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					                                                                                          AIG Financial Advisors

We Don’t Just Offer Support.
We offer the kind of support you need       bers of the home office staff who work         Transition with precision
to double or triple your business.          together to prepare curriculums and            A dedicated team of profession-
   When you partner your talents with our   educational programs that help you          als will plan your transition based on
resources, you can build the business       develop and grow your business.             your unique requirements and they
you’ve always known is possible. With                                                   will monitor the transfer of accounts
AIG Financial Advisors, you quickly learn      Visits and Tele-conferences with Re-     with you. You’ll work directly with our
to understand build upon your unique        gional Vice Presidents provide interac-     highly qualified, licensed transition
formula for achieving tangible results.     tive discussion and invaluable ideas on     specialists who will be with you ev-
                                            specific topics from an individual who      ery step of the way and as long as
YOURS is the business we serve.             is dedicated to the growth and efficien-    necessary to ensure a thorough tran-
   When you affiliate with AIG Financial    cy of your business.                        sition process that leaves no stone
Advisors, you begin to experience an at-                                                unturned.
tention for your business requirements      Making the move.                               Once your registration is activated,
that is deeply rooted in our culture          Select an alternate way to affiliate      your transition liaison will continue to
and our mission to provide personal-          Independent affiliation is our hall-      guide you through a clear process for
ized service. And, you can expect the
relationship to grow because we con-
sistently listen and respond, through a
                                            Add up all the ways we can deliver
variety of forums:                          more value to your business than any
   The Management Advisory Council          other independent broker-dealer.
is a representative group of affiliated
advisors from around the nation who         mark, but if you prefer a less indepen-     expediting your transition, while famil-
serve for a defined term to provide a       dent affiliation, we have an alternative:   iarizing you with tools and programs
voice for advisors and their clients on     Experience the entrepreneurial envi-        you can use to multiply your business.
relevant issues.                            ronment of AIG Financial Advisors as a
                                            corporate employee. With AIGFA Advi-        Get started on growing
  The National Education Conference,        sor SelectSM, you can do business your      your business
or NEC, is an annual event that pro-        way, but with more freedom, higher             We provide the dedication and commit-
vides training on various topics, the       payouts, and the security of employee       ment you need from your broker-dealer.
setting for exchange of ideas among         benefits. We’ll even give you an office     While you are providing meaningful solu-
professionals, opportunities to ex-         and provide supplies for your com-          tions, superior support, and creative so-
plore unique places, and the occasion       munication with clients and potential       lutions for your clients, you can count on
to recognize achievement.                   clients. We will support your personal      the same from the trusted professionals
                                            and professional growth. If you decide      of AIG Financial Advisors.
  The Education Committee is com-           to transition to independence, we’ll           Contact us today at 866 GO-AIGFA or
prised of affiliated advisors and mem-      help you in that process, too.              visit us at

                                   CONTACT: James R. Cannon | AIG Financial Advisors
         2800 N. Central Ave., Suite 2100, Phoenix, Ariz. 85004 | 866.462.4432 |