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					                    Pathways to Pride Program

Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work
                   June 16, 2009
               Michael D. Thompson
 Director of Counseling and Career Development

         Middletown Area School District

          Connecting Careers, Curriculum & Character Education
 Program Description
 Curriculum Integration

 Portfolio Development

 Monitoring the System
   The Graduation Project at Middletown High School is a
    comprehensive multidisciplinary effort designed to help
    students prepare for life after graduation.
   A committee of teachers, counselors and administrators
    meets monthly to plan the specific career development
    activities within and outside of the classroom.
   Students are guided by counselors, advisors and teachers
    through the process of investigating career fields and the
    related training necessary to achieve those careers.
   The curriculum addresses many of the student activities
    required for the graduation project throughout high
    school. Therefore students benefit from the expertise of
    subject area specialists.
   Some activities will require independent student research
   Academic Departments involved with activities:
   Business
   Social Studies
   Language Arts
   Stand alone Career Development Course
       Futures I-9th grade (Business Department)
         Self Assessments
         •                                          *
       • Occupational Searches                      Choices and Planner
       • Post-Secondary Searches                    Career Software
       • Resume Building
       • Job Skills
       • Pathways Exploration

     Futures II-10th grade             (Business Department)
            Courses use Choices software
            Planning for connecting personality to career to post-secondary
             opportunities leading to a successful career are covered in these
             courses. Focus is on the recently adopted Career Education and
             Work Standards
   Social Studies Department-11th Grade
   Shadow Day-Fall
   Junior College Fair-Spring
   Both programs delivered and discussed in
    Social Studies
   Language Arts Department-12th Grade
   Senior Interview Workshop-Fall
   Interview Skills
   Resume Writing Workshop-Winter
   Career Action Plan-Spring
 Every student beginning in the 9th grade Career
  Futures Course receives a Career Portfolio.
 Located in the inside sleeve are a list of required
  items that must be completed and documented
  for students by grade.
 This becomes a record of progress that a
  student makes towards their individual career
   Students will complete an interest assessment,
    occupational search and a post-secondary search each
    year through a course or with their counselor
   The Differential Aptitude Test and the Armed Services
    Vocational Aptitude Battery are used to assess abilities and
    skills in grades 9 and 11
   Preferences and work Values are also assessed using the
    “Do What You Are” Personality Assessment in Futures II-
    grade 10. These are linked to the 6 Holland Types.
 The culminating activity of the Graduation
  Project is a written Career Action Plan and Oral
 This is completed by the end of the first
  semester in 12th grade
  Rubrics developed by the Grad Project
  Committee guides the student through the
 Students will review their portfolio and record of
  assessments, accomplishments and experiences
  to develop a cohesive post secondary plan.
 Monitoring the Career Portfolio is the ultimate
  responsibility of each student.
 The monitoring process is initiated at the beginning of
  each school year in homeroom/advisory.
 Counselors receive a list of missing activities in the
  portfolio. Parents and students will be notified at the end
  of the 1st Quarter on their report card.
 During the 12th grade a team of teachers and business
  partners evaluate the oral presentations of the student
  career action plans. The committee evaluates the contents
  of the portfolio.
 Students completing all of these items become candidates
  for graduation by the end of quarter three in Grade 12.
           Career Awareness and Planning

   Career Futures Course-9th
   Career Futures Course 10th
   Shadow Program Program-11th
   Junior Post-Secondary Fair-11th
   Career Action Plan-12th
               Career Acquisition-Getting a Job

   Career Futures I Course-Job Skills Unit-9th
   Career Futures II Course-Planning, researching,
    and obtaining a career-10th (looking for a job, interview process,

   Senior Interview Workshop on Interviewing and
    Resume Writing
   Career Action Plan Oral Presentation-12th
                  Keeping a Job

Career Futures Course-Job Skills Unit-9th
Career Futures Course-Soft Skills, The Team Concept-10th

Senior Interview Workshop on Job Retention-12th

Economics & English-Resume Writing and Interview Skills

Career Action Plan Oral Presentation- 12th

   Career Futures I Course 9th
   Entrepreneurship Unit
   Entrepreneurship Course-21st Century Skills-
   Economics- Unit on writing a business plan
               Challenges for The Future

   To teach all of the Career and Work Standards in all
    discipline areas

   To provide professional development to all staff so that they
    will provide a greater degree of contextual learning and
    make their subject relevant and vital for their students in the
    changing economy of the 21st Century

   As Middletown Area High School develops its Career
    Pathways Program. The Graduation Project as a true
    Transition Plan for all of our students
Mr. Michael D. Thompson,
 Director of Counseling
  Career Development

 Middletown Area High School
   1155 North Union Street
    Middletown, PA 17057
  (717) 948-3333 ext. 6006

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