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                                             Wedding Ideas That Include Children
                                                               By Rod Hoss

    Copyright (c) 2009 Rod Hoss

With their roles as flower kids, bridesmaids, and ring bearer, children have been playing some integral
parts in weddings. Whether the children are a part of the wedding party itself, or are simply attending
the event as guests, it certainly calls for everyone enjoying the special day to its maximum. Creativity
to a wedding could add to its charm, as it is just not limited to floral decorations and cuisines, but is
also important when it comes to assigning different responsibilities to the family members in the
wedding. For children, this decision is of the utmost magnitude and enthusiasm. At times, in this 'adult'
business of wedding, the kids feel ignored. Therefore, make sure to keep these precious young things
too actively involved in the process.

Areas of Kids Involvement in a Wedding

Below mentioned are a number of ways by which children can take part in a wedding:

By standing besides the bride and groom, the children can participate, thereby depicting a complete

They can help in selecting the colors and the themes of wedding arrangements. Their opinion can add
a lot of value to the proceedings.

They could be made to perform a role-play, wherein a young boy can play the groom's role and a girl
can act as the bride.

Children can be a helping hand in attending the guests, though should be supervised if they are too

Teenagers can accompany the couple in the church too.

Children are very creative. Their involvement back stage can be definitely welcoming. Now in this
context, creativity consists of the following:

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To some extent, the decorations can be handed over to them.

Children can manage their counterparts very well in the wedding.

Things like table decoration and distributing gifts to all children can also be practiced.

Consult with the kids on specific details. Small contributions, like choosing a favorite flower or a
particular color.

Children may display their, such as music, writing, subtle dancing, etc.

One of the marriages I attended lately had teenage girls handing out a single fresh flower to every
woman, as they entered the church. This really impressed me and would have definitely made all those
women feel special. These are just a few wedding ideas that include children. There can be many
more, you just need to be innovative. Who says it has to be conventional? At times, it is nice to see
things done a bit differently. This prevents the ceremony from get boring.

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                                     Summer Wedding Theme - Some Tips For You
                                                               By TM Lung

More couples are going for the option of hosting a summer wedding nowadays. One of the reasons is
that these couples do not want to stick to the traditional options. It is very true that a summer wedding
can be an extremely romantic one. You can also make your summer wedding a unique one. As a
result, you would also like to pan for a summer wedding. However, do you know how you can plan for
such a special event?

 You will have quite a number of choices when your summer wedding theme is concerned. You will
need to have a theme before you can plan for your wedding. You will make all the decision concerning
your wedding based on your wedding theme. The wedding theme will actually form the framework for
you to plan for your wedding.

 When you are thinking of your summer wedding theme, you can first of all search for some ideas on
the web. You can search it in Google or Yahoo and you will easily find a lot of ideas. As you may know,
there are a lot of bridal magazines there. You will also be able to find a lot of ideas from the bridal
magazines. Sometimes you may find sections devoted to summer weddings in the magazines. As a
matter of fact, a summer wedding is usually linked to the idea of an outdoor wedding. As a result, you
will expect that a summer wedding will be a more informal one.

 The first thing you may think about your summer wedding will probably be a beach wedding. As a
matter of fact, most people will go for the idea of a beach wedding when a summer wedding is
concerned. The beach will become a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. As discussed, the event will
probably be a more informal one. Even the children can enjoy your wedding. They can play in the
beach in your event. You can even make your wedding dress informal. There are a lot of different
choices for you when you are searching for your beach wedding dress. You may even hire a gown
designer to design a new beach wedding gown. This will certainly make your gown a totally unique
one. In order to match the idea of beach wedding, you can prepare a lot of seafood for your guests. Of
course you will need to consider your budget before you make this decision.

 You may also host an outdoor in a garden. It will be even more perfect if you can have this event in
the garden at your home. Of course it will be less formal when compared with a beach wedding. You
can also decorate your venue such that it match the garden theme. As a result, you will use a lot of
elements such as bird cages when you are decorating your venue.

 The above ideas are only some of the ideas you may consider. You should be creative so that you can
create your own summer wedding theme.

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
He runs a blog on weddings and you can find some other wedding tips

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