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A Unique and Leading Edge
 Group Insurance Plan for
     Global Advisors

                            March 2003

   1. About Benefit Partners
      • Who Are We?
      • Products/Services
      • Our Relationship with Global

   2. Why Sell Group Insurance?

   3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
      • What is it?
      • How does it differ from the marketplace?
   3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
      • Target Markets
        • Case Size
        • Industry Type
        • Geographic Location

   4. Marketing Support
      • Sales Meetings
      • Reports/Renewals/Ongoing Client Service
      • Marketing Material

   5. Financial Details
      •   Agents Agreements
      •   Commission Splits
          • Group Insurance Plans
          • E-Commerce Sales – Advisors’ Groups
          • RESP’s – Advisors’ Groups
          • RESP’s – Benefit Partners’ Groups
      •   Account Ownership/Vesting
      •   Account Protection
      •   How is Commission Paid?
      •   Production Contests

   6. Question and Answer Session
   7. Draw Prizes
   8. Lunch
1. About Benefit Partners
   Who Are We?
   •   An independent professional employee benefits and pension
   •   Operating provincially with growth plans to become national in
   •   Experts in the field of collective purchasing benefit plans, e.g..
       Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) and Ambulance Service
       Alliance of Ontario.
   •   Our CEO plan has a 97.5% client retention rate over 5 years!
   •   Clients range from large provincial associations to corporations both
       public (school boards) and private.
1. About Benefit Partners - continued

   •   We provide a complete range of professional advisory services.
   •   We have a compliment of dedicated service personnel and
       underwriting staff in order to provide timely and accurate service to
       all clients of the firm.
   •   We have been provided with a mandate to design (recently
       completed) and market a new collective purchasing plan for The
       Employers Co-Operative.
   •   We are making this new plan available on an exclusive basis
       through all Global advisors.
1. About Benefit Partners - continued

   Our Relationship with Global
   •   We act as benefit plan consultants to the Global Group of
       Companies and its employees.
   •   We approached Global with the idea of designing a specialized
       benefits plan that would be available on an exclusive basis through
       its advisors.
   •   We provide benefits and pension consulting services so as to be able
       to round out the complete line of financial services available
       through Global advisors so that they can truly offer one-stop
       shopping to their clientele.
2. Why Sell Group Insurance?
   The Facts
   •   Add to revenue of your business or practice.
       •   Sometimes you may be calling a prospect and he is not
           interested in the product/service that you are offering at that
           time, group insurance and specifically the unique and leading
           edge product that we have designed for Global advisors, might
           create that opportunity to meet with the prospect and therefore
           allow you to build a relationship for future sales.
   •   Most companies already have group insurance plans and are almost
       always interested in opportunities to save their businesses $.
   •   Use a door opener for other lines of business .
2. Why Sell Group Insurance? - continued
   The Facts
   •   Create opportunities to indirectly prospect to all employees within
       the group.
   •   Create a renewable source of income, group insurance commission
       typically increases each year with client renewals and remains
       payable to an advisor as long as the client is retained.
   •   Build a wall around your client (golden handcuffs) by offering more
       services than you currently provide.
       •   The Bank of Montreal completed research wherein it found out
           that the bank achieves a 95% client retention rate when it has
           sold a client 3 or more of its products/services! You can do the
           same with your clients!
3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
   What Is It?
   •   Group Insurance is priced based on the level of claims that an
       insurance company expects to pay plus its administration expenses.
   •   The administration expenses that an insurance company charges a
       single company is based on its size (number of employees) or
       amount of premium that it alone pays.
   •   Through The Employers Co-Operative, which is a buying group for
       a variety of services for companies, we have negotiated a bulk
       purchase discount on insurance company administrative expense
       such that the group insurance plan that is being made available to
       Global advisors should be the most cost effective plan that a
       company can buy.
3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
   What Is It? - Continued
   •   The Employers Co-Operative plan is priced on the basis of a
       $2,000,000 insurance pool. An individual company would have to
       have at least 500 employees by itself to arrive at the discounts that
       we can provide!
   •   We use three leading Canadian insurance companies for the plan
       and the plan is exclusive to Benefit Partners.
3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
   What Is It? – Continued

   Sample Projected Savings for a Prospective Client

                                   Benefits Savings Calculator

                                                              Extended Health Care
                                                          Your Plan         T.E.C. Plan

