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									How many times has someone told you
that you would make a great teacher?

          If your goal is to be a
               great teacher,
             USF’s College of
              is your school!
View the following to learn how
  USF will prepare you for a
 dynamic career in Education.
     Benefits of Teaching…
 Salaries (can vary depending upon situation)
       • Public versus Private, level of education, experience, size of
         school, additional duties, or geographic location)
       • Hillsborough County starting salary = $30,000
 In most cases, automatic pay increases
 Autonomy (Teachers have room for creativity)
 Stability
       • Needed in every part of the country
       • Many teachers remain at one or two schools throughout their career.
  Leadership position
 In most cases, 10 month vs. 12 month traditional
  work year
Points of Pride…
 Ranked 10th in the nation      State-of-the-art facility
  in the number of graduates      highlighted with multi-
 Passing rates on the            media technology
  Florida Teacher                Accredited by Southern
  Certification Exam              Association of Colleges
  (FTCE) average 99% or           and Schools (SACS) and
  better                          the National Council for
 Graduates are eligible for      Accreditation of Teacher
  a five-year initial teacher     Education (NCATE)
   Education Honors Programs…
SunCoast Area Teacher               Kappa Delta Pi
  Training (SCATT)

    Florida’s Award                  International Honor
        Winning                      Society dedicated to
    Teacher Training              scholarship and excellence
       Program.                         in Education.
     For more information,            For more information,
         please contact                   please contact
    813/974-2061, EDU 201            813/974-3460, EDU 202
Top 10
Reasons to Join SCATT
1. National Recognition   6.  Interaction
2. Quality                7.  Planning Skills
   Programming            8.  School Improvement
   (workshops, seminars   9.  Special
   & field trips)             Recommendation
3. Trained Supervising        (SCATT letter and
   Teachers                   special introduction
4. Intensive Training         provided upon
   Seminars                   graduation)
5. Leadership             10. Career Opportunity
Affiliated Institutes and Centers
 USF Charter School              Florida Center for
 7 Professional Dev.                Instructional Technology
    Schools in 3 Counties           Greater Tampa Bay
   USF Preschool for                Special Ed. Consortium
    Creative Learning               Institute for At-Risk
   David C. Anchin Center           Infants, Children & Youth
    for the Advancement of           and their Families
    Teaching                        Institute for Instructional
   FL Center for the Study of       Research and Practice
    Technology in Physical          National Resource Center
    Activity                         for Middle Grades/High
   Gus A. Stavros Center for        School Education
    Free Enterprise &               Florida Community
    Economic Education               Partnership Center
Definition: The ability to use your teacher
certification in other states.

Students who complete a teacher preparation
program in the College of Education will meet the
requirements for initial temporary/provisional
certificate in 37 states and D.C.
     Undergraduate Majors…
 Elementary Education         Social Science Ed.
 Early Childhood Ed.          Math Education
 Special Education            Science Ed. (Biology,
 Physical Education (K-12)     Chemistry, & Physics)
 Wellness Leadership          English Education
 Athletic Training            Foreign Language Ed.
                                (Spanish, French, &
Admission to your intended major is
    contingent upon successful
completion of program prerequisites.

 Only the limited access programs
  restrict the number of accepted
Limited Access Programs...
Athletic Training
 (Maximum 25 students per year - Summer admission only)
  Note: A supplemental application is required by February 1st to the
            Athletic Department:

Wellness Leadership
 (Maximum 30 students per year - Fall admission only)

Physical Education
 (Number of students not limited - Fall admission only)

Early Childhood Education
 (Maximum 25 students per semester - Fall & Spring admission)
Admission Criteria…
 2.50 Overall GPA
 (Includes all college coursework)

 College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST)
 (Athletic Training and Wellness Leadership
  exempt from this requirement).

 Prerequisite Courses, Identified by Major
  (see checklists for specific courses)
    Admission Criteria Checklists

   Visit the following website to
    view prerequisites by major
  Admission Procedures…
 The admission process to the College is separate and
  in addition to admission to the university.
 Submit a College of Education Application by
  established deadlines (notated on application)
 Evaluation of applications conducted by Advisors
 Applicants are notified of acceptance or denial and, if
  accepted, available Orientation dates/times.
    College of Education Orientation

 The College of Education conducts a mandatory
  Orientation each semester. All new students to the
  College must attend this Orientation.

 Your Orientation will be conducted the semester
  before you plan to enter the College of Education.

 Upon acceptance to the College of Education,
  students receive registration information for this
            Where to go for
          Academic Advising…
 Students are considered “Pre-Education”
  until they have submitted an application and
  attended a College of Ed. Orientation.

 Pre-Education Advisors are located in the
  Center for Academic Advising (location:
  SVC2011, 813/974-2645).
         Where to go for
       Academic Advising…
 Once an application has been submitted
to the College of Education and you have
attended the College Orientation, you are
      eligible to seek advising from
       Student Academic Services.
  Student Academic Services
   EDU 106 / (813)974-1804
 Professional Academic Advisors…
Dr. Paulette Walker……Coordinator
Michael Green…………Elementary Education
Theresa Lewis………….Physical Education
                     Special Education
                     Early Childhood Ed.
Lynne Carlson.………...Secondary Education
Sharman McRae……….Project Thrust
     Student Academic Services
     EDU 106 / (813)974-1804
For scholarships available in
   the College of Education,
 visit the following website:
          GORDON RULE
12 credit hrs. minimum   6 credit hrs. minimum

24,000 Written Words     “C-” Grade or higher

“C-” Grade or higher
Exit Requirements…
 Total of 2 exit courses required for B.S. degree
 Exit requirements can only be satisfied through
  credits earned at USF (no transfer credits allowed).
 Minimum grade of C- required
 Can be selected from Major Works/Major Issues
  and/or Literature and Writing
 Several Education programs have exits built into
  their curriculum (program advisors have this
2 years in High School & 2 Exits =
       Bachelor of Science

2 Semesters in College & 3 Exits =
        Bachelor of Arts
Note: College transcripts do not include high school information
       Disclosure of Conviction
 If you have ever been arrested, pleaded nolo
  contendere , or convicted, your employment
  and internship with the school districts
  might be in jeopardy.
 All students are required to read and sign
  the Disclosure of Arrest form attached to
  the College of Education Application.
               Interested in Becoming a
                  Substitute Teacher?
Hillsborough County offers free substitute training for
                Education students.
3 days of training (including one day of shadowing in a school)
Convenient locations: Pizzo Elem. School on the USF campus

  You must complete the application process one week before the
  training starts(including fingerprinting at the Velasco Center in
                             Ybor City).
  You can request an application by calling 813/272-4183.
Please mark your application as a USF student and indicate
       preferred dates of training (established dates).
           Advantages For the Students
 • First opportunity to purchase used books before
 they go on sale to the general public
 •Special reduced prices on school supplies and study
 guides - Ability to Pre-Pay
 •Books are boxed and waiting to be picked up
 allowing students to avoid the checkout lines
 •Shop with confidence due to the guaranteed lowest
 price program.
Web Access to OASIS:
Secured Access - Registration Status, Financial Aid, etc.

      •Oasis Login
      •SASS Undergraduate Degree Audit
           (FACTS - Academic Advising)
      •Taxpayer Relief Act - 1098T

General Access - No Security Required

      •Undergraduate Catalog
      •Graduate Catalog
      •Class Schedule
      •Financial Aid Web Page
      •Academic Calendar
      •Academic Computing
      •Tuition and Payment FAQ
      •USF Bookstore
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