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					 July/August 2009
 Volume 1, Issue 1
                           Region V Newsletter
                           “Redefining challenges as opportunities and unlocking the possibilities”

Region 5
Team                 A New Year Begins                                             number of members.
                                                                                   Thanks too to Sue who
                     I would like to thank         this year’s leadership
                                                                                   was a model for RVP
Brenda McDermott     Phyllis and her leadership    team. They put together a
                                                                                   assistants. Phyllis and
RVP                  team, Fran Schulz,            wonderful recruiting
                                                                                   her team have passed on
                     Wisconsin; Janet              presentation that I am
Linda Shank, RVP                                                                   a torch that is glowing
                     Nothnagel, Missouri;          proud to present at the
  Assistant                                                                        brightly to your new
                     Joyce Nelson, Iowa; Viola     first board meeting in
                                                                                   Region 5 leadership
                     Lashley, Illinois; Sharon     August as the model. I
   Illinois CD                                                                     team. Linda Shank, my
                     Rosendale, Minnesota;         also want to congratulate
Susan Stone-                                                                       assistant and I are
                     and Debra Brunken,            Phyllis and the Region 5
   Janczewski                                                                      getting excited about this
  Iowa CD
                     South Dakota for their        members for being
                                                                                   falls road trips, starting
Paula Dishman        exceptional leadership last   recognized as the winners
                                                                                   with the beautiful Chula
Minnesota CD         year. Together they have      of Jenelle’s challenge.
                                                                                   Vista Resort in Wisconsin
Maureen Georgou      accomplished some             We raised the most
                                                                                   Dells, WI for 2009 Region
Missouri CD          extraordinary things for      money for the Laura Bush
                                                                                   5 Fun Fall Weekend,
Janet Nothnagel      NAIW and Region 5. They       Foundation for American
South Dakota CD
                                                                                   hosted by the St. Paul
                     have raised the bar for       Libraries based on the
                                                                                   Association of Insurance
Geri Redmond                                                                       Professionals,
                                                                                   September 18-20th.
Wisconsin CD
Mary Kohn            Highlights from New Orleans                                   **********************
                                                                                  Stone-Janczewski at the
                                                   members were led to the        installation ceremony.
                     The 68th Annual NAIW          Welcome party event with        *******************
  Welcome       2                                                                 Robyn Railsback, ACS of
                     International Convention      a genuine New Orleans
 Leadership     3
                                                                                  Insurance Associates of
                     kicked off on May 27 in       jazz band and parade.          Cedar Rapids introduced
 Leadership     4
                     New Orleans with our
                                                   There were 94 first timers     the Region 4 leadership
                     community service project
 Tech, Ed, Prez 5                                  in attendance at this          team.
                     helping with the clean up
                     in the Hollygrove             year’s convention! The         Your 2009-2010
 Meetings       6                                  executive committee
                     neighborhood, followed by                           st
                                                                                  International Executive
                     a tour of New Orleans and     asked many of the 1            Committee is:
                     the Laura Bush                timers and Young
                                                   Professionals to               Linda Wilson International
                     Foundation for American
                                                   participate in the             President
                     Libraries walkathon.
                                                   convention events.             Margaret Wildi
                     The first business session    Rebecca Hart of                International President-
                     started on Thursday           Insurance Professionals of     Elect
                     evening with a                Mid-Missouri introduced
                     performance by the Mardi      me and my 2 council            Joi Wilson International
                     Gras Indians. No bylaws       director elects in             Vice President
                     or standing rule changes      attendance, Paula              Penny Haworth-Rich
                     were presented. The           Dishman and Susan              International Secretary
                               Region V Newsletter                                                 Page 2 of 6

