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									                    Manchester High School WEST

                    Academy Implementation Team
                          August 22, 2007

Mary Ellen McGorry began the meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the school district offices on
Commercial St. She introduced herself and led everyone to do the same.

18 people introduced themselves. (List of attendees at end of minutes)

Ed Hafner began by summarizing his report for the NJROTC Academy. He highlighted
items on pgs. 4 & 5. See updated handout.

Debbie Ithier presented the Technology Academy. She discussed research on various
school districts across the country. The goal is to run two strands—one in pre-
engineering and the other in information technology. Karen White added information on
another upcoming opportunity in the state of NH—Engineering by Design (which would
start at the kindergarten level). See updated handout.

Tim Benner updated everyone on the Performing Arts Academy and presented an
updated proposal. See updated handout—rough budget included.

Brad Morse updated us on the Academy of Higher Learning. Costs are born by the
student. Teachers teaching courses must have master’s degree or higher. See updated

Diane Beaudry updated us on the ALF Academy (renamed the Parker Initiative). She
feels ALF should not be separate academy because kids are chosen—not self-selective.
New name honors Francis Wayland Parker. Forty-eight students will participate for the
07-08 school year. See updated handout. A question was raised as to whether Parkside
& Hooksett students would have priority.

Debbie Stratton turned the Business & Finance Academy update over to Karen White.
She distributed the National Academy Foundation Membership Agreement and a letter
from Judy King, Director of the Southern NH School-to-Careers Partnership. Judy King
had started the Finance Academy in New Hampshire. Karen reported that Judy called the
regional manager and the feeling there are to leave the finance academy at MST—a
regional center. The national office is only allowing 20 new academies to start up next
year and they will not permit Manchester to host another one at West.
Manchester High School WEST
Academy Implementation Team
Minutes-August 22, 2007
Page 2

Gary Dempsey warned about having our academies too focused. Academy names should
be broad.
Ex. Health & Human Services
Math/Science & Technology
Arts & Humanities

There was some discussion about block scheduling at West, entire school on the academy
model, graduation requirements.

Everyone then turned the discussion over to the survey development. Everyone
discussed the following guidelines:
 All students must take the survey
 Teachers have script to give instructions
 Students talk (assembly) about each academy to present info. to students taking
 Explain academy and present sample of courses in each for students to see
 Students vote

There was some discussion about how we would administer the survey at other schools.

   Ideas for West were to do survey in academic classes NOT homeroom
   Survey 8th graders
   Goal of survey is interest of kids (for most popular academies)

We need to get info. out on each academy then show kids Academy Name—Careers—
and courses listed under each academy. HOMEWORK FOR EACH ACADEMY

Danny Ithier mentioned that courses kids want to take (electives) are only for juniors and
seniors—and there are too many pre-requisites. There was some discussion about
making changes to not restrict classes.

The next meeting date had already been scheduled for Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at
6:00 p.m. at the school district offices.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

Members & guests present:

Mary Ellen McGorry, Assistant Principal of Manchester High School West
Diane Beaudry, Director of Guidance, MHSW
Manchester High School WEST
Academy Implementation Team
Minutes-August 22, 2007
Page 3

Joanne McHugh, Hooksett School Board
David Scannell, Community Relations for Manchester School District
Dani Ithier, Sophomore Student at MHSW
Alyssa Nelson, Student at MHSW
Debbie Ithier, Parent
Brad Morse, Social Studies Teacher, MHSW
Ed Hafner, Cmdr. Of ROTC, MHSW
Richard Dichard, Assistant Principal, MHSW
Kathryn VanDerbeken, English Teacher, MHSW
Debbie Stratton, Business Teacher, MHSW
Karen White, Principal of MST
Tim Benner, Theatre Teacher, MHSW
Kathleen Cook, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Gary Dempsey, Assistant Principal, Middle School at Parkside
Phil Liakos, Guidance Counselor at Middle School at Parkside
Travis Cote, Technology Teacher, MHSW
Bill Dugan, Parent

Recorders: Diane Beaudry & Debbie Stratton

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