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					                                     "The Restaurant Specialist"

                         KFC & Taco Bell
                                        For Sale
        INFORMATION                                             LOCATION and DESCRIPTION

       List Price: $550,000                             Fantastic opportunity to join both the Largest & Most
                                                        Popular Chicken restaurant chain accompanied by the
                                                        Nation’s leading Mexican-style quick service restaurant
       Over $700,000 in gross sales

       in 2009                                          To start a KFC franchise “ground up” would cost up to
                                                        $2.4 Million and could take well over a year to reach
                                                        the grand opening phase, and still more time to build
        Recently Updated Build-Out                      your customer base.

       Located in a high traffic,                       To start a Taco Bell franchise would cost $2.5 Million
                                                        and would take the same amount of time

       densely populated suburb of                      Save money and time. Start making money the day of
                                                        closing with 2 successful brands in 1 manageable
                                                        location for a fraction of the cost and in less than 1/2
       Atlanta                                          the time

       Surrounded by shopping,                          Outstanding lease terms for the new owner with under
                                                        market lease

       dining, offices, &


Atlanta Restaurant Exchange                   ID A-1220                                    Office 404.892.4999X
1708 Peachtree Street NW Ste 520                                                             Fax 404.892.4992X
Atlanta Georgia 30309                                                                  broker@AtlantaRex.comX

                          Call 404.892.4999 TODAY OR   VISIT

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