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									                   Carnegie Mellon University
Institute for Complex Engineered Systems

           A SURE Thing 2008 Application
            Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
                        (May 28, 2008 – August 1, 2008)

The complete application package consists of the following items:
      1.     Personal Information Form*
      2.      Research Interest Form*
      3.      Statement of Intent Form*
      4.      Resume*
      5.      Official, Sealed, Academic Transcript(s)
      6.      Sealed Recommendation from Faculty

Submit application package via U.S. postal mail to:

           Alicia Brown
           Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES)
           Carnegie Mellon University
           1201 Hamburg Hall, 5000 Forbes Avenue
           Pittsburgh, PA 15213
           ATTN: SURE Thing 08, (applicant’s first & last name)

*You can also submit items #1 through #4 via email to the address below.
Transcripts and letters of recommendation must be official, signed across the
seal, and sent via postal mail.

For additional information contact:

Alicia Brown at adbrown@andrew.cmu.edu or 412-268-5227, or visit the ICES
SURE Thing website at http://www.ices.cmu.edu/sure-thing

                  Application Deadline: March 26, 2008.
No applications will be accepted after this deadline! Date of postmark does
                       not constitute date of receipt.

                                         1                        A SURE Thing 2008
                              Carnegie Mellon University
                                   A SURE Thing
                                Application Form - Summer 2008

                                   Personal Information
  Last name:                                        First name:

  Institution name:                                 Email address:

  Department:                                       GPA (…/4.0):

  Degree being pursued:                             Status in Fall 2007 (junior, senior…):

  Major:                                            Recommender’s name:

  Campus address where you can be reached           Permanent home address:
  during the academic year:

  Campus Phone:                                     Home Phone:
  Name of high school attended:                     Location of high school (city & state):

  Post graduation plans:
    MS      PhD      MD       Work                        U.S. Citizen   Permanent Resident
  Social Security Number:                           Optional Information:
         -    -                                       Male             Female

  Optional Information:                                List any honors, prizes or awards:
  Ethnic background (specify one or more):
          African American
          Asian American
          Hispanic American
          Native American
  How did you learn about this program?
     Faculty/Staff Member          Friend     Web         Other: _________________
     Poster (if you check this box, please indicate where you saw the poster)
                  Home Department          Career Services Office        Human Resources Office
                  Multicultural or Women’s Center         Disability Office
  Package includes:
     Choice of Research Area          Statement of Intent     Resume        Transcript
     One or more letters of recommendation

Mail complete application package to: Alicia Brown, Carnegie Mellon University, Institute for Complex
Engineered Systems, 1201 Hamburg Hall, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

                                                      2                                A SURE Thing 2008
                          Research Areas:
                      A SURE Thing Summer 2008

Please indicate the two research areas you are most interested in by listing the
number 1 next to your first choice and the number 2 next to your second choice.
Please rank only your top two choices.

             Time Reversal Microwave Breast Cancer Imaging and Device

             Atomistic Characterization and Modeling of Deep Sub-
             Micron Gate Oxide Breakdown

             Silicon Carbide-Based High-Temperature Electronics and Sensors

             Towards An Intelligent Facility: Development and Testing of a
             RFID-based Guidance Approach for Locating Building

             Web-Based Automatic Code Generation for Signal Processing

             Development and Support of Collaborative Web and Database
             Software in Human-Robot Interaction

             Mechanisms to Detect Peer-to-Peer Content Transfers over the

             Composite Materials for Magnetic Refrigeration

              Distributed Environmental Monitoring and Control of a DATA

              A Fiber-Optic Imager with Head-Up Display for Increased Safety
              during Routine and Emergency Placement Of Tubes within the
              Human Airway

             Glucose Sensing (at the bedside)

             Synthesis, Structure, Properties and Performance Relationships of
             Magnetic Nanoparticle/Polymer Nanocomposites for Applications
             In Tissue Engineering

            Environmental Performance of the Hamerschlag Hall Green Roof

Please note that due to the limited number of positions, your first choice
may not be available.
                                       3                       A SURE Thing 2008
Enter your name:

                   4   A SURE Thing 2008
                                         Statement of Intent
Discuss your reasons for applying to the SURE Thing program. Please mention any prior research experience and career

Enter your name:

                                                        5                                  A SURE Thing 2008
                                   A SURE Thing Program
                                  Carnegie Mellon University

Recommendation Letter
Due: March 26, 2008

Name of Applicant:

This student has applied for the SURE Thing 2008 program, which seeks to provide bright and motivated
undergraduate students with hands-on research experience. Please comment on the student’s intellectual
qualifications, attitude towards research, and maturity. A letter can substitute this form.

Admission to the SURE Thing 2008 Program is:           Strongly recommended         Recommended

    Recommended with reservations         Not recommended

Recommender’s name:                                       Signature:
Position or title:                                        Date:
You can give this form to the student in a signed envelope or you can mail it directly to: Alicia Brown,
Carnegie Mellon University, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems, 1201 Hamburg Hall, 5000 Forbes
Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. If you prefer to email this letter, mail to: adbrown@andrew.cmu.edu or fax to

                                                   6                               A SURE Thing 2008

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