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					   ADVANTAGE                        VOICE
                                                            Advantage Voice ACS1

Introducing the new Advantage Voice ACS1 Remote Access Server for management of remote IP and serial devices

     Management of IP and legacy telephony de-
     vices is costly! Out of hours connectivity from
     your remote engineering sites to your cus-
     tomer networks can consume endless hours
     of travel for the most simple, yet necessary
     network changes. Until now, equipment that
     connects you to your customer’s telephone
     switches has also been expensive and, it has
     to be said, somewhat insecure. It was these
     reasons that drove Advantage Voice to de-
     velop a solution for RAS management that is both cost effective and secure. The
     ACS1 RAS server provides that level of cost effective management of both IP and
     serial equipment on your customer’s site.
     The ACS1 is a powerful, yet highly compact console server, used to connect serial devices such as
     modems, to a TCP/IP network. Typical applications include branch office IP telephone switch man-
     agement, legacy serial console port management and IP enablement of legacy serial devices.

     Dual PC slots within the ACS1 allow for enhanced functionality with support for multiple interface
     cards, such as Ethernet, modem (V.90, GSM, and ISDN) and wireless LAN.

     The AlterPath ACS1 uses its PowerPC dual CPU to transfer data between the 10/100BT Ethernet in-
     terface and the RS232 serial interface, enabling communication between the serial device and the IP
     network. The ACS1 supports SSHv2 (Secure Shell) for a high degree of security in data connections.

     The unit supports:-

     •   2 x PC card slots, with 1 slot preconfigured with a supplied V.90 modem
     •   1 x RS232 connection for serial managed equipment
     •   1 x Serial console port for maintenance and configuration of ACS1
     •   1 x 10/100 full duplex Ethernet port for IP managed equipment
     •   1 x RS485/422 (not supported by Advantage Voice)

     Thanks to the IP LAN interface, there is no limit to the number of devices that can be managed. This
     means that ACS1 can easily be deployed in single system sites and large multiple system sites alike,
     Connection to the managed devices can be direct, by simply entering its IP address, or can be via the
     preconfigured menu giving you the flexibility to choose the destination device to be managed.

     The ACS1 offers advanced hardware features, included to meet the stringent requirements of even
     the most demanding applications. PC Card slots offer enhanced functionality with support for many
     different types of interface card such as modems (V.92 and ISDN), Ethernet, fast Ethernet (fiber
     optic) and wireless LAN (GSM, CDMA and GPRS). Connection to legacy serial devices can be via the
     integrated VT100 terminal software, resulting in engineers needing only a Java enabled web
     browser to connect to legacy serial systems such as the Mitel SX2000.
ADVANTAGE                       VOICE

In addition to providing secure connectivity and remote access to standalone or cluster environ-
ments, the ACS product family offers the industry’s first Enhanced Security Framework. This provides
pre-set or user defineable security profiles giving the flexibility for IT manager customisable security
profiles to comply with existing network security policies.

A wealth of security features such as secure clustering for console management of up to 1,024 de-
vices, X.509 SSH certificate support and Secure Shell (SSHv1/SSHv2) connections combine to offer a
robust and trustworthy remote management gateway for service providers and network managers of
PBX and IP PBX systems and delivering greater control and peace of mind.

Industry-leading Security Framework (adherence to security policies using pre-set and custom
security profiles):

•   Centralized administration
•   Secure in-band and out-of-band network remote management
•   Rock-solid stability (Linux Inside and NEBS Level 3 Certified)
•   Power management (Integrated multi-outlet power control)
•   Rack space savings (1U form factor)
•   Improved network monitoring
•   IPMI power management
•   Windows Server 2003 EMS support
•   Flexibility to support existing and future interface types (PC Card slots support)

