot on the closing time.

   2. If there is a revision of price during the bidding such a message regarding
      the revised price shall appear on the screen and the auction shall further

   3. Prospective bidders are requested to carefully go through all the terms
      and conditions of the auction for a thorough understanding of the laid
      down conditions and the procedure involved for completing the process

   4. Please direct your doubts or queries to Mr Ashok Bhatt at Tel no,
      9890408632 or mail to, for immediate

Inspection of Material
Address:           Haier Appliances India Pvt Ltd, B-3, MIDC, Ranjangaon ,
                   Shirur, Pune

Contact Person:      Mr. Ashok Bhatt

Tel no:              Tel: 91-9890408632

Inspection Date:     14th , 15th , 16th and 17th June 2009

Timing               11.00AM to 3.30PM

Payment Terms
  1. Allotted bidder shall arrange 15% of the total value as EMD with in three
     working days of confirmation; mode shall be Demand Draft, to be drawn in
     favor of "Haier Appliances India Pvt Ltd” payable at Pune. Pl note that no
     interest shall not be paid for such a Deposit.

   2. If the buyer fails to make the EMD payment within 3 working days, the
      deposit amount of such a Bidder would stand forfeited. Company may
      offer the contract to any other bidder.

   3. The buyer should obtain the payment clearance certificate from the
      finance department of the company, prior to taking actual delivery of

   4. In case allotted buyer fails to make payment and take the delivery within
      the stipulated period, 1% of the value of accumulated material or Rs
      2000/- per day whichever deemed fit will be charged as a ground rent for
      the period of one week only. In spite of this extension, if the buyer still fails
      to make payment or lift the material, the EMD will forfeited, and the same
      Lot will be disposed off by the company as deemed fit.

   5. EMD will not be adjusted against the periodic delivers taken, but will be
      return to the buyer after the completion of Contract Period and entire
      satisfaction of Company
General terms and Conditions
1    Bidder participating in auction is assumed to have accepted the "Terms
     and Conditions of the Auction"
2    Unit of Measurement (UOM) will be KG / MT or Nos as appropriate
3    Bidder’s are requested to quote only basic rate / value.
4    All Taxes and duties applicable will be charged Extra on the bided rates
     eg "Excise duty, Sales tax / VAT, Surcharge, TOT, TCS and any other
     local taxes etc.
5    Changes in any tax structure such as VAT, Excise duty, Sale tax,
     Surcharge etc on taxes and other levies as per Govt rules, from time to
     time, shall be paid by the winning bidder as applicable at the time of
6    The material shall be disposed of on "AS IS WHERE IS CONDITION"
     available at scrap yard or company premises. The seller will not be in any
     manner responsible for any damage / deterioration of material.
7    The material delivery will be affect only during working hours (between
     10am to 4pm) except company holidays and week offs.
8    The company reserves right to increase or decrease the quantity as per
     scrap generated and at their discretion.
9    The buyer will make his own arrangement for loading and transportation of
     the scrap from the company scrap yard. They will not be entitled to claim
     any facility or assistance in this regard; the material, which is sold on
     weight basis, will be weighed on the weighbridge authorized by company
     in the presence of company’s representative. The weight records on the
     weighbridge will be final and binding on both parties. No complaints as
     regards shortage in the weight will be entertained.
10   The highest bidder will be subjected to approval of the "Committee"
     appointed by the company, which will supervise the eAuction and reserves
     the rights to accept or reject the highest bid without declaring any reasons
11   Buyers having valid certificate for handling hazardous waste will only
     allowed to bid for lot no 13 “MS Barrel Grade II”.
12   The buyer's are not allowed to lift any material other then the material
     allotted to them. If any such material is found in the scrap yard at the time
     of taking delivery, the material other than allotted to them, is belong to
     company and should not be lifted as scrap. In case any buyer is found
     collecting material belonging to company willfully, serious action may be
     instituted by the company against such buyer. This may include lodging of
     police complain.
13   The buyer and his servant shall be required to abide by all specific /
     General regulations of safety and discipline within the company premises.
     The material will be handled by the buyer and their servant at their own
     risk and any loss / damage whatsoever to any individual or property in
     such handling or as a consequence thereof, shall be sole responsibility of
     the purchaser.
14   The company reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time on
     following grounds.
         a)     Unsatisfactory execution or performance of the contract by the
         b)     Improper behavior of the Buyer or breach of the term and
                condition of the contract
     Decision of the company to terminate the contract shall be final and
     binding on all and no claim for damage and / or compensation can be
15   It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to keep the area clean allocated to
     them. The winning buyer has to keep their person / persons for arranging
     their material (Mandatory for Wooden Scrap, Garbage, Waste Bags,
     Sheets Scrap, Door Scrap, Cabinet Scrap, etc) and maintaining the good
     housekeeping in scrap yard. Failing which company reserved the right to
     terminate the contract at any time.
16   The buyer has to provide proper personal protective equipments (safety
     Shoes, hand gloves etc) to their persons, coming for lifting scrap, failing
     which company can disallow them to work in the company premises.
17   All disputes and differences arising out of this auction shall be referred to
     the sole arbitration of the company or their nominee and the decision of
     such arbitrator shall be binding on both the parties. The contract shall be
     subjected to the jurisdiction of Pune court only.

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