                              Welcome to the Region 5 Newsletter
                              NAIW’s Purpose will be         each newsletter will have       Remember I said it’s
                              the outline for Region 5’s     a section that is dedicated     Region 5’s newsletter so
                              newsletter this year.          to Membership,                  I’ll be asking you to share
                              Notice I’m not calling it my   Education, Networking/          your news from your
                              newsletter because it’s        Partnering, Technology          council and local
                              Region 5’s newsletter. I       and Leadership. Under           associations.
                              want to recognize our          that section I want to
                                                                                             And I am hoping with
                              members’ achievements. I       profile some of our Young
                                                                                             publishing the 2009-2010
                              want to facilitate             Professionals who are or
Redefine challenges as                                                                       lists of local presidents
                              networking opportunities. I    will be our future leaders.
                                                                                             and web sites we can also
Opportunities and unlock      want to be sure our            It is also a great place to
                                                                                             increase the networking
the possibilties              members are aware of the       recognize and thank our
                                                                                             potential in Region 5 to
                              educational and award          “seasoned” professionals
                                                                                             help us unlock the
                              opportunities available to     for their contributions past,
                                                                                             possibilities and make
                              them. So with that in mind     present and future.
                                                                                             Region 5 stronger.
 The value of an idea lies
 in the using of it.
 --Thomas Edison              Membership
                              Membership is going to be      launch in early June. It        developed one that I will
                              one of the challenges          offers job postings for our     present for consideration
                              NAIW and Region 5 will         members who may be              as the template at the
                              face this year. Many of our    looking for work while          August Board meeting.
                              members may lose their         generating non-dues
                                                                                             The Executive Committee
                              jobs. Many will lose           revenue from the
                                                                                             expanded the eligibility
                              employer support and be        employers who advertise
                                                                                             requirement for
                              unable to continue to          those jobs.
                                                                                             membership increasing
                              belong to NAIW.
                                                             Linda Wilson will also be       recruitment opportunities
                              Recognizing these              creating a task force to        for local associations.
                              challenges NAIW is             develop a marketing plan
                                                                                             Want a free registration to
                              partnering with Job Target     template for local
                                                                                             NAIW’s 2010 National
                              to manage an NAIW              associations. Phyllis
                                                                                             Convention in Washington
                              branded career center on       Gogel and her leadership
                                                                                             DC? NAIW is paying the
                              the NAIW Web site to           team have already
                                                                                             registration for the two
                                                                                             members who recruit the
                                                                                             most new members.
                              Congratulations to Region 5 Members in New Orleans
                              Robyn Railsback, ACS of        Young Professionals’            Professionals who
                              Insurance Associates of        Scholarship                     received their DAE
                              Cedar Rapids was named                                         certificates.
                                                             Congratulations to Kathy
                              NAIW’s National Rookie of
                                                             Moore-Stark, CPIW, CIC,         And congratulations to our
                              the Year. Way to go
                                                             AIS, DAE of the NAIW            adopted Region 5
                                                             Insurance Professionals of      member, E. Faye Evans,
                              Michael Rice of Insurance      Greater Sioux Falls and         Past International
                              Association of the Ozarks      Bernice Cizadlo, CPCU,          President, who received
                              was the winner of the          AU, CPIW, APA, API,             the AAMGA Award
                                                             DAE, Milbank Area Ins.
 Page 3 of 6                                          Region V Newsletter

Leadership is our chance        She works in the customer        opportunity to grow
to recognize up and             service department as an         professionally and
coming leaders in Region        Assistant Supervisor. As a       personally and has
5 as well as an opportunity     member of Insurance              benefited by gaining the
to recognize our veteran        Associates of Cedar Rapids,      confidence to pursue
leaders for their work to       Inc. she has served on the       activities beyond her
make Region 5 strong. I         Membership Committee,            comfort zone which have
chose the first 3 to profile    Nominating Committee             improved many skills she
but in future newsletters I’d   and Audit Committee. She         uses on a daily basis.
like our members to             has participated in activities
nominate members who            for the State Council and        Robyn lives in Center Point
deserve recognition for the     Regional Conferences, was        with her husband Todd of
work they do.                   the 2009 Regional CWC            almost 9 years, their             “It is a terrible thing to look
                                Runner-Up and was named                                          over your shoulder when you
Robyn Railsback, ACS,                                            daughter Raeann and
                                                                                                  are trying to lead ---and find
Insurance Associates of         Rookie of the Year at the        Robyn's son Steven. She                no one there” --FDR
Cedar Rapids: Robyn has         2009 National                    also has an older daughter
been in the insurance           Convention in New                Heather, stepchildren
industry for about 5 ½          Orleans.                         Brittney and Brent and a
years and employed at                                            grandson Benjamin who is
AEGON for 4 ½ years.                                             28 months. She enjoys
                                She joined NAIW for an
                                                                 getting all the family
                                                                 together for the many
                                                                 birthday celebrations.

