Domain-Relin-Agree-MT by liaoxiuli


									                               DOMAIN RELINQUISHMENT AGREEMENT
This Agreement is made by and between [ C-NAME ] (hereinafter, Current-Registrant) , a citizen of the
United States of America, and _________________________________________ (hereinafter, New-
Registrant) , a citizen of ___________________________________________ .
WHEREAS the New-Registrant desires to obtain the Current-Registrant's interest in the Domain name(s)
__________________________ by paying to the Current-Registrant a Fee of $ _ , ___ .00 U.S. dollars.
WHEREAS [ C-NAME ] hereby certifies that he is the sole Current-Registrant of record of the Domain
name(s) herein described, with the power and authority to Relinquish, Transfer, Sell and Designate.
WHEREAS said Current-Registrant agrees to relinquish his complete interest in the Domain name(s):
___________________________ to the New-Registrant for a Fee of $ ___ ,00 U.S. dollars to be paid in
United States Dollars by Cashiers Check from the New-Registrant delivered to the Current-Registrant.
THEREFORE, in consideration of these premises, and for other good and valuable consideration the
sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:
Within 24 hours of confirmation of New-Registrant's Fee clearing the bank account of the Current-
Registrant, the Current-Registrant agrees to transfer to New-Registrant all right, title and/or interest in the
aforenamed Domain name(s), thereby relinquishing all of Current-Registrant's rights, title and/or interest
in and to the Domain name(s) specified above in this agreement, to the New-Registrant.
New-Registrant's Fee must be received by the Current-Registrant no later than the close of business,
United States Eastern time (GMT -5) on ______, ________ __, 2005.
Said transfer shall take place electronically on the website of Dotster, Inc. (ICANN approved). Transfer of
the Domain name(s) shall be made into the account of the above named New-Registrant. The Dotster,
Inc. transfer fee, if any, shall be paid in full by Current-Registrant.

                                         WARRANTY DISCLAIMER
New-Registrant acknowledges that the Domain name(s) is (are) relinquished on an "as is" basis and that
except as otherwise expressly stated herein, Current-Registrant makes no warranties, either express or
implied, and shall not, by virtue of having relinquished the Domain name(s) covered by this agreement,
be deemed to have made any representation or warranty, including without limitation, merchantability or
fitness for a particular purpose, other than there is no conflict or encumbrance known to him.

Current-Registrant:                                     New-Registrant

[ C-NAME ]                                              ____________________________________
                                                        Print Name
___________________________________                     x___________________________________
Signature                                               Signature
[ C-NAME ]                                              ____________________________________
Title: Registrant/Sole Owner                            Title

XXXXXXX XX, 2005                                        Dated: ___________            ___

[ C-ADDRESS ]                                           ____________________________________
[ C-ADDRESS ] [ C-ZIP ] USA                             Address 1

Voice: [ C-PHONE ]                                      ____________________________________
FAX: [ C-FAX ]                                          Address 2

e-mail: [ C-EMAIL ]                                     Voice: (      )_________________
                                                        FAX:      (   )_________________
                                                        e-mail:               ___________________

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