 Assist the Director of Communications _ Marketing on public by fionan


5015 Dantes View Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 - Tel: (818) 851-9134 - Cell: (818) 292-3810 - Email: anicrumb@yahoo.com

Dynamic Marketing & Communications professional offering extensive online and traditional skills in both the business
and creative arenas, not afraid of hard work, long hours and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

  20+ years experience in theatre and      Solid expertise in business and          Excellent written and verbal
   video production, direction, stage        creative workflow process development     communications skills and
   management, writing, costuming and        and implementation                        exceptional presentation skills
   set design                               Proficiency in online and print          Team player with proven talent for
  20+ years of marketing,                   production, graphic design, content       project management and creative
   communications and PR experience          production and management                 problem-solving
  Proven success in publishing             Online marketing including,              Strategic/tactical & analytical self-
   development, management, marketing,       advertising, media buying, CPA, CPL,      starter committed to attention to
   public relations and distribution         CPM, CPC, Co-Reg, product                 detail
  Strong background in strategic            development, campaign management,
                                                                                      Dependable, energetic, quick
   business development, media               customer retention, publisher,
                                                                                       learner with professional demeanor
   relations, investor relations,            advertiser and affiliate partnership
                                             development and management               Bilingual – Spanish
   promotions, special events production
   and management

                  Establishing & leading Online Marketing for Cellular-Blowout.com, online retail “superstore”
                  featuring unlocked cell phones and mobile accessories.
                   Determined & implemented strategic goals through development of business partner relationships,
                    launch of new products, and design, production and distribution of marketing campaigns &
                   Redesigned, implemented and managed continuous optimization of Cellular-Blowout.com website
                    to enhance user experience and make it possible to effectively compete with other leading retail
                    sites leading to an 86% increase in site traffic and doubling of per customer page views.
                   Developed, established and managed Affiliate Marketing relationships and programs with affiliate
                    and advertising networks and direct online publishers, increasing brand recognition, site traffic and
                    helping to increase sales over 250%.
                   Designed and produced effective online ad campaigns and supporting collateral including HTML
                    e-mail creatives, banners, text ads, keyword lists, newsletter, coupons and special promotions.
                   Established and implemented tracking and reporting for online marketing campaigns & directed IT
                    department in development, test and launch of Affiliate tracking, reporting & management tool.
                   Managed monthly reconciliation & invoice tracking for all Affiliate marketing campaigns and other
                    direct CPA advertising programs.
                   Revamped weekly newsletter and e-mail programs to significantly improve deliverability, click-
                    through rates, customer retention and lifetime value through repeat revenue generation.
                   Designed and implemented Wholesale Client Outreach program allowing the company to develop
                    and manage existing and new wholesale partnerships.
                   Lead external web developers on design and functionality, and managed preliminary promotion of
                    a social-networking site for mobile communications users launching in late 2007.
5015 Dantes View Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 - Tel: (818) 851-9134 - Cell: (818) 292-3810 - Email: anicrumb@yahoo.com

                 Managing cost-per-lead business for the brand advertising and direct marketing division of
                 publicly traded online marketing company ValueClick, Inc. (VCLK).
                  Managed cost-per-lead advertising campaigns working directly with key Publishers to secure
                   maximum revenue for both ValueClick and Advertisers clients.
                  Day-to-day operations included creation and distribution of offers lists and insertion orders,
                   trafficking of co-registration offers and creatives to interested publishers, constant monitoring of
                   stats and other vital information for campaign optimization in order to consistently meet or exceed
                   margin goals.
                  Managed existing, and developed and managed new publisher relationships increasing revenue-
                   generating opportunities.
                  Worked with senior management and other stakeholders to map out, document and implement
                   systems integration processes facilitating efficient easy adoption.
                  Provided marketing support for creation of PowerPoint training presentations related to new
                   systems integration making it possible for new leaders to communicate effective and cohesive
                   messages across the entire organization.