Michael Rice, AIS, API,         and shortly after, his then      regularly. What I didn’t       year after that. This
ACS, CPIM, SM,                  manager, Claire Mead,            know was, an opening           year, I am serving as
Insurance Association           presented the idea of            had come up on the board       President.”
of the Ozarks.                  joining IAO and                  of directors and the
                                highlighted some of the          officers and board that        “As I look back, I
Michael is employed with        values the organization          year thought of me to fill     haven’t been in the
American National               holds and the opportunity        the remaining time of the      organization that long,
Property and Casualty           to belong to a group of          vacated office. I received     but I can say without
(ANPAC) as a Senior             insurance professionals, a       an email inviting me to        hesitation that I gained
Underwriting Compliance         sense of belonging he had        come to the next board         some of the best
Auditor. He has been with       been searching for.              meeting and I eagerly          leadership experience
ANPAC for over 7 years.                                          accepted the invitation. I     possible while
Outside of work, he             “I was invited to a meeting      was “sworn in” at that         developing tight
serves with the Missouri        just over 6 years ago and        meeting.”                      relationships within my
Army National Guard as a        witnessed first hand the                                        own company and other
Staff Sergeant/Squad            caliber of members IAO           “After serving one full year   companies around the
Leader in the 135th Army        has. I was sold on the           on the board, Linda Shank      area. I can further
Band based in Springfield       spot. I don’t know of any        had kept an eye on me          confess that NAIW and
and he’s currently training     other group that has the         and somehow I ended up         IAO offered me classes
for the Chicago Marathon.       same level of                    being nominated for            like Mentors and
                                professionalism”.                Secretary. I served under      Protégés and
In his first 3 years with                                        Linda’s mentorship that        Confidence While
ANPAC, he was promoted          “My first year in, I bounced     year and was nominated         Communicating
to an Underwriter Trainee       in and out of meetings           for President Elect the
                                   Region V Newsletter                                                Page 4 of 6

                                  Leadership Continued
                                  Michael Rice (cont)           been for fellow members   and IAO have given to me
                                                                in IAO, I would not have  leadership experience, a
                                  that strengthened my                                    profound education, a
                                                                had this opportunity”.
                                  abilities over and above                                sense of belonging and
                                  what my military training
“"Leadership has been             has done. IAO gave me
                                                                “NAIW and IAO also serve the best mentors anyone
defined as the ability to                                       as a starting block of    can ever have.”
                                  the chance to attend the
hide your panic from                                            networks that have led me
others"--Anonymous                Annual Convention this        to discover the CPCU
                                  year in New Orleans           Society and the Ozarks
                            .”    where I was announced         Insurance Day
                                  as the recipient of the       committee.”
                                  Young Professionals
                                  Scholarship. If it had not    “The bottom line is NAIW

