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                                                    SANCHAR NIGAM EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATION (I)



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NC                                                                M.B.Sangale

          SA             )
                                                                  DISTRICT SECRETARY
                                                                  CMTS,N.D.Patel Road
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SNEA( I ) / DS / NSK/ corr/ 2009-10 /03                              Dated at Nasik the 18 th September 2009.
The Director (HRD)
BSNL HQ, New Delhi-1
                                                                  Ph.No. 011 25934899
Respected Sir,

  At the outset on the behalf of SNEA(I),Nashik and on my personal behalf we
welcome you in the Grape City Nashik. We hope your stay at Nashik will be comfortable
and joyful as Cultural meet is held at Nashik and concluding today.

 Sir, we would like to take this opportunity to bring certain grievances of the executives
to your kind notice.

1.                Sir, recently the BSNL HQ issued orders of perks and allowances. In this the
                  teaching allowance to the training centre is to be paid at the @ 7.5% of revised
                  basic. Sir, we would like to focus your attention on the fact that earlier to this
                  order teaching allowance was paid at the @ 15% of the basic plus DP. If we
                  calculate the old amount and the new amount at the @ 7.5% then it is clear that
                  instead of increase in teaching allowance it is being reduced by at least one
                  thousand rupees. Moreover, the order is issued from the retrospective effect
                  i.e.w.e.f.27/02/2009.Sir,if the duties are allotted and allowance is already being
                  paid to the staff of training centre there is no question of recovery. But by
                  recent orders of perks the amount will be deducted and there is loss of pay to
                  every member of training centre.
                  Sir, we expect that you will look in this matter.

2.                Sir, further we want to focus your kind attention on the fact that recently
                  Management Trainee recruitment rules are being notified by the BSNL HQ. Sir,
                  in the organization the talent which is compatible to work at any level is available
                  that to with sound educational background and vast experience about telecom
                  network and telecom market. Sir, our executives cannot appear for the
                  examination inspite of having sound educational background just because of the
                  conditions which are notified in the recruitment rules. The executives should
                  have Bachelor degree in Engineering with four years working experience Sir,
                  certain executives are fulfilling this condition . Moreover it is stated that the
                  age of the executives should not be above 36 years. Looking at this condition the
     lay man can say that the internal candidates are completely neglected by the
       We urge to modify the recruitment rules for the internal candidate and there
     should not be any criterion of age and qualification.
         Sir we would like to bring to your kind notice that the age and educational
     qualification mentioned in the MT R/R for internal candidates is in clear violation
     of orders of DoP&Trg, regulating the provisions of the internal competitive
     examination. 3000 to 4000 Engineering Graduates from premier institutions such
     as Regional Engineering Colleges (NITs) and Govt. Engg colleges (some of them
     having M Tech) recruited by DoT in the year 1994 and prior to that and having
     minimum 12 years of experience in Telecom operations are not allowed to compete
     in the internal competitive examination. In addition to this, thousands of Post
     Graduates and Graduates with minimum first class (even some of them are
     University rank holders) and having vast experience in Telecom operations also
     deprived the opportunity. Some of them having MBA/MCA degree also. Some
     JTOs quit their job and joined BSNL in 2001 year rect. also not eligible because
     of the age limit. Hence we request that for Internal quota, there should not be
     any age or qualification bar. It is our request that management has to
     reconsider the eligibility conditions of Internal candidates.
3.     Sir,we want to bring your kind attention on the fact that the BSNL HQ has
     recently notified the DGM recruitment rules. In these rules it is mentioned that
     the recruitment is only from the open market and internal quota is not allotted.
     This is causing un restment among the executives who are Graduates from
     premier institutions such as Regional Engineering Colleges (NITs) and Govt.
     Engineering colleges (some of them having M Tech/MBA) recruited by DoT and
     they have vast experience of wired and wireless solutions. Moreover executives
     have MBA degree in various disciplines but management completely neglected
     these executives. We are of the opinion that internal candidates can handle the
     telecom operations and the market better because of experience. Hence internal
     candidates must be considered to the post of DGM regardless of age and
4.     Sir, it is the fact that 35% recruitment of JTO is made through screening
     examination. The TTAs are being trained and posted in various discipline as a
     offg. JTO. Some offtg JTOs are not regularized and they are being deprived
     from perks and even pay.