                 Managing online publisher and advertising operations for a growing Online Marketing company.
                  Worked closely with CEO, Sales & Marketing and other departments on development, production
                   and implementation of successful incentivized campaigns & offers for lead and revenue
                   generation. Significant revenue gains allowed the company to grow from 32 to 135 employees in
                   less than 1 year and establish itself as a competitive industry leader.
                  Under direction of Sr. Management, worked on recruitment of Creative Services & supporting IT
                   personnel in order to support growing human resources requirements.
                  Provided daily campaign and creative analysis, and strategic recommendations to Sales &
                   Marketing, Creative Services, as well as daily operational direction and support to Media Buyers
                   and their publishers to improve relationships, negotiations and campaign performance through
                   optimization resulting in higher profit margins.
                  Managed team of Publisher and Advertiser Operations staff responsible for maintaining creative
                   inventory and implementation of online campaigns and offers direct to publishers as well as
                   through third party ad-serving technologies.
                  Provided first point-of-contact support for all traffic-related issues to internal staff and external
                   customers for publisher-direct served campaigns as well as through third party adserving
                  Developed and implemented processes for Cross-Function Teams, Advertiser and Publisher day-
                   to-day as well as long-term strategic operations.

                 Managing graphic artists in the development of online advertising and web sites for growing
                 Online Marketing Company.
                  Worked closely with CEO and Marketing Department on development of creative concepts for
                   incentivized campaigns & offers.
                  Managed graphic design team in the development, design and production of online ad campaigns
                   including email and banner creatives, special offer/domain websites & landing pages and all
                   supporting marketing collateral needed to launch new programs and to fulfill publishing partner
                   creative needs in order to grow the business exponentially in a short amount of time.
                  Developed and implemented processes for Creative Services Department workflow across all
                   company functions increasing quality, speed and effectiveness of output.
                  Provided Graphic Design support as needed.
5015 Dantes View Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 - Tel: (818) 851-9134 - Cell: (818) 292-3810 - Email: anicrumb@yahoo.com

                 Developing and managing marketing, public relations and strategic corporate communications
                 for management consulting division of global accounting firm.
                  Developed, managed and implemented internal and external global marketing plans for PwC’s
                    Global Strategy Practice, Global Technology Center and other groups, focusing on launch,
                    publication, distribution and promotion of over 40 books, white papers and other publications that
                    consistently positioned PwC as business strategy, transformation and management thought leaders
                    resulting in client and project wins of over $20 million.
                  Worked closely with PwC authors and subject matter experts, freelance writers and internal and
                   external editors to develop and refine content leading to significant demand and sales of offerings
                   such as MetaCapitalism, which went into its second printing only one week after publication and was
                   listed as #3 Business Book on Barnes and Noble.com in its first week.
                  Managed relationships with book publicists & internal and external PR agencies to develop and
                   implement PR campaigns that ensured high visibility for PwC firm and authors including features in
                   Forbes (cover story) and other national media.
                  Managed and tracked direct marketing campaigns at the B2B and B2C level.
                  Developed, designed and produced marketing collateral including internal communications,
                   presentations, event/promotional, advertising, web and other multimedia content.
                  Coordinated and managed internal and external large and small scale conferences, trade shows,
                   partner meetings and workshops in U.S. Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific countries.

                 Directing communications efforts for regional insurance governing organization.
                  Designed and produced monthly and quarterly newsletters, legislative and educational weekly
                     updates and other print collateral distributed to Georgia insurance agencies and national partner
                    Developed and produced sales and marketing collateral and advertising creative for national print
                     media that increased organization’s visibility.
                    Managed creation of award winning promotional video recognized at annual national conference in
                     Washington, DC.
                    Managed and negotiated contracts with outside vendors and agencies including advertising, media
                     buying, printing, inventory and distribution services, strategic partnerships and alliances.
                    Assisted Executive Director with special events, conferences and trade shows.

                 Developing and managing databases and providing marketing and communications support for
                 the not-for-profit organization founded by the late singer-songwriter Harry Chapin.
                  Developed and managed pioneering databases of domestic self-reliance, economic justice and
                     food security organizations for Reinvesting in America program making it possible to share and
                     replicate best practices. Program success resulted in grant awards of over $100,000.
                    Provided graphic, layout and editorial support for the publication of WHY, the company’s quarterly
                     national magazine.
                    Worked with International Director on United Nations NGO Affairs on research and creation of
                     educational materials and on the Harry Chapin Media Awards honoring the best reporting on
                     hunger, poverty and self-reliance in the categories of books, periodicals, newspapers,
                     photojournalism, television and radio.
                    Assisted Executive Director and Co-founder with research projects, foundation grant proposals,
                     presentations and developing and leveraging strategic partnerships working together to improve
                     national, state, and local hunger and poverty policies and programs.
                    Designed and produced promotional materials, provided database support and event management
                     for annual 66-hour radio marathon broadcast to an audience of 2.5+ million, raising over $150,000.
5015 Dantes View Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 - Tel: (818) 851-9134 - Cell: (818) 292-3810 - Email: anicrumb@yahoo.com

