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Annual Town Meeting Minutes 2007

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               AKEMAN STREET ON MONDAY 23rd APRIL 2007 AT 8 p.m.

   Present:                 Councillors:       Barry Batchelor, Town Mayor (presiding)
                                               John Allan
                                               Peter Coneron
                                               Olive Conway
                                               Christopher Fryd
                                               Lloyd Harris
                                               Penny Hearn
                                               Nick Hollinghurst
                                               Michael James
                                               Richard Jameson
                                               Denise Rance
                                               Malcolm Rogers

   Also present:                               Susan Johnson, Clerk of the Council
                                               Colin Jones, Town Warden
                                               Emma Cave, Clerk to the Youth Town Council
                                               John Savage, Publicity Officer, Wendover Arm Trust
                                               Katie McManus, Chairman, Tring Youth Town Council
                                               plus 4 YTC members
                                               51 electors of Tring Town

329.     APOLOGIES
         There were apologies for lateness from Councillor Rogers. He arrived at 8.04 p.m.

330.     MINUTES
         The Minutes of the thirty-third Annual Town Meeting held on Monday 10th April 2006 were
         confirmed as a true record and signed by the Mayor.

         Cllr Barry Batchelor gave an overview of the Council’s year. He thanked particularly co-optees
         to the Council’s committees and councillors who served on Outside Bodies. He hoped residents
         would comment on the recently-issued draft 10-Year Plan, which would guide the Council in its
         future decision-making. He highlighted a number of projects which had been described fully in
         the Town Crier.

         Councillor John Allan, Chairman of Finance & Policy Committee, introduced the Estimates for
         2007/2008, mentioning particularly support for youth projects, Tring Together and work to
         maintain The Market House.

         A list of representatives had been provided. There were no questions.

         The Mayor introduced John Savage, Publicity Officer of the Wendover Arm Trust, who outlined
         briefly the history of the canal, the reason for the organisation’s formation, and its achievements
         to date. The WAT now had 750 members and had spent £0.5m on the canal’s restoration to
         date; and needed an estimated further £630,000 to complete the task by, it was hoped,
         2010/11. Its main annual fund-raiser remained the Canal Festival, which was safe on its site by
         Icknield Way for this year. The Mayor thanked Mr Savage and then introduced members of the
         Youth Town Council, who outlined the YTC’s main activities and achievements in 2006/07,
         particularly fundraising enough to install the Miswell Lane PF multi-activity sports facility. Their
         success during the year was emboldening them to press for the re-instatement of a youth

D:\MyDelphiStuff\Delphi4IDF\YourTownExplorer\Tring Town Council\Docs\Minutes\Annual Town Meeting Minutes 2007.doc
         centre, lost when Street’s C@fé closed in 2005. The Mayor thanked them for attending and
         praised their achievements.

335.     BEST KEPT ALLOTMENT 2006/2007
         The Best Kept Allotment prizes for 2006/2007 were awarded, as follows:

                   1st Prize                   Mr K. Seabrook of King Street
                   2nd Prize                   Mr G. Smith of Highfield Road
                   3rd Prize                   Mr & Mrs A. Russell of Longfield Road
                   4th Prize                   Mr & Mrs B. Phillips of Longfield Road

         The Mayor presented Mr Smith with his prize. Mr Seabrook and Mr & Mrs Russell had sent their
         apologies. The Council would consider moving this competition to later in the year to enable a
         better assessment to be made of progress on both allotment sites.

         The Annual Community Award was made to John Savage for his work for many local
         organisations generally concerned with the environment and outdoor pursuits.

337.      OPEN FORUM
         Mr Honey of Donkey Lane expressed concern about speeding in Aylesbury Road. Councillor
         Hollinghurst undertook to take it up with Herts Highways’ officers. Dr Doughty of Dundale Road
         complained that there was no Sunday mail collection in the town centre; and suggested
         Mansion Vista be used to provide a bus bay. Councillor Mrs Rance said the matter of the mail
         collection had already been referred to Royal Mail; and explained why the bus shelter and the
         bus stop westbound in the High Street had to remain separated. It was suggested that a sign
         be erected in the shelter pointing out that the bus could be hailed from the shelter. Patricia Gray
         of Woodland Close once again argued for a direct bus service to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.
         Councillor Coneron said that bus service provision was a problem generally and that those
         cross-border particularly so. Services in this part of the county were already the most heavily-
         subsidised in Hertfordshire. He suggested demand-responsive services were the way forward
         and it was incumbent on local people to use the services or they would be withdrawn. DBC
         Councillor Townsend sought sponsorship for the extra flower tubs in the High Street provided
         under the Cleaner & Greener initiative of Tring Together. Mike Brash of Hazely inquired after
         the future of the Budgen’s site in Dolphin Square. He was reassured that the shop should be
         occupied in the near future. John Boielle of Dundale Road thought that the Town Crier was not
         being distributed to every household. Anyone who had not received a copy was asked to
         contact the Clerk. Mr Honey of Donkey Lane asked for some action on the abandoned bus and
         road signs in Western Road. Peter Ogie of Okeford Drive asked for comments about traveller
         sites; and Janis Dobson of Okeley Lane asked whether the field on Icknield Way behind their
         properties had been compulsorily purchased for a gypsy/traveller site. Councillor Mrs Rance
         assured them that the latter was not true. The consultation on traveller sites was at a very early
         stage; but the whole Council opposed development of any sort on the Green Belt, in which all
         suggested sites in Tring lay. Maureen Livingstone of Deans Furlong and Yvonne Ayres of
         Mortimer Hill thanked the Council for its support for the installation of waiting restrictions in their
         respective roads. Finally Councillor Mrs Hearn thanked the Mayor for attending the 75th
         anniversary celebration of the formation of the Tring Women’s Section of the Royal British
         Legion. The pictures and minutes of meetings from the 1930s displayed at the celebration had
         been a lovely revelation of a by-gone age.

         The Mayor concluded the evening by thanking all the Council’s staff and volunteers and all the
         co-optees to the Council’s committees for their dedicated work.

         The meeting ended at 9.14 p.m.

                                                                                   Signed ………….…………………..
                                                                                                 Town Mayor
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