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									          Guidelines for Use of K12.OR.US Domain Name

As the administrator for the K12.OR.US domain space, OPEN is responsible for
the assignment of all DNS names that end with “K12.OR.US.” OPEN is also the
administrator for the PVT.K12.OR.US name space. As the designated authority
we are trustees for the delegated domain, and have a duty to serve the

The K12.<state>.US name branch was established to provide a consistent
naming scheme for schools. Clearly any site utilizing the K12.OR.US
designation should have as its focus support of public education with in Oregon.

To receive a K12.OR.US name sites should meet all of these criteria:

1. K12 Focus
2. Oregon based organization
3. School or non-profit status
4. Be a recognized educational entity

Given the borderless nature of the Internet where a K12.OR.US domain is
housed is irrelevant to the ability to use the name space.

OPEN has also been delegated the community college domain administrator for
Oregon, although most community colleges in Oregon use the .edu naming

Other reference RFCs include:
RFC1034 Domain Names - concepts and facilities
RFC1035 Domain Names - implementation and specification
RFC2182 Selection and Operation of Secondary DNS Servers

Requests for sub-domain delegation and K12 name space maintenance can be
submitted to

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