                   Fourteen years of freelance creative services for multimedia production company.
                    Collaborated in the development of a multi-faceted project based on a series of children’s stories
                      being written by company founder. Project included development, marketing and distribution of
                      books, websites, television shows, theatrical properties, and creation of a theme park/performing
                      arts center in Central Florida, as well as all supporting marketing and PR efforts.
                    Provided production, stage, technical and box office management for over 20 live stage shows,
                      films, video promotional, documentary, musical and theatrical family entertainment productions
                      and managed all design, marketing and PR services. Detailed credits available upon request.
                    Designed and produced all supporting presentations and other promotional collateral including
                      brochures, corporate identity kits, flyers and show programs.
                    Worked closely with media, vendors, major corporations and non-profit strategic partners to build
                      relationships, raise awareness and secure funds for worthy, cause-related organizations including
                      the Native American Community House, the New York Department of Education, and the United
                      Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Efforts for UNEP’s Global Youth Forum resulted in
                      the successful funding and production of both the 1992 and 1993.
                    Produced and managed special events such as the United Nations Global Youth Forum,
                      Children’s Earth Summit and For The Kids: A Musical Celebration of the Environment including
                      working with celebrities, corporate executives and government dignitaries.
                    Provided editing and other post-production services for video productions.

Business Management, Bernard M. Baruch College, CUNY, New York, NY
Early Childhood Education, Manhattan College, Riverdale NY

Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Access and MS Outlook, Adobe
PhotoShop, Illustrator, Freehand, Pagemaker, ImageReady, InDesign and Premiere, FrontPage, iWork Pages, Keynote
and Numbers, Macromedia Dreamweaver, QuarkXpress, QuickBooks, Intuit Payroll, Campaigner Pro, Bacon's
MediaSource, Lexis-Nexis, Dow Jones Interactive, Business Wire, Lotus Notes, various third-party AdServing and
Network systems. Mac & PC Platforms.

                         Additional information and references available upon request.
5015 Dantes View Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 - Tel: (818) 851-9134 - Cell: (818) 292-3810 - Email: anicrumb@yahoo.com

 STAGE PRODUCTION/LIVE EVENT              THEATRE/VENUE                                 ROLE
 Freedom’s First Light:                   13th Street Repertory Company                 Producer & Costume Designer

 Frankenspell Superstar                   13th Street Repertory Company                 Producer, Costumer Designer, Choreographer &
                                                                                        Musical Director

 Danger Dinosaurs                         13th Street Repertory Company                 Costumer Designer, Choreographer & Musical

 The Trial of Shady McGee                 WhiteWolf Productions                         Producer, Costume Designer

 Children’s Earth Summit                  United Nations Environment Programme          Co-Chair International Operations,
                                                                                        Producer/Marketing & PR

 For The Children                         One Earth Coalition                           Producer, Production Manager

 Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy     CenterStage Productions                       Assistant Director, Stage Manager
 Dean, Jimmy Dean

 Damn Yankees                             Harlequin Players                             Set Design

 Annie                                    Harlequin Players                             Costume Design

 Cinderella                               Harlequin Players                             Costumer Design

 Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor         Harlequin Players                             Musical Director, Stage Manager

 Anything Goes                            Harlequin Players                             Assistant Set Designer

 Good News                                Harlequin Players                             Costume Designer & Choreographer

 Hello Dolly                              Harlequin Players                             Props Master

 The Glass Menagerie                      Columbia University                           Props Master, Stage Manager

 Yankee Doodle Dandy                      Westchester County Theatre                    Stage Manager

 Grease                                   St. Johns Players                             Director/Choreographer

 VIDEO                                    CLIENT                                        ROLE
 Hi-Fi-Tie: Street Level                  Hi-Fi-Tie                                     2nd Camera, Assistant Editor

 Save the Planet                          WhiteWolf Productions                         Producer, Assistant Editor

 Honda Classic Commercial                 City of Coral Springs                         Assistant Editor

 As Ye Sow – Pilot                        DarkHorse Productions                         Production Designer

 For Two Days in May – Children’s Earth   United Nations Environment Programme          Producer, Assistant Editor
 Summit Promotional Video

 Albert Scheitzer Humanitarian Awards     Albert Schweitzer Institute                   2nd Camera, Assistant Editor

 Native American Law Alliance             1992 Ellis Island Congressional Medal of      2nd Camera
                                          Honor Ceremonies

                                          Additional production details available upon request.

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