                                  Rebecca Hart,                 Associate in Insurance         bunch of ladies that have
                                  Insurance                     Services (AIS).                been in the insurance field
                                                                                               for a little while. I was new
                                  Professionals of Mid          She lives in New Franklin,     to the insurance field and
                                  Missouri: Rebecca             MO with her son Adam,          thought I could learn from
                                  Hart is employed as a         and her two rescue dogs        these ladies. I decided to
                                  computer programmer at        Bessie Ross and Mi             join and I have not looked
                                  Shelter Insurance since       Amore. She enjoys              back since. I have been
                                  May 2006. She has             gardening, fishing, and        an active member from
                                  worked in many different      doing crafts, but her first    the beginning, from
                                  occupations until she         love is to learn new things.   committees my first year,
                                  found her calling in the                                     to President-elect, and
                                  computer field. Rebecca       Rebecca volunteers a           now President of my local
                                  received an Associates of     couple of times a year at      chapter. I have attended
                                  Applied Science (AAS) in      the food pantry, and works     from council to national
                                  CIS from State Fair           with the local Volunteer       conferences. NAIW has
                                  Community College in          Action Center (VAC)            helped me in so many
                                  2005, a Bachelors of          which helps low income         ways. I can now talk in
                                  Science in Technical          people. The organization       front of people without
                                                                hosts two special events       stuttering. I have learned
                                  Management (BSTM)
                                                                each year. Christmas in        about clothes, business
  “It is the nature of man to     from DeVry University in
                                                                July, a big picnic and         etiquette, and Roberts
                                  2006, and a Masters of
           rise to greatness if                                 games for the local            Rules but most of all I
                                  Information System
    greatness is expected of                                    children and families, and     have knowledge in the
                                  Management with an            Adopt a Family for             insurance field, and
        him—John Steinbeck        emphasis in database          Christmas. To learn more       confidence in me.
                                  management (MISM) from        visit
                                  Keller School of              NAIW rocks!”
                                  Management in 2008.
                                  Rebecca also has her          Rebecca says, “My first
                                  certificate in General        IPMM meeting was the
                                  Insurance (INS). Rebecca      holiday meeting in July
                                  is currently working on her   2007 where I met a great
 Page 5 of 6                                        Region V Newsletter

Technology                                                   Education
If you haven’t visited the     of the ones I have to          First NAIW brought you        Scheduled for release
new NAIW website I invite      share so far:                  online CE classes. Now        late summer are two
you to do so and to                                           they’ve partnered with        new I Can Series
                       Ins. Prof.                                   developed by
update your profile. The                                      Ready Talk to facilitate
                               of Greater KC                                                Members of Region 5:
new web site offers a wide                                    webinars. Look at the
range of possibilities of Ins.        NAIW web site for a           “Life Insurance
additional ways to find the    Prof. of Mid Missouri          banner ad link on the         Overview: The Facts
resources you need, stay                                      home page or the              of Life”
in touch with NAIW                                            calendar section for
                               Assoc. of the Ozarks.
friends, find a new job and                                   information on classes.       “LTC101: Where
learn something new.                                        Does Your Future Lie”.
                                                              Confidence While
                               Ins. Prof. of Greater Sioux
Look for the banner ad                                        Communicating (CWC) is
link for information about                                    coming soon. Look for the
upcoming webinars on  Ins. Prof. of     updated version
NAIW’s home page.              Greater Minneapolis.           scheduled for release this
Many of our local     Mid
associations have their        Wisconsin Ins. Assoc.          Also joining NAIW’s
own web sites. Visiting                                       education roster is a Life
them is a great way to (ok                                    and Health course called
                               Assoc. of Greater Des
I’m going to maybe invent                                     “An Overview of Life and
a new term) Techno                                            Health Insurance”.
Network. Following is a list   Coming soon
                               Assoc. of Cedar Rapids

