OASPHE Executive Meeting Minutes TDSB West Office September 18 by fionan


									                                     OASPHE Executive Meeting Minutes
                                         TDSB West Office
                                         September 18, 2008

Nancy Popovich, HPEDSB; Tony Pettiti, TCDSB; Sue McMahon, LCDSB; Jayne McCullough TVDSB; Jennifer Powles, Trinity college
port hope, CIS; Carolyn Temertzoglou, OISE; George Kourtis TDSB; Tracia Finlay, TDSB; Lara Patterson, LDSB; Ian Boyd, HPEDSB;
Cathy Doherty-Masters, WCDSB; Jennifer Cowe-Bonne, Ophea Liaison, Kim Potter, PDSB; Joanne Walsh, HDSB; Karin Podlatis-
Brown, NNDSB; Nancy Schad, Ophea.
Agenda Item                  Discussion                                                     Follow Up Action
Welcome and                  Nancy thanked everyone for their attendance and continued
introductions                volunteerism and hard work on this executive.
                             The executive introduced themselves and their respective
                             roles in their boards and as part of Oasphe.
                             Part of the meeting will focus on our goals:
                             What are our goals and focus for the year
                             Who will take the lead on each of the initiatives
                             What will be your focus on our Fall meeting: Why are we
                             getting together, what is our goal

Review of Minutes
Minutes distribution after   Oapshe has contracted the website master from last year        The minutes and applicable documents will
meetings:                    who will continue to maintain the website. Ian Boyd will       be sent to Ian Boyd who will then facilitate
                             act as the coordinator of this job with the website master.    the posting to the Oasphe website.
                                                                                            Joanne Walsh will send the minutes and
                                                                                            documents directly to Ian with a cc to Nancy
                                                                                            and Tony.

Action Items from 07-08      Organization of Oasphe regions and alignment with the          Nancy Schad will invite a representative
minutes:                     Ministry alignment: Is our alignment adequate of do we         from the far North who may be interested in
                             need to align the roles closer to the ministry? The ministry   representing the region
                             has more representation in the North than our alignment.       Dan Koenig from TCDSB will also be
                                                                                            invited to share the principal representation
                                                                                            role with Carla Robbins to try to have
                                                                                            principal representation at each meeting for
                                                                                            input and feedback. Dan.Koenig@tcdsb.org
Administrative Items

Financial Statement      The agenda was sent to the executive electronically.          See attached statement for details.
                         The expenditure was greater than the collection of funds.
                         Our membership brought in abundant funds so there is
                         still funds left within the account. Key expenditures last
                         year include:
                               The Winter Conference.
                               Teacher advocacy award now includes payment
                                  of Ophea conference delegate fee.
                               The website is now an expenditure of
                                  approximately $1000.00
                               The fall meeting costs approximately $2000.00
                               The Brock Conference costs approximately
                               Plus various gift cards for presenters.

Executive List           It is now updated for the 2008-2009 season                    Please check the list for accuracy.
                         It is important to keep cell phone numbers up to date so      Send changes to Joanne and your cell
                         contact can be made in case of emergency for other            number if you would like it included
                         members, emergencies etc.
Constitutional Updates   There are gaps in the understanding of updates to the         Nancy Popovich will update the constitution
                         constitution and what actually appears in the latest          for accuracy, including clarifying of the
                         version. The constitution needs updating immediately to       Teacher advocacy award and the dollar
                         ensure that it is up to date with decisions and directions.   value attached to it.
                         OSSTF Grant is approximately $1200- 1500 dollars

Executive meeting/       The meeting dates are now set and the flyer which             George Kourtis will change the flyer into a
conference dates         provides the 3 conference dates was created in the spring     pamphlet and make sure it is ready for the
                         by Tony.                                                      Ophea conference – delegate bag The
                                                                                       brochure will include the OASPHE website
                                                                                       and Ann Amberg’s contact information.
AQ Support with OCT      Oasphe met with OCT to create a document which
                         outlines content that should be considered when creating
                         AQ courses for HPE. This will help to shape courses
                               OCT is now in the stage of editing and approval

Fall Start Up Items            Two letters are sent to directors of boards each fall: One    Lara and Tony will follow up with revisions
Letters to the school boards   letter to inform boards that they have a representative on    to the letters.
                               Oasphe and thanking them for their continued support of
                               that representative.
                               The second letter is to directors of boards who do not
                               have a delegate. The letter states the importance of the
                               board having a representative and encouraging that one
                               be selected.
                               It is very important to highlight the benefits of having a
                               representative/ liaison from the board to Oasphe in each
                               letter so directors understand the benefits and therefore,
                               support their candidate.

