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					                 INDIAN LEADER I ADMIRE

                        BHAGATH SINGH

         My essay is about Bhagath singh. He represents heroism of the Youth of India.
He was put to death but he lives in our hearts.Bhagath Singh was born in the village of
Banga, in the district of Layalpur in Punjab [now in Pakistan],on September 27th,in the
year 1907.His Father's name was Sardar Kishen Singh and his mother was Vidyavati.
His family was noted for bravery.They also loved adventure.Kishen Singh and his
Ajit and Swaran Singh were also Revolutionaries.Bhagath was born at a time when
were determined to win freedom from the British.At the time when he was born, his
father and uncles were released from the prison, thus Bhagath received the name meaning
'the fortunate'.

       As Bhagath grew up he saw many people die at the hands of the British. When he
was twelve years old, the British set fire to Jalianwalabagh and many people died.He
collected the dirt that had the blood of all those innocent people in a bottle.

    He studied about Revolutionaries from Ireland,Italy and Russia.He believed that
would be the only thing that could bring freedom for India from the British.In college
Bhagath gathered some friends and discussed about revolution in the evenings.

    Bhagath did not get married.He ran away from home to join the Revolutionaries.They
all changed their names so that they would not be found out.Bhagath became Balawant
Singh. The Youth Organization was called 'Noujawan Bharath Sabha' At home his family
was worried about him.People looked for him and brought him back. Bhagath studied in
National college founded by LalaLajpatrai a Revolutionary and Reformist.

Indians wanted a proper representative in the running of administration of their
British agreed to this only on paper.When they appointed a commision under the
leadership of Sir John Simon in 1928,to report on political happenings in the country,
there was not a single Indian member.All the political parties decided to boycott the
commission.Bhagat Singh had to witness a scene where Lala Lajpatrai who was leading a
peaceful protest was hit on the head with Lathi by Scott and later Lala died.Bhagath
Singh vowed to take revenge on Scott and plotted to kill him.Unfortunately he killed
Mr.Sanders in a case of mistaken identity and had to run to escape death penalty.

  The British took more repressive measures.They wanted to arrest all leaders that
 them.Bhagath volunteered to throw a bomb in the Central Assembly that was being held
pass an Ordinance under the Defense of India Act that would give more powers to the
police to arrest any one suspicious.The bomb was set not to kill but to get the attention of
the Government. Bhagath did not disown the crime when arrested but gave reasons for
why he
killed Mr.Sanders.Though he asked to be shot like a Soldier ,his plea was rejected and he
was put to death on March 23, 1931 when he was 24 .

  Mahatma Gandhi pays tribute to Bhagath Singh in his article in Young India though he
disagreed with his revolutionary methods Excerpted from Gandhi's article in Young India,
"Bhagat Singh and his two associates have been hanged. The Congress made many
attempts to save their lives and the Government entertained many hopes of it, but all has
been in a vain. Bhagat Singh did not wish to live. He refused to apologize, or even file an
appeal. Bhagat Singh was not a devotee of non-violence, but he did not subscribe to the
religion of violence. He took to violence due to helplessness and to defend his homeland.
In his last letter, Bhagat Singh wrote --" I have been arrested while waging a war. For me
there can be no gallows. Put me into the mouth of a cannon and blow me off." These
heroes had conquered the fear of death. Let us bow to them a thousand times for their

But we should not imitate their act. In our land of millions of destitute and crippled
people, if we take to the practice of seeking justice through murder, there will be a
terrifying situation. Our poor people will become victims of our atrocities. By making a
dharma of violence, we shall be reaping the fruit of our own actions. Hence, though we
praise the courage of these brave men, we should never countenance their activities. Our
dharma is to swallow our anger, abide by the discipline of non-violence and carry out our

March 29,1931 I admired the fact that Bhagath Singh was brave. He was also not afraid to
die for his country which many people are. There was one thing he lacked, though. Like
Gandhi said we cannot achieve anything through violence or hurting anybody in any
way.If you want to achieve your goal you should follow a peaceful path.


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