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									        Manitowoc County
          Dairy Project

         Participation Book
                       Member Name (Please print)

                          Club or Organization

       Address                                      Home Phone

       Email Address

Program Year Begins May 16, 2009 and ends May 15, 2010

  Please indicate your age as of January 1, 2010 _______

                       Current Grade ______

      Participation Booklets are due by May 20, 2010.
Turn them in to the Manitowoc County UW-Extension Office,
        P.O. Box 1150, Manitowoc WI 54221-1150
                      Manitowoc County Dairy Youth Project
                                           State Fair Eligibility
                                      Participation Awards Program

Rules and Policies:

    1.      Program runs from May 16, 2009 to May 15, 2010.

    2.      Youth must acquire a minimum of 4 points to be eligible to show at state fair.

            If more than our assigned quota earn 4 eligibility points, then those with the most points get
            first opportunity to show at state fair. (e.g. If we have a quota of 24 animals, the top 24 point
            getters will get to take 1 animal each.)

            Our goal is to fill our state fair quota each year with active youth participants.

    3.      Each person is responsible for keeping track of his/her eligible activities for the year. They
            must be correctly recorded in the participation book. This booklet MUST be turned in with
            your state fair managerial form (if needed) by May 20, 2010 to be considered for state fair
            eligibility and other awards and/or prizes. Youth less than 12 years old must also turn in
            this book by May 20, 2010 to be considered for awards and/or prizes.

    4.      This program is designed to encourage education and participation in the wide variety of dairy
            activities available to the youth in Manitowoc County. It is an inclusive program based on
            participation in events, not on placings. Emphasis is on the individual, not the quality of the
            animal he/she shows.

    5.      Awards for the top 3 high point individuals in each category will be given at the Manitowoc
            County Fair. Divisions are as follows:
                                 Grades 3 & 4
                                 Grades 5 & 6
                                 Grades 7 & 8
                                 Grades 9 & 10
                                 Grades 11, 12 & above

    6.      All decisions of the Dairy Committee will be final.

    7.      Prior to submitting this book, the member and his/her parent or legal guardian shall sign below
            attesting to the accuracy of the entries.

_________________                         _____            _____________________
                 Member Signature                                         Parent/Guardian Signature

_______________                     _______                ______           _______________
                      Date                                                          Date
              Point Earning Categories for State Fair Eligibility

1.    County Fair                                            6 Points Available
      1 point per animal exhibited/4 points maximum
      2 points for showmanship

2.    Other Shows                                            No Maximum
      2 points per show as an exhibitor or
      1 point per show as a spectator for entire show
      2 points for showmanship at other shows

3.    4-H, FFA, etc. - Setup, Cleanup, etc.                  No Points - This is being a part of the group.

4.    Officer: 4-H, Junior Holstein, FFA, etc.               6 Points Available
      2 points per office/6 points maximum

5.    Volunteering (e.g. Breakfast on the Farm)              No Maximum
      1 point for 4 hours help at an event (dairy related)

6.    Dairy Products Judging                                 2 Points Available

7.    Dairy Bowl                                             10 Points Maximum
      Per coaches rules and coaches submitted points

8.    Dairy Judging                                          10 Points Available
      5 points per contest judged on live animals/cap at 2 contests
      Exclusions: Hoard’s Dairyman Judging Contest or other “picture” contests

9.    Cow Camp/Badger Dairy Camp/                            3 Points Available
      PDPW/Junior Holstein Trip Award

10.   Dairy Breakfast/Dairy Promotion                        No Maximum
      1 point per event

11.   County Workshops/Tours                                 No Maximum
      1 point per event
      Must submit a written paragraph of each tour experience and it
      must be submitted with the Dairy Project Participation Booklet

12.   Speech/Demonstration                                   No Maximum
      1 point per event or competition* **
      * County Demonstration contest and county fair demonstration count as 1 point only.
      ** Speech or demonstration MUST be directly related to dairy

13.   Participate in State/National Meetings                 No Maximum
      2 points per event
      Club or project meetings are not included because not all clubs or projects meet the same number of times
      each year. Must attach an agenda from meeting attended.
      Examples of meetings included:
                State Jr. Holstein Convention/National Jr. Holstein Convention
                State FFA Convention/National FFA Convention
                State 4H Meeting/National 4H Meeting
                National Dairy Congress

14.   Leadership                                             Points Determined by Dairy Committee
      This category is designed for older teens or college age youth that may not be available to
      participate in county activities. Activities include but are not limited to:

      Dairy Industry Internships                    Exchange Student Trip – must be dairy oriented
      JAC = 10 points                               Coaching/Teaching – must be dairy related

14.   Dairy Princess                                         5 Points Available
       Manitowoc County Youth Dairy Project - Participation Log
Name: (Please Print)______________________________________

Date        Event/Activity   Type of Participation    Worked       Verified by:
                                                        or      Leader/Event Organizer

                                Dairy Events Calendar
Note: This calendar is provided as a reminder of the various events available for you to attend. It
is NOT intended to be a complete list of approved events!

       Date                                 Event                                 Location
June                    State Fair Dairy Forms Due                          MCOC
                        Badger Dairy Camp                                   UW-Madison
                        Breakfast on the Farm
                        County Jr. Fair Entries Due                         Manitowoc Expo
                        NE WI Area Animal Science Days
                        District Holstein Show                              Manitowoc Expo
                        National Holstein Convention                        South Dakota
July                    WI Holstein Show
August                  Wisconsin State Fair                                West Allis
                        Manitowoc County Fair                               Manitowoc Expo
                        Jr. Fair Showmanship                                Manitowoc Expo
                        Jr. Fair Dairy Judging                              Manitowoc Expo
September               Record Books/Scrapbooks Due
October                 Dairy Bowl Practice Begins                          MCOC
                        World Dairy Expo                                    Madison
                        National Dairy Congress                             Madison
November                Dairy Quiz Bowl Practices                           MCOC
                        PDPW Youth Leadership Lock-IN
December                Dairy Quiz Bowl Practices                           MCOC
January                 WI Jr. Holstein Convention
                        Jr. Holstein Dairy Bowl Contest

February                4-H Dairy Bowl Contest                              Portage
April                   Dairy Judging Practices Begin
May                     Dairy Judging Practices
                        Fitting & Showing Workshop
                        Cow Camp
                              *MCOC stands for Manitowoc County Office Complex*

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