Membership fees                The membership area on the website was locked in the          The website will be made public domain;
                               past and only available to members via a password. At         however, personal information will be
                               present, anyone can access all areas of the website.          deleted from the members and only include
                               Historically this area was locked as it contained contact     professional contact information.
                               information for members other than their work contact.
                               In addition, the $40.00 annual membership provided
                               access to this area.

                               Nancy Popovich expressed the point of view that all areas
                               of the website should remain unlocked for easy access to
                               anyone who visits the site. It is a way to promote the
                               association and encourage people to become acquainted
                               with the organization.

Membership cards               There are approximately 100 membership cards from             A membership card will no longer be issued
                               prior years. The question was asked about whether paper       – Oasphe will be part of “Going Green” and
                               membership cards are needed any longer. Now that there        avoid overuse of paper.
                               is no longer a password to access all areas of the website,
                       there is no need for a membership card
Action Plan 08-09      Nancy Popovich reviewed the Action Plan from 07-08          Martha Whinn and Jayne McCollough wrote
                       and the status of each of those projects. The executive     a research paper on reporting on elementary
                       then brainstormed possible areas of advocacy for 08-09.     health that sometime around 2002-2003.
                       Discussion areas include:                                   Jayne will look for it. Kathy Doherty-
                       - advocating for funding for facilities to continue to      Masters will contact Martha
                         offer programs e.g. refurbishing large items such
                          as pools, tracks/ tennis courts, safety equipment
                          and its impact on quality curriculum;                    The executive agreed upon 3 items from the
                       - Ontario Safety Guidelines.                                2007-2008 Action Plan Items that must
                       - Healthy Schools                                           remain a focus for 08-09 because of
                             Physical environment                                  commitments the association has made in
                             Curriculum                                            partnerships. These are: Continue the
                             Social Structures                                     partnership with the OHSC and supporting
                             Partnerships                                          healthy schools; Safety Guidelines;
                            Ontario Public Health Standards                        Curriculum Review
                            Lead teacher/ healthy schools.
                       - Specialists in elementary Schools
                       - Health Mark on the report card at elementary
                       - Fitness Assessment
                       - Teacher Professional learning
                       - DPA
                       - Curriculum Review process and advocating for funding
                       to provide adequate in-service for the document             In addition, it was agreed that the executive
                       - the Ontario Public Health Standards and the lack of       would create a Key Messages position paper
                       involvement of educators in the process                     that delineates Oasphe’s advocacy on all of
                       - PPM146 – second credits at the same grade level           the identified items so that when members
                       - second mandatory HPE credit                               are at meetings the issue surfaces, each is
                       - DPA at the secondary level                                informed as to the focus of the association.
                       - outside accreditation and the standards for granting
                       credits from camps etc.
                       - connections with other organizations and Oasphe’s role,
                       networking, invitation to those working tables.