2009-2010 Local Presidents
Did you ever wish you          Ins. Prof. of IL, Cindy        Ins. Prof. of Greater KC,     Green Bay Ins. Assoc.,
could bounce some ideas        Klinger                        Joni Burgoyne                 Lisa Allen
off of another Local                                                                        Kettle Moraine Ins. Prof,
                               NW Suburban Ins. Prof.         North Dakota
Association President but
                               Joanna O’Higgins                                             Connie Kempke
you didn’t know who it                                        Fargo Moorhead Area
                                                                                            Mid Wisconsin Ins.
was? Well here are the         Rockford Area Ins. Assoc.      Assoc. of Ins. Prof., Ruth
incoming Region 5 Local        Laurel McVinnie.               Cleland                       Assoc, Pam Melander
                               Minnesota                      South Dakota
                               Ins. Prof. of Greater          Ins. Prof. of Greater Sioux
Ins. Assoc. of Greater Des
                               Minneapolis, Kathryn           Falls, Marlene Anglin
Moines, Michele Sparks.
                                                              Milbank Area Ins. Prof,
Quad Cities Ins. Assoc.,
                               St. Paul Assoc. of Ins.        Brenda Christensen
Joyce Nelson
                               Prof., Sheila Castleberry
Ins. Assoc. of Cedar
                               So. MN Ins. Assoc, Pam
Rapids, Sharon Menke                                          Fond Du Lac Ins. Assoc,
                                                              Kathy Roehl
                                                              Fox Valley Ins. Assoc,
Aurora Assoc. of Ins. Prof.,
                               Ins. Assoc. of the Ozarks,     Sheila Fenolio
Penny Sieben
                               Michael Rice
Bloomington-Normal Ins.                                       Greater Dane Ins. Assoc,
Assoc, Pamela Dennis           Ins Prof. of Mid Missouri,     Lynda Gentz
                               Rebecca Hart
                                   Future Networking Opportunities
     Board Meeting                 Ever wish you could get      Meeting –“Our                  Contact Penny Erwin at
       Schedule                    together with your friends   Aspirations are our  
                                   from Region 5 more than      Possibilities”, Milbank, SD,   Missouri Council
                                   once or twice a year?        Oct. 2-3. -“                   Meeting-Booneville, MO,
     AUGUST 7-9, 2009
                                   Here’s your opportunity to
                                                                Contact Geri Redmond at        Nov. 13-14. Contact
                                   plan now to attend one of
                                                                geri.redmond@stateauto-        Rebecca Hart at
    JANUARY 8-10, 2010             the scheduled meetings
                                   for 2009/ 2010
       JUNE 6-8, 2010                                           Wisconsin Council
                                   Fall Fun Weekend- Chula
                                                                Meeting- “Focus on the         2010 Region 5 Regional
Please let me know if you have     Vista Resort, Wisconsin
                                                                Future”, Wausau, WI Oct.       Conference- “NAIW-The
any items you need me to bring     Dells, WI, Sep 18 to 20
       before the board.                                        9-10, contact Karen            Sun On our Horizon”,
                                   For registration contact
                                                                Karow at                       West Bend, WI, Mar. 25-
                                   Jan Noyes at
    You can contact me at                                      28th, 2010. Contact Lisa
   877-952-9222 ext. 31031                                      m.                             Hardin
           e-mail                                               Minnesota Council        Iowa Council Meeting-
                                                                Meeting- “If We Build it
               m                   “Remember the Past,                                         2010 National NAIW
Or by Cell phone at 816-237-9176                                They Will Come”,
                                   Challenge the Future”,                                      Annual Convention-
                                                                Owatonna, MN Oct. 23-
                                   West Des Moines, IA Sept                                    “Bridge to Your Horizon”,
                                                                24. Contact Pam
                                   25-26th. Contact Lisa                                       Washington, DC, June 9-
                                                                Veencamp at
                                   Bielsel at                                                  12th, 2010
                                                                Illinois Council Meeting-
                                   South Dakota Council
                                                                “You are the Key”,
                                                                Springfield, IL, Nov. 6-7

                                   -For Sale—from Indiana Council of NAIW
                                   Don’t kid yourself—cooler    NAIW in Gold Metallic
                                   weather is just around the   lettering. Small to X-Large    additional one. If you’re
                                   corner and our friends in    $25 each; 2X-3X, $28           interested, please contact
                                   Indiana want to keep you     each and 4X $30.00 plus        Jackie Lindquist at
                                   cozy and stylish. They       $6 shipping and handling
                                   are selling NAIW             for the 1st sweatshirt,        or 260-673-1247.
                                   sweatshirts, black with      $3.00 shipping for each


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