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hi sir_


									Hi Sir,

The following is in reference to your interest regarding opening a Unisoft center at your city. We
have assumed here your city has 15 lakh population and having other national brands like NIIT
Aptec doing business for last few years.

In addition to Oracle , red hat ,prometric , Pearsonvue ,We are also authorized by MDU rohtak, for
IT program i.e B.Sc ,PGDCA ,M.Sc CS.. We can arrive at some kind agreement where you
students can fill form through our center... as we can offer you other IT courses as well we
have worked out the following for your affiliation. Once done with agreement your center will
become a Unisoft affiliate center for all courses. For details you can visit

This agreement will enable you to render services in following areas:

1. IT training ( Oracle, Redhat, cisco, Microsoft, Sun courses)
2. Manpower Consulting Services (one Naukri id for year)
3. Software sales and development services (through our group concern Unique Technologies)
4. IT online exam testing through Prometric and Pearson vue (mobile server)
5. Toefl Training

The composite fees for above five affiliation is Rs. 1.65 lacs and annual renewal payable in 2011
for your city as per the current estimates at Rs. 45000/-. ( Kindly note that it is composite pricing ,
you can’t take or leave one module on exclusive basis)

Under this agreement your center name would be visible on as an associate.

We expect these above six service to generate a monthly revenue of 1.5 lacs at Your city, we
foresee following developments in this regard.

IT Training Courses- Unisoft Nagpur get monthly 10 + students from Your city for career courses ,
a center at Your city can expect to garner a monthly revenue of 75k from the training in courses
like C,C++,Java, .Net, H/w, and to start with some part of training can take place at nearest older
center , your center can build up plan where a student can come to older center for 15 days ,
where we will be arranging for boarding and lodging for the student and he/she can complete
advance portion of the course on the fast track basis and as well write the Online certification
exam. This way the training revenue can go up to 100k plus a month… Unisoft will give you initial
marketing , advertisement support and first set of the faculty can be arranged by unisoft Nagpur.

Manpower Consulting Services – Unisoft nagpur is into Manpower activity through it’s group
company SCG Human Resources India Pvt. Ltd. , We will give you training for starting this activity
at your center and the database of naukri is useful for the getting students as well. The potential
earning from this activity for your city is approx 2.00 Lac in a year.
. Software sales and development services – Unisoft group firm M/s Unique technologies is into
software development. With this association your firm will become a authorized retailer of the
software products and software development services. The earning potential from this activity
during the first year is expected to be rs.2.00 Lac .

IT online exam testing through Prometric and Pearson vue- Unisoft is an authorized testing
partner of Prometric and can deliver 100 + client Online exam. These exam test taker are
customers for training as well as Special exam preparation material. Your center can organize
100+ exam during the first year and can expect to generate Rs.50000/- during the frist year through
exam activity.

Toefl Training and testing – It is new activity and expected to take shape during the next six
months. Unisoft is a center for Toefl testing and you can forward training and certification
candidates to Unisoft nagpur. The new developments which will take place under this activity will
be shared with you.

Additional module available ( only for Maharastra )
MDU University IT courses – These courses can give you some regular feed to your center
although the earning potential is very less but you sell these courses to the students who are
looking fro degree and can’t go to regular college. These student stay at your center fro longer term
and can become customer of other course as well. We foresee a market potential of 30 odd
students in the first year for MDU courses you can check details on MDU website.

As per agreement the franchisee need to abide by the following :

    1. A sinage rule , a copy will be send to you need to brand your center as Unisoft Associate
       center, Signboard and other printing material shall carry the same logo.
    2. you can advertise that you have testing facility at your location in association with unisoft
       technologies nagpur.
    3. In case you run a program where students do some part of course at nagpur , the local
       center will get some share of the portion training fee, which will be payable by the students
       for the respective course to unisoft technologies nagpur . However local center is free to
       charge any fee for any course and Unisoft would not charge any share from that.
    4. On being an associate the local center will feature on URL and your
       training center will get a date in a month to conduct online exams.
    5. Center is to be supplied with Smart Institute software for management of the institute and
       you are required to file specific reports with the help of the software.
    6. The center can take leverage of the advertisement being released in the location as well
       plan some advertising/publicity initiative in which Nagpur center can take active
7. As the next step you are require to send following documents :
            a) Establishment document of your org ( Gumastha /Shop act/Service tax )
            b) Ownership document ( A statement in case of sole Proprietor or any other deed
                 such partnership deed or M&A etc.)
            c) In case of old establishment bank details and last year financial records
                 (exempted for new establishment , but statement for commencement shall be
            d) Center Photographs ( exterior, reception , class room and other amenities)
            e) Center layout , Area measurement and expansion plan if any.
            f) Your ID proof passport/DL/Election card
            g) Your two photographs

Once done with agreement Unisoft would arrange for training for your nominated two member staff
and during the start of the center in your city one member of Unisoft corporate marketing team will
be stationed at your place to help you during the initial days.

Beside above Unisoft marketing staff would work with your marketing team for first three months to
establish marketing and center admin process at your center.

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