         Premium                                           $60,000           $60,000

         Paid or Cash Claims                               $55,000           $55,000

         Target Loss Ratio                                   75%               86%

         Projected Health Care Trend/Inflation               15%               15%

         Projected Renewal Premium                         $84,333           $73,547

         Renewal Rate Increase/(Decrease)                    41%               23%

         Projected Savings with The Employers Co-Operative Plan              $10,787
3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
   How Does it Differ From the Marketplace?
   •   In addition to the lower expense levels (which translate into lower
       premiums), the plan also offers the following differences from the
       •   Increased influence on the insurance companies offering
           protection against dramatic increases in rates,
       •   Complete autonomy over plan design and claims experience –
           therefore your premium reflects what your employees claim and
           not others,
       •   Quarterly claims experience review to help predict future
           premiums and to develop a benefit plan strategic plan with.
3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
   Introducing Work Life Solutions – the online benefits revolution!
   •   The first of its kind in Canada, (WLS) is a
       personalized work/life benefits web site offering a national child,
       self and elder care referral service, wellness program, emergency
       on-line medical dossier, family health and work/life libraries, handy
       financial calculators, and group-rates on products and services that
       cater to life event needs. This benefit is included in all benefit plans
       through us.
   •   WLS is an independently hosted web site that employers/employees
       gain automatic membership in through the TEC benefit plan, and
       that they can access from work, home or a cyber-café.
   •   Sample snapshots highlighting this website follow.
3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
   Other Revenue Opportunities
   •   Through the Work Life Solutions Website, every group client
       becomes a conduit through which to earn other sources of revenue.
   •   Information regarding Global RESP’s will be provided to all
       employees who are looking for help when it comes to saving for a
       child’s education.
   •   The WLS website will work as a lead generator for RESP sales.
   •   All leads will be sent to Benefit Partners and will then be routed to
       the Global agent that was involved in the group sale.
   •   Leads from existing Benefit Partner clientele will be distributed to
       Global advisors as well.
3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
   Other Revenue Opportunities - continued
   •   The WLS website also has other products that generate sales fees.
       These will also be credited to the Global advisor as purchased by
   •   The WLS website will also generate other insurance sales
       opportunities – all of which go back to the applicable Global
   •   Other sales leads from existing Benefit Partner clientele will also be
       shared with Global advisors.
3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
   Other Revenue Opportunities - continued
   •   In most instances, Benefit Partners conducts employee
       communication sessions as a method by which to introduce a new
       group insurance plan.
   •   As the WLS benefit will become a very distinct marketing method
       to distinguish yourselves and ourselves from the competition, it will
       provide an excellent opportunity to create awareness for the Global
       RESP product as part of the employee communication sessions.
3. Benefit Partners’ Unique/Leading Edge Product
   Target Markets
   •   Case Size
       •   10 lives and up
       •   Ideally suited for groups of less than 200 employees
   •   Industry Type
       •   Virtually any industry – however insurance companies have the
           right to refuse any risk.
   •   Geographic Location
       •   Ontario
4. Marketing Support
   How will Benefit Partners Support You?
   •   Sales Meetings
       •   In the insurance industry we are always faced with the prospect of
           providing ‘quotes’ to a prospective client in the hope that the client
           will buy the product.
       •   This is especially true with group insurance plans. Unlike many
           other financial services products, a less expensive group insurance
           quote can be used by a prospective client to improve the rates of its
           current plan.
       •   You arrange the meeting and we will go with you to close the sale!
           Our approach requires that we receive a written agreement, in
           advance of any work being done, by all new prospects. We will be
           your group experts!
4. Marketing Support
   How will Benefit Partners Support You?
   •   Sales Meetings
       •   It has been our experience that unless a client is prepared to
           sign our agreement that there is a very low probability of ever
           selling that client!
       •   We will make it easy to determine serious clients from those
           who never intend to work with us!
       •   This approach will allow all of us to focus on legitimate sales
       •   Some circumstances might exist where we will quote on a
           speculative basis, however they will be the exception.
4. Marketing Support
   How will Benefit Partners Support You?
   •   Reports/Renewals/Ongoing Client Service
       •   Benefit Partners will provide you with all of the necessary
           reports – both new case marketing and renewal as well as
           provide all ongoing client service.
       •   In other words we become your group department with no
           investment on your part.
       •   We offer you a turn-key benefits operation!
4. Marketing Support
   How will Benefit Partners Support You?
   •   Marketing Material
       •   We will provide you with access to the following marketing
           •   Pre-approach letters
           •   Marketing brochures (mid 2003) – in both hard copy and
               PDF file format
           •   The Employers Co-Operative Website (scheduled
               completion date of April 15th, 2003)
5. Financial Details
    Agents Agreements
    •    An agreement between Benefit Partners and any interested Global
         advisor will be required.
    Commission Splits – Group Insurance Plans
        Rolling 12 Month Annualized Commission              Year 1         Renewal

                        < $5,000                             50%              30%
                    $5,000 - $15,000                         50%              35%
                    $15,000 - $25,000                        50%              40%
                   $25,000 – $50,000                         50%              45%
                       > $50,000                             50%              50%

    * Advisors will receive 75% of the 1st year commission on the first group sold
5. Financial Details
    Commission Splits – ECommerce Sales - Advisors’ Groups
        •   Split as per group insurance
    RESP’s - Advisors’ Groups
        •   100% to advisor
    RESP’s - Benefit Partners’ Groups
        •   50/50
    All leads generated from an Advisors’ Group will be given to the Advisor.
5. Financial Details
    Account Ownership/Vesting
    •   An advisors share of any group insurance plan is owned by and vested
        with the advisor.
    •   Benefit Partners will purchase an advisors’ share if requested and upon
        terms that are mutually satisfactory to both parties.
    Account Protection
    •   Benefit Partners will only recognize the original advisor on any group
        insurance plan sold through it.
    •   In the event that an outside agency/brokerage takes an account away
        from Benefit Partners/Global Advisor, the insurance company will
        immediately re-price the program on a stand-alone basis. WLS will
        discontinue as a benefit to the company.
5. Financial Details
    How is Commission Paid?
    •   Group insurance commission is usually paid approximately 60 days
        after the effective date of a new group.
    •   Depending on the size of the group and the duration of the initial rate
        guarantee period, the amount of the commission advance will vary.
    •   Benefit Partners will make direct payment to the advisors bank account
        his/her share of the commission for any new group insurance plan or
        renewal in the same form as it has received from the insurance
    •   Global will be allowed the right to audit commission payments to its
5. Financial Details
    Production Contests
    •   From time to time Benefit Partners will hold production contests for
        Global Advisors.
    •   We will very shortly be announcing a contest for the spring of 2003!
6. Question and Answer Session
   • Thank you for your attendance and attention to the
   • If you have any questions we would be pleased to
     address them at this time!
7. Draw Prizes
   • At this time we would like to draw 2 business
     cards from those in attendance for some Benefit
     Partners golf shirts!

 8. Lunch
  Thank You For
We Look Forward to
Working With You!