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									Traffic Patterns in the                  Policy # 0157
Operating Room



1.    POLICY.

1.1   To minimize the risk of nosocomial/surgical site infection of the facility
      will plan, design and implement an established traffic flow pattern.


2.1   The Unrestricted Area – where street clothes are permitted. Includes the
      business office, lobby, pre-op area, PACU, lounges and the corridors
      adjoining the pre-op area and recovery room the boundaries leading to the
      OR suite.

2.2   The Semi-Restricted Area – where scrub attire, hats, and shoe covers are
      required. Includes the Operating Room Department decontamination room, and
      instrument reprocessing area. Traffic in the Semi-Restricted area is
      limited to authorized personnel and patients.

2.3   The Restricted Area – requires the wearing of masks and head coverings in
      addition to the scrub attire of the semi-restricted area and consists of
      the operating rooms during surgical procedures.

      2.3.1 The flow of clean and sterile supplies and equipment should be
            separated form contaminated supplies, equipment and waste by space,
            time or traffic pattern.

      2.3.2 Supplies prepared outside the surgical suite should be transported
            to the suite maintaining cleanliness and sterility.

      2.3.3 The flow of contaminated supplies must not coincide with the flow of
            clean supplies in the same area. Contaminated supplies must be
            covered and/or contained.

      2.3.4 Movement of personnel from unrestricted areas to either Semi-
            Restricted or Restricted areas should be through transition zone
            such as PACU.

      2.3.5 Movement of personnel should be kept to a minimum while procedures
            are in progress.

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2.3.6 Doors to the operating room or procedure room must be kept closed
      except during movement of patients, personnel, supplies and
      equipment. The air pressure within each operating room (Restricted
      Area) should be greater than the air pressure in the Semi-Restricted
      Area. Leaving the door open can disrupt pressurization and cause
      turbulent airflow that can increase airborne contamination.

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