Fall and Winter Conference Planning
Fall Conference        Proposed Agenda:                                            Lara will connect with Deb and Myra
Nattawasaga Inn           10:00 to 10:15 – Welcome and Introductions                  regarding the curriculum review update
Thursday October 17       10:15 to 11:05 – Curriculum Review Update
                          11:05 to 11:15 – DPA Blast                                  Follow up planning will continue at the next
                          11:15 to 11:25 – Break                                      meeting
                          11:25 to 12:20 – DI and HPE
                          12:30 to 1:15 Lunch
                          1:15 to 1:40 Updates
                          1:40 to 2:50 - Advocacy, networking activity on
                          OASPHE’S Action items.
                          Report on Advocacy of 07-08 and moving forward to
                          gathering information on Advocacy 08-09.
                          2:50 to 3:00 – Share the Wealth
Winter Conference         The conference is well underway to being planned with
Ivey Spencer Leadership   the site booked and rooms, meals, snacks etc.
Centre                    Price for the conference is in-line with last year’s
                          conference and is based on single occupancy
                          The next step is to consider conference planning.
Reports/Up-dates/ Oasphe members attending/ reporting 08-09
Who is reporting on each committee report?
Ophea                     Jennifer Cowe- Bonne will do the reports each meeting.      See attached electronic report
                          Key highlights of the report include:
                             - 6 new hires at Ophea to build capacity in key
                             - Day before the Ophea health conference, Ophea
                                 will be hosting a French Language Networking
                                 event as well as a round table for health units to
                                 determine how they have supported Ontario
                                 French Language Boards
                             - Safety Guideline on-line tool is now available and
                                 is providing easy access
                             - DPA support subscription services – 29 school
                                 boards have bought the subscription. It includes
                                 Cards delivered 2 times per year and include an
                                 integrated approach with Literacy and Numeracy
                             - Subscribers section to the website for DPA that
                                 houses workshops for administrators and new
         -  There are also classroom materials to support the
            use of DPA
         - The Menu Of Choices Calendar is now out
         - PlaySport has now been updated and includes
            bilingual resources and new instructional videos
            and links to Character Education
         - Everyone Jump 2008-2009 is now out. Check it
            out on the website.
         - Ophea will continue to move to an on-line format
            to connect to a greater audience
         - Ophea has been approached to be part of the
            Physical Literacy proposal coming from a grass
            roots level. At present, the committee is trying to
            put together a two page summary of their process
            and will send it to Oasphe when it is ready
         - Ophea is also looking to review their relationship
            with HPE Cananda in Ontario to make sure there
            is no duplication of services
         - 10 Million Obesity Strategy: the money will be         The executive raised the fact that after
            geared toward after school strategies for kids.       school programs will not be feasible for
            Research shows that the hours after school are key    rural students who are bused to school;
            to the lives of children and the greatest impact on   however, in city and urban environments
            obesity levels.                                       there is a huge gap in availability of
            Ophea was called in to provide a reaction to that     resources for children.
            decision and attempted to make them aware of the      It is also imperative that governments need
            documents that are in place regarding safety etc.     to support the upkeep of facilities for
            Minister Wynn will be at the “People for              students to access them afterschool.
            Education conference and Ophea has been invited       Ophea continues to advocate that educators
            to be part of a discussion table. Probably with a     are invited to these table discussions.
            view to schools as community places
            Ophea will also re-circulate the position paper
            from the spring of last year.
CAC   Meeting Dates:                                              08-09 Oasphe members to the CAC are Kim
      Wednesday Sept 24th                                         Potter, George Kourtis and Joanne Walsh
      Thursday Nov 27th combined Oasphe/CAC                       and will share the reporting
      Tuesday Jan 20th
      Monday March 23rd
                              Wednesday May 13th

OTF & EDU                     EDU October 17th / May 22nd                             EDU Attendance:
                              OTF October 18th/ Feb 27th, 28th / May 23rd             October 17: Ophea conference – no rep
                                                                                      May 22: Carolyn Temertzoglou or Lara
                                                                                      October 18: Ophea conference – no rep
                                                                                      Feb 27/ 28: Joanne Walsh
                                                                                      May 23:
Safety – release of the new   There has been significant issues with word documents   Lara Patterson will remain on the committee
guidelines                    for boards who modify them to meet their own Risk       and report to Oasphe
                              Management policies.
                              Service Providers may now buy the safety guidelines.    Boards may download the document but it
                              Boards need to be cognizant of the fact that if the     will be a static version so it will not have the
                              guidelines are modified, they need to ensure service    capacity to search. Boards may download
                              providers get the modifications.                        the document but it will be a static version
                                                                                      so it will not have the capacity to search.
Other Business
Think First DVD               DVD on diving injury prevention is available from the
                              Canadian Red Cross website
Meeting Adjourned             2:45 pm

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