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+ Style UP! Yepp YP-T10 Lafleur.

Reasonable price, good design, FM radio, voice recording, image viewer, videos, and Bluetooth. Very popular with such various functions, the Yepp YP-T10. The upgraded model of the YP-T10 has been released. The model name is Yepp YP-T10 LaFleur, but this is a little weird. When thinking of ‘Upgrade model’, spec or functional upgrade are reminded, but I couldn’t find anything different from the T10. It’s like a ‘face lift’ in a car? There was some ‘special edition’, but this type of a new product is new for me. Let’s take a closer look at the product.


Nothing special. It’s the same as the T10. But at the touch buttons, some pattern has been added.

I don’t know if you can see this, like the T10, the LCD protection film has been attached from purchasing. This is a good sense.

At the back, the pattern is added like the front, and it’s much more splendid, and much more stylish than the former simple back. At the lower part, there’s a reset hole, and a seal with product information.

At the right side, there’s a hold/power switch which is for power pulling down, and for hold pushing up.

At the bottom, I can see charge&sink port, internal microphone, earphone hole, and a strap ring. Like this, it’s more natural when the strap ring and earphone hole are located on the same side.

This is for thickness comparison with a cigarette box. Slim and small, isn’t it?


It’s typical Yepp style packaging. It seems they made this package following the iPod, but personally I don’t like it much. They still stick to this package, even though it has many weaknesses in keeping, damaging, and some other things.

They are the composition. Charge&sink cable, simple manual, CD, and bundle earphone EP370. The product is set for the EP370, so you don’t have to buy other earphones.


Like I said, the functions are the same as the T10 such as music, videos, pictures, text, FM radio, Bluetooth, voice recording, etc. But as you see in the picture, the LaFleur design theme has been added, and other UIs are still available.

General Review

Yepp YP-T10 LaFleur. As you’ve seen so far, it’s almost the same model except design change, and one UI theme. It can appear squeezing, or ‘Why did they release this?’ can be reminded.

However, the T10 is still a popular model, and has merits for users who want multimedia product with a reasonable price with music, videos, image, text and Bluetooth. So, if someone is considering purchasing the T10, this stylish model appearing new with a similar price is a definitely big advantage. (Former users might be unsatisfied…)

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Description: There was some 'special edition', but this type of a new product is new for me. Let's take a closer look at the product.