5.      Sir, in the name of equalization of staff in the MH circle only JTOs ,SDEs and
     DEs are being transferred out of SSAs. Sir, it is a strange thing that only JTOs
     ,SDEs and DEs are reshuffled. If the calculation is made on the basis of wired
     and wireless connection then the same criterion should have been applicable to
     Gr.D to Gr.A. But if we go through transfer orders in the SSA or in the MH
     circle only equalization of JTOs ,SDEs and DEs is made. This is clear-cut
     harassment to the executives in the name of equalization. Secondly, it is the
     notable point that MH circle made huge expenditure on transfers. The executives
     are being demoralized. Kindly intervene the matter and suitable instructions may
     please be issued in this regard.

5.   Merger of 9.4% of IDA as part of fitment & Payment of 2nd installment
     (60%) of Pay arrears

6.   Grave injustice in Pay Fixation and settlement of pay anomaly of JTOs
     recruited in year 2005: Sir, SNEA (I) CHQ has already brought to your notice
     about the injustice done with the young generation, particularly with the JTOs
     recruited in year 2005. The issue of E1A and E2A pay scales is not yet sanctioned
     though other pay scales for executives are settled since long time. Apart from
     the pay scales, there is great difference in pay scales of JTOs though senior in
     merit list of JTO recruitment, due to date of joining after 01.01.2007 i.e. the
     date of implementation of wage revision. There was no delay on part of
     candidates to go for training and it was due to administrative reasons that they
     were sent for training as per availability of seats in training centers. In some
     small circles all were trained and posted before 01.01.2007 and in circles like
     Maharashtra where JTOs were posted in more numbers were delayed in sending
     for training and thereby delay in their posting as JTO after completion of
     training. But all this has created great anomaly and seniors in merit list are
     getting less payment than their juniors thereby denying natural justice. Apart
     from this the guidelines of pay fixation issued by corporate office has been
     interpreted by different Account officers in different manner and thus pay of
     these JTOs are fixed at different stages in different SSAs. We have already
     brought to notice of PGM (F) Mumbai and GM (F) Mumbai but till today no action
     has been taken to settle the anomaly in pay fixation in different SSAs. This has
     created unrest among these executives and frustrated due to such delayed
     procedure in sanctioning genuine demand and thereby denying natural justice of
     pay. Hence we herby request to look into matter personally and see that
     standard pay scales are approved for JTOs and the pay anomaly of JTOs
     recruited in 2005 batch may be settled at the earliest

7.   Merger of Mobile section with field units: Sir, we had detailed discussions on

     the issue of poor quality of work in GSM network and difficulties faced thereof

     in our recent CEC at Ratnagiri. After detailed discussions we have found that

     separation of GSM services from SSA working has become major hurdle in

     smooth functioning of Mobile network. It is main reason for delay in provision of

     Mobile services and installation of proper infrastructure for GSM network. The

     mobile sections are mainly functions from SSA head quarters and the customer

     reactions are to be faced by all the field executives and staff. Also the

     separation is done only at SSA level where actually physical works and activities
        are involved. After considering all such points, our CEC has passed the resolution

        that the mobile wing should function along with the field units and it should have

        control of SSA heads, hence mobile wing should be merged with SSAs teams for
        better coordination among staff and executives, which will definitely improve
        present quality of service.

8.      Payment of 60% pay arrears before Diwali festival.

9.      Posting of well competent executives & staff in Sales team at SSA level.:-

        Sir, for upliftment of our beloved company BSNL, we appreciate all the efforts

        of BSNL Corporate Office for implementation of BCG reconditions. But it is

        observed by this Association that total negative attitude is shown at SSA level

        by posting total incompetent and age old executives and staff. One of the best

        example is sales team of Nashik SSA which includes the illiterate staff who can

        not read , explain to customers the various plans/tariff of our product. Moreover

        the executives are posted who are not capable of doing hard work may be due to

        their old age and unawareness of marketing strategy.

     Sir, executives working in Nashik and Maharashtra Circle have a lot of hopes from

your dynamic leadership as all are well aware about your special approach to HR issues,

and we are sure that your good self will spare some of valuable time and take action on

all above points at the earliest. We sincerely thank you for sparing your valuable time

and patiently hearing us.

                            Thanking you Sir,

                                                                   Com. M.B.SANGALE,
                                                                DISTRICT SECRETARY,
                                                                     SNEA (I) Nashik
     Copy to:

           1. The CGMT Maharashtra Circle for information please.

           2. Com. G. L. Jogi General Secretary SNEA (I) CHQ New Delhi for
              information and n/a please.
           3. Com. M.S. Adasul Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle, for information and
              n/a please.