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Each people have different opinions so their way of making decision also varies. Some people
can make good decisions at any circumstance but some others can not. Here are some simple
tips to improve your decision making skill.

 Avoid making snap decisions

 While you make a decision you are just selecting some options. You are not making a selection
between right and wrong.

 Selecting the correct option at the wrong time is not better than the wrong option at the right
time, so try to make the decision when you have sufficient time.

 You can do your decision making process on paper. Make a written record of your decision and
make your thoughts visible so you can deem all the appropriate details in making this decision.

 Note down the merits and demerits of action. It elucidates your ideas and makes for an
excellent decision.

 Try to make decisions then and then. Never allow them to increase. Accumulation of too many
decisions will be harder to handle than one huge and difficult decision

 Understand that always you can not ensure that your decision is absolutely correct because the
actions to apply it are to happen in the future. So make it and don't be anxious about it.

 Belief yourself to create a decision and then to be able to field the consequences properly.

 Never waste your time making some decisions that do not have to be made.

 Decide alternative courses of action before collecting information.

 Some times the decisions you make are insignificant, around eighty percentage. Start creating
restrictions and allow your co workers or others make them for you.

 As part of your decision making process, always consider how the decision is to be executed.

 After the decision is made, don't turn back. Have knowledge of how it is presently influencing
you and concentrate on your next step. Don’t repent a decision. It was the correct thing to do at
the time. At present concentrate on what is correct at the present time.

 Mentally practice the execution of your option and reproduce in your mind's eye what upshot will

 Discussing different solutions with your employees or others will add new thoughts and

 Stop protracted thoughts about your decision. Make it and take it through.

 Believe your skill to make a thriving decision and your capability to pursue it.

 Never make more decision all at once, take time and make decision perfectly.

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