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									                                                                                    November 2006 Update

 Dear Panel Member/Resident                                        We hope that you find the information in this newsletter
                                                                   both interesting and informative and that this will inspire
 The Council would like to offer thanks to everyone who            you to continue to share your views and opinions with us.
 participated in survey 20 in April 2006. It’s been longer
 than usual between surveys this year and that’s why the           Don’t forget, you can view the full results of this and
 Council especially wanted to give you some findings from          previous surveys online at Click on
 survey 20. Survey 21 closed at the beginning of October           the consultation section and then Barnsley Voice to
 2006, and a newsletter informing you of those results will        access this information. You can also use the
 be issued in the new year.                                        consultation section on the council’s website to send us
                                                                   any comments or queries, using the online comments
 The information you provide to us in these surveys is vital       form or alternatively you can email us at
 and enables the Council to take account of local views in
 the decision making process within Barnsley.

Survey 20
                               Highway Services
  Statistics               At a boroughwide level 21% of respondents were satisfied
                           with roads, 31% with pavements, and 58% with street
Survey 20 was              lighting. At a local level, satisfaction with roads rose, with
distributed to             the highest satisfaction levels at 34%, being in the Town
Citizens Panel             Centre. Dissatisfaction with local roads was highest in
members and also           Penistone East/West and residents in the Monk Bretton/
to a sample of             Royston/St Helens area were the most dissatisfied with
residents within the       pavements, although 30% were still very or fairly satisfied
borough. From this,        with local paved areas. Over a third of respondents (39%)
                           were satisfied with the Councils borough-wide attempts to
we received 1,275
                           improve road safety overall.
responses, 70% of
our panel members          It is clear to the Council that levels of satisfaction are very
responded – thank          much linked to the level of investment it can make to
you.                       improve its highway network; its policy of “Worst First” is
                           paying dividends demonstrated by year on year improvements in highway condition. Road
The information            safety uses the same principle, targeting problem sites and thus helping us to deliver
received, helped us        improvements against national casualty reduction targets. Works programmes for planned
to better understand       maintenance, such as the accelerated maintenance on our A-Roads and the Street Lighting
the views of the           replacement programme, will have a much greater impact over a shorter period of time. It is
residents in our           hoped that this intensive activity will improve satisfaction in future. The council invests more
borough regarding          than £16,125,000 each year on planned and reactive maintenance covering road and footway
                           works, alongside traffic management, road safety, car parking and major local Transport Plan
social activities,
                           initiatives, such as the Dodworth Bypass. This level of investment will continue to ensure our
opinions of living in      Highway network is the best it can be so that we can focus our future strategies on the areas
Barnsley and               which you told us were important.
specifically about
some Council               You may be interested to know that since 2001, we have treated 150 miles of roads and 127
services.                  miles of footway - the distance from Barnsley to Carlisle!
Consumer                        Sports & Cultural Services
                                The information you gave us told us that 41% of respondents participated in
Rights                          sport and physical activity five times a week or more for at least 30 minutes,
                                but 13% of respondents did no exercise at all.
70% of respondents told us
that they have found reason      How many days a week moderate activity is undertaken
to complain about goods or
services in the previous 12                                                                        19%
months, the majority about                                                       17%
retail and then utilities,                                     15%
followed by food & drink.              13%
Although 70% of                                        11%              11%
respondents had reason to
complain, it is reassuring to                  6%
know that 57% felt well                                                                    5%
informed of their rights as a                                                                                3%
consumer. 48% of
respondents felt it was very           None   1 day   2 days   3 days   4 days   5 days   6 days   7 days    Not
or fairly easy to get
information or advice on
their consumer rights on a      One fifth (22%) of you were members of a sport club/orgainsation and a
faulty product and only         smaller number (16%) were a member of a cultural group/society. To
22% felt that it would be       encourage more Barnsley residents to undertake physical activity and live
difficult to get advice in      healthy lives, the Council gives continued strong support to implementing the
this area.                      Fit for the Future programme. As a result, heart disease is decreasing across
                                the borough and the number of smokers is falling. As part of this initiative
Remember, if you have a         the Barnsley Walking Festival is proving very successful with individuals and
consumer query you can          schools taking part in the guided walks.
ring Consumer Direct on
08454 040506 who are the
                                The Council is still actively promoting the Passport to Leisure (PTL) scheme
regional contact centre for
                                which enables certain groups of people, resident within the borough, access
consumer advice. You can
                                to many sporting, recreational, leisure and retail services at concessionary
seek a range of consumer
                                prices. The Council and Barnsley Premier Leisure work in close partnership
information/advice and
                                and are currently promoting the Everyday Sport campaign and as part of this
also log a complaint
                                are offering 8 free swimming lessons to PTL members who are aged 60+.
directly with them on their
                                Anyone wishing to book free swimming lessons must take their PTL card plus
website at
                                a special voucher to a local swimming pool. Lessons must be booked before
                                the end of December 2006 and taken before the 31 March 2007. For more
                                information about the PTL scheme visit the Leisure pages of the BMBC
If you need more detailed
                                website ( or telephone 01226 774477, you can also
specific help, then
Consumer Direct will refer      request a 60+ free swimming lessons voucher via this telephone number.
you back to Barnsley
Councils Regulatory             28% of those who gave an opinion, were satisfied with the cultural services
Services Fair Trading           in their area, and 1 in 10 stated that they took part in some sort of cultural
Officers, but Consumer          activity at least once a week. Overall, net satisfaction with local parks and
Direct should be your first     open spaces was positive and this is reflected in the receipt of recent awards
port of call. Consumer          for the attractiveness of our open spaces, with 5 awards in 2005 and a
information and advice will     further 9 awards (ranging from bronze to gold) awarded to us in 2006,
also be available in the        arising from the Yorkshire in Bloom competition. A massive £657,000 has
near future on the Councils     also been spent in Darfield, Royston, Wombwell, Elsecar and Worsborough
own website at                  Dale via the transforming your space project, which has now been completed            and has created new play areas and facilities in these areas of the borough.
Barnsley is the Place to Be
A satisfying 70% of respondents are
happy with their local area as a place to
live and 56% feel that their area is a
place where people from different
backgrounds can get on well together.
42% of you said that you were satisfied
with the cleanliness of your area and
9% stated that you thought the
cleanliness in your area had actually
improved overall, although 32% of you
thought it had deteriorated and more
than half thought it had stayed the
same. As reported in the Council Tax
and Best Value Performance Plan
Summary this year, we responded to
public views and improved the
cleanliness of our streets – 90% are now
either at a high or acceptable standard.

