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A Summary on the Breast Two Week Wait Standard


A Summary on the Breast Two Week Wait Standard

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									A Summary
on the Breast
Two Week
Wait Standard
The National Cancer Reform Strategy includes
the commitment that all patients referred to a
specialist with breast symptoms, even if cancer
is not suspected, should be seen within two
weeks of being referred.
This is known as the symptomatic breast
two week wait standard and has been fully
implemented across the NHS from 1 January
2010. There are two types of breast referral
that are excluded from this standard, those
from family history clinics and those who have
undergone cosmetic breast surgery (such as
enlargement or reduction).
The Royal Bournemouth Hospital has prepared
for achieving this standard by extending clinic
times and ensuring doctors and nurses are
available to cover the clinics. Arrangements are
also in place to deal with referrals, telephone
calls and appointment times.
If at any time a cancer is suspected or confirmed
the patient would be referred to the most
appropriate doctor.
The national target is to see 93% of patients
within the two week standard. We currently see
94% or more within this standard which is very
good news for our patients.
Because of the two week target, the electronic
appointment booking system, known as Choose
and Book, doesn’t allow appointments to be
made over 14 days. Sometimes patients are
unable to make an appointment within this time
period. Through choice they see a specialist
outside of the two week standard and the target
is not met.
Overall the success of meeting this standard
has relied on work put into improving the patient
pathways and excellent communication between
all departments to achieve the target.
We hope that by explaining this National Cancer
Reform Strategy commitment you will have a
better understanding if you are
in this situation yourself and
arranging an appointment.

        Dr Mary Armitage,
        Medical Director.

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