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Domain name prices come down
By Lilia Guan. CRN 7 March 2006 15:13 AEST Platforms & Applications
Australian web and application hosting company, WebCentral has reduced its domain name
The company has reduced its retail and domain name pricing by 52 percent, from
$135 to $65 for two years, and .com domain names by 24 percent, from $33 to $25 per year. This
offer is in conjunction with the launch of its latest web hosting range for SMEs.
WebCentral's resellers would also be able to benefit from the domain name re-pricing and new
shared hosting product range by receiving preferential pricing structures.
WebCentral CEO Andrew Spicer said: "Our resellers will only benefit from the reduced domain
name prices. Their sales pitches to customers will be able to reflect our view that generally
hosting is the major contributor to a business rather than the domain name.
"Also with the new product set we have increased the amount of storage and data and this will
help resellers bring in new customers."
Spicer said the company dropped prices to reflect global trends in domain name pricing.
"Businesses of all sizes are increasingly using domain names in innovative ways to increase
traffic to their web sites through techniques such as registering multiple domains, registering
product names as domains and by running campaign micro sites. There's a lot of competition
amongst companies that offer domain name registration. We are taking the only step we can to
reflect this trend," he said.
The company will also offer a free or domain name to the first 500 new
customers that sign up for shared hosting, this incentive will encourage more small and medium
businesses to take advantage of the web as a marketing channel to their customers.
"I think there's a lot of confusion amongst SMEs. Some of them are very small and buy a service
which is specifically designed for the consumer market.
"These businesses end up paying for it by not getting the services they need."

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