Console Management

• Sun break-safe (Solaris Ready™ certified)
• Break-over SSH support
• Windows® Server 2003 EMS support
• Offline data buffering - local or remote NFS/
• Level-based Syslog filters
• Time stamp for data buffering
• Unlimited number of simultaneous sessions
• Simultaneous access on the same port (port
• Secure clustering (central access to multiple
 console servers)
• Event notification (email, pager, SNMP trap)
• Global time zone support

                                                                  Call us on: 01291 422222
ADVANTAGE                            VOICE

 Operating       Linux                                             Cabling          CAT5 compatible adapters for simpler cabling
 System                                                                             (sold separately)

 Accessibility   In-band (Ethernet) and out-of-band (dial-up       Upgrades         Upgrades available on FTP site, no charge
                 modem) support                                                     Flash upgradeable
                 PC Card slot support allows for alternative                        TFTP support for network boot
                 access interfaces, such as modem (V.92 and
                 ISDN), Ethernet, fast Ethernet (fiber optic) and   Additional       DHCP for dynamic IP address assignment,
                 wireless Ethernet (GSM, CDMA and GPRS)            Protocols        PPP/SLIP for dial-up access, NTP Time Server
                 (Click here for a list of supported PC Cards.)    Supported        Synchronisation, RFC2217 support for remote
                                                                                    serial port access
 Availability    Automatic Ethernet failover using Ethernet PC
                 Card as the secondary port                        Hardware         CPU MPC855T (PowerPC dual CPU)
                 Dual power supply                                                  Memory 128 MB DIMM SDRAM/128 MB
                                                                                    compact flash
 Security        Pre-set security profiles - secure, moderate and
                 open                                                               256 MB DIMM SDRAM/128 MB compact flash
                 Custom security profile
                                                                   Interfaces       1 x Ethernet 10/100BT on RJ45
                 X.509 SSH certificate support
                                                                                    1 x RS-232 console on RJ45
                 SSHv1 and SSHv2
                                                                                    RS-232 serial ports on RJ45
                 Local, RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, NIS, and
                 Kerberos authentication                           PC Card Slots    Supporting:
                 Two-Factor Authentication using RSA SecurID                        Modems (V.92 and ISDN), Secondary Ethernet,
                                                                                    fast Ethernet
                 Local backup user authentication support                           (fibre optic), wireless LAN (GPRS, GSM and
                                                                                    CDMA), compact
                 One-Time Password (OTP) authentication                             flash and IDE drive
                 PAP/CHAP and Extensible Authentication            Power            Internal 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
                 Protocol (EAP) (for dial-up lines)
                                                                                    Optional -48 VDC power supply
                 Separate authentication to access ports and
                 console server                                                     Optional dual entry, redundant AC and DC
                                                                                    power supplies
                 Group authorization - TACACS+, RADIUS and
                 LDAP                                              Operating        For ACS4, 8, 16, 32, 48: 50°F to 112°F (10°C to
                                                                   Temperature      44°C)
                 Dial back support                                                  For ACS1: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
                 IP packet and security filtering                   Storage          -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
                 User access lists per port                        Temperature

                 System event syslog                               Humidity         5% to 90% noncondensing

                 IPSec with NAT traversal support                  Certification     FCC Part 15, A, EN55022, A (CE), EN55024
                                                                                    ,NEBS Level 3, UL/cUL, TUV/GS, Japan VCCI
                 Secure factory defaults
                                                                                    V3/2003.4 , BSMI CB Scheme (IEC 60950),
                 Secure clustering for up to 1,024 devices                          MIC S-Mark ICES-03, C-Tick, Solaris Ready™
 Port Access     Directly by TCP port, IP address or server name
                 Telnet/SSH with menu                                                                              Advantage Voice
                 Simultaneous Telnet and SSH access
                                                                                                                            Unit 12
                                                                                                           Castle Gate usiness Park
                 Bi-directional Telnet                                                                              Monmouthshire
 System          Configuration wizard for first time users                                                                  NP26 5YR
 Management      Command line interface (Linux Shell)

                                                                                  Call us on: 01291 422222

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