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embedded system


									                    Embedded System
                  Project Name: Concept Keyboard

                               Submitted By

                                              Shyam Lal Bharati
                                                  7th Semaster

Under The guidance:
 Prof : M RadhaKrishana
Aim :-
        A Concept Keyboard is a flat, touch sensitive board, usually A3 or A4 in size,
that you can plug into your computer and use as an addition to the QWERTY keyboard.
A paper overlay is placed onto the board and the user presses the overlay to activate the

Introduction :-
An overlay keyboard is a shallow rectangular plastic or metal box Usually A4 or A3 size,
with a flate top surface.The overlay keyboard surface consiste of number of touch-
sensitive keys.Individual keys or group of keyes may be programed
Concept Keyboard the same as an overlay keyboard:-

Concept Keyboard is the brand name of a particular make of overlay keyboard. A bit like
Hoovers are the brand names of a particular make of vacuum cleaner. Overlay keyboard
is a generic term that can be used to describe Concept Keyboards, Intellikeys boards etc.

How does the Concept Keyboard work?
         Like any keyboard it needs a software ‘driver’. You plug the Concept Keyboard
into your computer and you also run the ‘driver’ which is called Concept Plus Driver.
You use Concept Plus Driver to tell the computer which overlay you want. The overlay
contains all the information the computer needs to carry out the purpose it was created for.

When the overlay has been opened you run that program you want to use the Concept
Keyboard with, e.g. Writing with Symbols 2000. Then when you press an area on the
Concept Keyboard the computer will do whatever the overlay has been created to tell it to
do, e.g. write the word ‘cat’.
Where do I get the paper overlays?
You should have been supplied with some sample paper overlays along with Concept
Plus when you bought your Concept Keyboard. You can visit the Concept Keyboard
Overlay Exchange where you can download overlays that others have made. You could
also make your own, this is not very difficult and is the best way to get overlays that meet
your needs.

Using Concept Plus Overlays on Screen:-
Concept Plus is the software that lets you create and use overlays on a Concept Keyboard.
It comes in 2 parts; Concept Plus Driver for using and Concept Plus Editor for creating

Overlays can also be displayed and used on the computer screen with any Windows
application e.g. Writing with Symbols 2000, Word.

This feature is especially useful if you have a whiteboard as the overlays can be resized
and moved around the screen easily. You can use on the screen any overlay you have
created. You can also create overlay especially for use on the screen.
1. How to set Concept Plus Driver for on-screen overlays
Run Concept Plus Driver
2. If a Concept Plus Driver icon appears at the bottom of the screen you will
need to set it for on-screen overlays.
                                     3. Click on the Concept Plus Driver icon at
                                     the bottom of the screen.
                                     4. Click the Keyboard menu and select
                                     Choose Board.
                                     5. Click Screen.
                                     6. Click OK.

7. Now you can use your overlay, drag and resize it to suit your students’
8. Run the program you want to use the overlay with, e.g. WWS2000.
9. Click on a word in the grid to write.
10. When you have finished use the Concept Plus Driver menu to exit.

Note: If you set Concept Plus Driver to display overlays on-screen it will
remember this setting the next time you use it. To change back to using
overlays on a Concept Keyboard follow the instructions above but choose
Concept Keyboard [256 keys] instead of Screen.
How to create an on-screen overlay

                       1.           Double click on the Concept Plus Editor
                            icon or choose it from the Programs list. A
                            Concept Keyboard will be displayed on screen.

2. Click the File menu and choose New.

                                           3. Scroll down the Overlay Board
                                              Type list and choose Screen –
                                           4. Choose 4x2 from the Template
                                           5. Click OK

6. Now you need to set the font to a suitable size.

                                            7. Click in a cell on the grid
                                            8. Click the Format menu and
                                                choose Style
                                            9. Click the Update style box
                                            10. Use the Font tab to change the
                                                font size to 28
                                            11. Click OK

12. Now use the mouse to double click in a cell. The Block Contents dialog
    box will open.
13. Type your text into the text box then click OK.
14. Click the Graphics button then browse to add a graphic (.bmp, .wmf or
15. Repeat for subsequent cells.
16. When you have finished choose Save As… from the File menu to save
    your overlay.
17. You on-screen overlay is now ready to use.
My Concept Keyboard won’t work! What can I
If the Concept Keyboard has a cable then:
Check both ends of the lead to make sure it isn’t loose, and you know which port it is
plugged in to.
Check that Concept Plus Driver (not Concept Plus Editor) is running and that an overlay
has been chosen. Click on the Concept Plus icon at the bottom of the screen to see which
overlay has been chosen.
Click the Concept Plus Keyboard menu, click Choose Board and check that it is set for
the correct COM port. You can always try them all to see which one works! Also check
that the Device Used is set to Concept Keyboard 256 keys if you have a standard Concept
Keyboard. The keyboard should 'beep' on a keypress, when attached and working
If the Concept Keyboard is the 'infra red' type then you will need to check the batteries,
and also make sure that the transmitter and keyboard are a 'pair'. If you have more then
one keyboard in the school they can get mixed up. The Transmitter and keyboard both
have a small array of switches to set a unique address, they must match.
Try attaching another Concept Keyboard if you have one. If it works then you have a
faulty board. If it doesn’t then the Concept Plus software may be corrupt.

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