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					Interview Questions.
1. You so look different in photo than in person, Why?
2. Just leave this resume. Tell us something personally about urself.
3. Why did u take up Master's in Multimedia and then discontinue?
4. Why aren't u seeing urself as a flash developer now?
5. Tell us something abt ur project?
6. Does it apply only in Telephones
7. What are real time pratical applications of this project?
8. What do u feel about this trainer job?
9. with what kind of questions your students have approached you?
10. not technical . Regarding job opportunities and faking experiences? I said I would not
support it and these questions didn't
come up in class.
11. Why should Infosys take you?
12. Can u plant 4 trees equidistant from each other in a piece of land ?
13. A Car travels 5m/hr from A to B and 10m/hr from B to A find average speed.
14. U find a piece of torn paper on the road and u pick it up and find
just four lines without no date or information. After reading the 4
lines u get interested in the article and want to read the whole
matter. How will you find it out?
15. In all these days what did you learn related to software?
16. How did u enjoy ur college life?
17. Any extra curricular activities?
18. Any other field other than software and multimedia that interests you?
19. What kind of dancing and are u trained in it?
20. What do u think about relocating to Orissa?
21. What about working in Mysore?
I think they test ur attitude here. But I said I would be tough working in North India.
22. Are u married? Since I had problem relocating.
23. When did u start wearing glasses?
24. why no glasses in photo?
25. why no lenses now?


I got tho infosys and this is my interviwe expereince.

I wrote the test on 28 th may in chennai and all the problems are repeated ones.
For the test I prepared only for 4 days and I gone thro alll the previous year papers and
other papers
available in For the test u have to mention the method of getting
answer. I solved 8 problems
correctly and guessed 2 Prblms. I found that I got only one three mark problem wrong
so my cutoff
must be 47/50.

Enlish Section needs no preparation and 20 minutes is enough. So take hints of the
puzzles which
u cant solve in ur answer sheet so that u can solve during eng section. I solved three
problems during
eng section remaining time. I cleared test.

One more thing becareful in filling the form during test and all my interview questions
are from the form
filled by me.


Next day my interview time 12.40 pm. I reached thr at 12.00pm at 12.45 they told me to
go to the
HR room. There was a gentle man around 55-60 years of age and woman around 40 years
of age r thr.
First I asked them may I comin but tey told me to wait for two minutes after that they
signalled me to
come in, M- HR MAN W-HR WOMAN I-ME

M: hello plz take ur seat
I: thanks
W: Is it ur first experience with infy (in my form I mentioned I attended test one year
I: no tis is my second time
M: ya its in the form, then why don't u clear that time? have u analyzed ? Which part u
didn't do welll eng or appti that time

I: appti I done 8 marks wrong
M: so this time u prepared well u wrote 8 marks correctly
W:give ur resume ( I mentioned that I was workin as a lecturer that time)
W:How students behave with u.. how did u clear their doubts etc
I: I told some answers related to that
M: what r subjects handled by u
I: Multimedia, microprocessor etc..
M: what tools did u teach in Multimedia
I: flash, photoshop, soundforge ec
( then the man told I ll add this to ur form and noted down these things in my form )
M: what r the subjects studied by u in ur final semester
I: can I see my marksheet and tell
M: no, no tell wat u remember
I: Dataminig, neural n/w,etc
M: Wat is Datamining
I: minig new info from datawarehouse
M: Wat is Datawarehouse
I: ..collection of several data bases
M: wat is a database
I: told answer
M: wat r diff datastructures
I: I told stack, , queue,linkedlist..
M: u might have studied 4 tears back isn't it.. tell differrent data
base stuctures
I: relational , hierarchical, n?w based..
M; what is relational database
I : told ans..
M: can a database can have same data more than once
I: ya it can have but..( he interupted before I finish)
M: is it desirable if not why
I : memory waste, concurrency problem, updation and deletion problem
M: ( to woman) ya correct he told all things correctly
W: tell abt ur extra curricular activities
I: can I tell abt my hobbies and interests
I :Playing cricket, listening to music
W: wat u specialise in that
  I : wicket keeping (then the man told I ll add this to ur form and noted down these
things in my form)
W: wat qualities a W/K should have
  I: he should be alert, expect every ball to come at him, encourage all players
M: it also helps to watch the batsman closely isn't it
I: yes sir
M: wat is the reason for indias' failure in WI oneday series
I: they underestimated them, didn't adapt to that condition
M: wat u think abt Greg chappel words
I: y , ( told abt that) he shouldn't have spoken like that
M: so we shuold be careful abt our words (ha ha he is laughing)
M: ok wat we ll u do if we post in J&k or ASSAM
I: do infosys have branches there sir
M: we ll start a branch and post u (ha ha)
I: no problem sir
W: u r 2004 passed out u lll workin as a fresher with ur junior like 2006 passed out do u
have any problem
I: no problem
W: they are younger to u
I : I am also looking like a youngster madam
W: (laughing)
The man asked abt my family
M:Ok thats it solomon
Woman asked me to check whether the mail id mentioned by me is correct
  And they told results ll be announced in a week

The interview was very easy and they were very friendly its like chatting with our friends
and the questions
are mainly from wat ever u mention in the form

(Paper Submitted By : Jerold Solomon)