How Well Does The Council Involve You?
We asked you about how involved in decision making you             producing the free Barnsley Matters publication
were, especially in matters affecting your local                   every 2 months to all households
neighbourhood – only 4% reported that they were involved           using the Barnsley Voice Citizens Panel
already, but 35% stated they would like to become involved.        holding monthly area forums in each of the 9
Of those who are currently, or would like to be involved, it       area forums
seems that the best way of involving you in decision making        “Think Local” annual postal survey
processes is via surveys/research (66%) or, by giving you the      One Barnsley Community summits
opportunity to give feedback on ideas, plans or actions (63%).     public representation on various boards
A further 48% of you said that you were interested but did         monthly speak out sessions for young people
not want to get involved, whilst 61% said that you did not         Scrutiny Commission meetings
feel you could influence decisions affecting your local area.
                                                                 The Council also consults the public by:
Barnsley Council is committed to listening to and working          listening and responding to complaints
with residents and other stakeholders as this is vital for the     using the Barnsley Council website to explain
Council to make decisions, and design services that best           about consultation, consult with the public, show
meet the needs of the different communities it serves. There       findings of current and previous consultation
are lots of different ways the public can get involved and         activity and by providing a ‘have your say on-line
have their say that the Council supports. There is a specific      form’
area on the Councils website that is committed solely to the       having a comprehensive consultation strategy
subject of consultation. This provides an insight into just        using consultation in all activity
some of the ways in which the Council engages with local           offering translation services for consultation
people to ensure information from the public and other             events and publications
stakeholders is taken into account through the Council’s           Council services also consult and involve service
decision making processes. Some of the ways in which the           users and non-users on a regular basis
Council engages the public and ensures that this is inclusive      supporting a welcome to Barnsley website for all
are by:                                                            new arrivals.
Listening To Your Views
Barnsley Council is committed to involving       Mr Keith Jowett of Silkstone Common,
local communities and listening to what they     who received £50 worth of High Street
have to say about services. As you’ll see from   shopping vouchers awarded to him by
this newsletter, Barnsley Voice is just one of   The Mayor of Barnsley, Councillor Margaret
the ways in which we do this. As you know, all   Morgan pictured below.
panel members who complete all the surveys
distributed in a year are entered into a prize   Should you wish to find out more about how
draw. Details of the lucky panel member will     the Council involves the public, please take
be provided in the next newsletter.              a look at our website,
                                                 or telephone 775797 or email us at
The lucky winner of one of our latest  
prize draws was Barnsley resident,
                                                                                 Once again, thank
                                                                                 you for responding to
                                                                                 Survey 20. The
                                                                                 Council looks forward
                                                                                 to hearing your views
                                                                                 and opinions in the
                                                                                 next survey.

                                                                                 Remember that your
                                                                                 views help us to
                                                                                 ensure that the
                                                                                 services’ we provide
                                                                                 are striving to meet
                                                                                 your needs.

                                                 If you need a copy of this document in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi,
                                                 Chinese, Polish, Albanian, Russian, Arabic, Bengali, Farsi or
                                                 Braille or on audio tape, please contact us on 01226 775797.

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