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					Alice Ferguson Foundation
Trash Free Potomac Watershed
        Initiative (TFPWI)
       MWCOG Meeting
        March 19, 2009

          TRASH FREE BY 2013!
Environmental Education on the Potomac

  View from the farmhouse/staff offices
              TRASH FREE BY 2013!
  Where is the Alice Ferguson Foundation?

•Hard Bargain Farm – 330-acre education facility
along the Potomac

•Ten-miles south of Woodrow Wilson Bridge in
Accokeek, Maryland – Prince Georges County

                            TRASH FREE BY 2013!
Potomac Watershed, DC, VA, MD, PA, WV

            TRASH FREE BY 2013!
Results of 20th Potomac Watershed Cleanup
       Save the Date: April 4, 2009
                                              • 392 Cleanup Sites
                                              • 12,000Volunteers
                                              • 285Tons
                                              • 124,000 +Recyclable
                                                  Beverage Containers
                                                • 13,000      Plastic Bags
                                              • Top Brands:
                                                     •Coca-Cola/ Pepsi
Congressman Steny Hoyer pitches in at the
 18th Potomac Watershed Cleanup, April 8,
                               TRASH FREE BY 2013!
Annual Cleanups – 20-Year Grand Total

                1989 to 2008

 • 2,023Tons (4,531,520 lbs.) of trash
 • 62,000Volunteers
 • Hundreds of Partners in four states & DC
                  TRASH FREE BY 2013!
21st Potomac Watershed Cleanup
         April 4, 2009

          TRASH FREE BY 2013!
      After 20 Years of Cleanups…

 We Want a Trash Free Potomac!

• We want out of the Trash Business!

• Let’s get to the source (2005 – present)!
                  TRASH FREE BY 2013!
 Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative

How Do We Get to a
Trash Free Potomac
     by 2013?
The Anacostia is a

                TRASH FREE BY 2013!
    Framework for Trash Free Initiative

•Legislation – LITTER & LAWS
•Regulation - TMDL
•Education - PROACT
•Enforcement - LEW
•Market-based - TFPF
                TRASH FREE BY 2013!
Elected Officials Sign Trash Treaty

                      Over 100 committed to
                           a Trash Free
                         Potomac by 2013

            TRASH FREE BY 2013!
Bringing Attention to Trash!

         TRASH FREE BY 2013!


       TRASH FREE BY 2013!
  Thank You for Working Together and…

…Taking Action for a Trash Free Potomac
               TRASH FREE BY 2013!
       Contact AFF


         TRASH FREE BY 2013!