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Event Hosting cover sheet


									                                                                LAKER LATE NIGHT
                                                                  EVENT HOSTING

Want a great opportunity for your organization to gain exposure, showcase itself to the
student body, and earn money at the same time? If so, then Laker Late Night Event
Hosting is the answer!

                                                                      Hosting Options
                                                                                 The Hot Spot
The Student Organization Hot Spot is a wonderful opportunity for registered student
organizations to highlight their group while delivering a high-profile activity for one of the
evenings. In return for participating in the Hot Spot and working with the LLN Staff to
organize and produce the event, the LLN staff will provide $50 to the registered student
organization for their work.

                                                                    Hot Spot Requirements:
   Must be a Friday or Saturday night activity between 10PM and 2AM
   Must have an activity that is inclusive where students of all abilities may participate.
   LLN staff will locate the Hot Spot in the highest traffic area.
   The Registered student organization may only sign up for one hot spot per semester
   Those providing a hot spot activity will be invited and required to attend a LLN staff
    meeting 3 weeks prior to their activity in order to assure proper planning for the high-
    profile program.

Hot Spot requests are determined at the semester planning meeting hosted by the
Assistant Director of Event Services. Requests will be taken on an on-going basis until
all hot spots are filled. The more ambitious the student organization, the more support
they receive from the LLN staff.
                                                      Kirkhof Center Event during LLN

Even though there is a student organization in the HOT SPOT, there is a need to offer
various types of programs and assure the success of the Laker Late Night for that

Take advantage of the large crowds to market your upcoming event by setting up a
display or table to highlight your upcoming activity and/or organization.

Card tournaments, gaming ideas, craft nights, karaoke sponsorships…and many other
entertainment opportunities are available for you to highlight the talent in your group!
The LLN staff is ready to assist you in building the best night possible. We need at least
5 organizations to assist each night. Please look at your calendar and learn how to
MAXIMIZE all that you are doing for Grand Valley!

     For more information on how to organize an event, please contact the LLN staff at or call the Office of Student Life and Event Services at 331-2345.

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