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					             Maharashtra is the No.1 Investment Destination in India
                              Business Today-Gallup Survey-2003

                                         About the Survey

Business Today has been conducting the survey regularly since 1996. Maharashtra has always
topped the list of States conducive to Business. This year’s survey, as in the past, was conducted
in partnership with research agency Gallup.
This year, for the first time, a factual dimension to the rankings has been added. This makes into
account factors like quality of infrastructure, labour and Banking & Credit.

                                       The Overall Rankings

Overall       State               Perceptual          Factual Rank        Overall
Rank                              Rank                                    Rank 1999
1             Maharashtra         1                   1                   1(1)
2             Andhra Pradesh      2                   4                   3(5)
3             Karnataka           3                   5                   6(4)
4             Gujarat             4                   3                   2(2)
5             Tamil Nadu          6                   2                   5(3)

                                      Why Maharashtra is No.1

   Maharashtra has a clear edge on all infrastructural metrics
           o Efficient Ports
           o Good road connectivity
           o Probably the best power situation
   Proximity to Markets
   The biggest financial centre
   People who are both industrious and enterprising

The Gallup Survey 2003 has revealed Maharashtra is the hottest state for business in India.

                        How Maharashtra fares on various parameters

Maharashtra ranks number one on following parameters:

   Power Availability/Cost.
   Availability of raw materials
   Labour availability
   Quality of power
   Proximity of Markets (Buyers)
   Connectivity to International cities
   Flexibility of State Govt. on Policies.
   Banking Sector –Advanced Banking facilities
   Telecom facilities.

On every other parameter Maharashtra is ranked either No.2 or No.3
                                 Why Maharashtra tops the Chart

(All figures in Rupees Crores)
(All figures for the period August 1991 to March 2003)

A Clear # 1 in attracting investment

Maharashtra                                    2,50,837


Andhra                        1,35,625

Tamil Nadu          80,487

ALL INDIA = 12,27,633

It also gained a rising share of total export

   1999-00                                          1,62,738






             All India Export                   Maharashtra Export
And remained a key Destination for FDI



         Maharashtra           All India

What People say.

“We are encouraging public- private partnership in infrastructure. The government has outlined
its policy for private sector partnership in infrastructure. We would be putting a law in place
shortly. Its called the Maharashtra Infrastructure Development Support Act or MIDAS. It looks
at the policy framework and seeks to support private sector investment. Through this law, we
would create a single –window clearance for infrastructure projects”.

                                    Shri. Sushilkumar Shinde, Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Right from the time economic reforms began in 1991, Maharashtra has been hot property,
attracting close to 20 percent of all investment into the country since then. It’s also generated
almost a fifth of all jobs. And there’s little sign of any let-up.
                                                                     Business today 28th Sep. 2003.

On Proximity to the Port: “ The cost saving itself would payback the Rs 500 crore investment...”

      S. N. Rai, GM, Corporate Logistics, LG India, speaking on the reasons why LG chose

“The state offered good infrastructure, excellent educational facilities, trained manpower,
professional work ethics, and a conductive business environment. In terms of physical
infrastructure such as supply and quality of power, proximity to ports, presence of industrial
zones and belts, support to industrial development and policy implementation, Maharashtra stood
first. The state scored favourably in terms of government stability, labour productivity, literacy,
and work culture. More importantly, the cooperation and support demonstrated by the state’s
officials and the favourable industrial environment served as the key deciding factors. It has been
six years since we set up the plant, and it has been a smooth going all the way”

     Mr. Ramesh Tainwala on why Samsonite decided to set up their plant in Maharashtra.

“I think Maharashtra is marketing itself well and continues to have a tremendous headway over
other states.”
                                                               Vidyadhar Kanade, CEO, MIDC
                                 FACT SHEET OF MAHARASHTRA

                                                 308,000 sq km

                                                  96.7 million

                                       STATE DOMESTIC PRODUCT:
                                               Rs.2,41,877 crore

                                            PER CAPITA INCOME:
                                                   Rs. 24,736

                                                 2,22,600 kms

                                      POWER (TOTAL GENERATION):
                                                  15,148 MW

                                             MAJOR INDUSTRIES:
Infotech, Engineering, Automobiles, Chemicals and Fertilisers, Pharma, Autmobiles, Electricals
                                      and electronics.

(Source of all above content: Business today 28 th September 2003)