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Project Ideas:

Project Idea # 11


Receipt Tracker




Keeping track of receipts. When you buy something, you usually don't expect to take
it back. So, sometimes you end up just throwing away the receipt. If something was
to happen to that item, you would have to provide the receipt in order to get it
replaced, get your money back, etc.


A card that is able to store all receipt information. This will show when you
purchased the item and when the receipt expires. This will be a type of card that you
can just scan at every purchase. To implement, you can do it at a particular store, or
have a generic machine that will adapt to just about any computer system within a
department store.

CS Component

A "credit-card" like memory card. An external system (database) that stores all the

Project Idea # 12


Power Savings




High electricity bills. Electricity is a necessity, therefore you have to pay the bill for

Generate a system that conducts a mandatory power outage at a certain time (when
power is least used in a house; maybe when you're at work, etc.) when you might
not necessarily notice. This could save energy and money.

CS Component

Computer system (database) that stores trend information showing when you use
the least amount of power in your house (likely causing the least impact). Create a
switch that will automatically shut off power for a certain amount of time.

Project Idea # 13


NTXT - (No Text)




Since texting while driving is now illegal in VA (and most likely other states), there
should be something that disables texting automatically when you are driving.


When you start your car, sensors detect if your cell phone is in the car. If it is, then
it automatically disables the text feature until the car is turned off.

CS Component

Sensors that exchange information between the cell phone and the car.

Recent Idea:
I just recently had the idea of putting a sensor in a car with electric windows to
prevent it from rolling up if something is in the way. Children have been known to
die simply by standing up on the interior door handle and making the window roll up
on them. I've even had a finger caught by a rolling up window at one point and
know how painful it can be. A sensor to either tell if something is in the way, or a
pressure sensor to realize that there is some obstruction and to stop rolling up would
be handy.

These are the ideas I sent in online.

Project Idea # 24
Title      V2T-Voice to Text
Category   Traffic
Problem    Drivers texting while driving. Texting while driving is a dangerous act
            and has been outlawed in several states.
Solution    As hands-free phone conversations are still considered legal in most
            states, having a hands-free text could help prevent texting accidents
            and traffic violations. Using the cell phone to convert incoming texts to
            sound messages, and allowing the user to reply via speech to text
            software could be a possible solution to the texting problem.
CS          Cell Phone Hardware Text to Speech/Speech to Text software.
Project Idea # 25
Title      Quick HRT
Category   Transportation
Problem    The Hampton Roads Transit Bus routes can take two hours for a simple
           thirty minute commute. This long delay causes frustration in commuters
           and prevents people from wanting to use the busing system.
Solution   Developing a system to design busing routes that would help to expedite
           service. Finding better routes, how implementation of more express
           routes and future integration of the light rail could cause the reduction of
           bus time for the individual bus user.
CS         Modeling and Simulation

Project Idea # 27
Title      Linked List Education
Category   Education
Problem    Teaching Linked Lists to students can be a hard task. Trying to convey
           the concept to a student through text is often lacking for those that
           enjoy the hands on approach to learning. Having a non-textbook based
           method of instructing the student out of class may help the learning
Solution   Develop a game/toy that can physically be moved around and work like
           a linked list. Develop a program that helps students learn to navigate
           through and write linked lists
CS         Programming, Electronic Toys
Idea 1: Bio Grip
Unauthorized use of firearms is a problem that has plagued gun owners for years.
Children opening an unlocked gun safe, or bypassing trigger locks is am all too
common occurrence. Making a gun active only when the registered owner or trusted
person is in control of the firearm would fix these problems.
Develop a biometric fingerprint reader that is integrated into the grip of the gun to
control if the gun can be fired or not. This would be more effective than a gun lock
that can be disengaged via a key or by lock picking.

Idea 2: Defibri-Shirt
Senior citizens and heart disease prone people are almost always caught off guard
when a heart attack or heart arrhythmia occurs. When this happens a defibrillator
may not always be on hand. For people with extreme heart failure risk a defibrillator
always on hand could be the difference between life and death.
A defibrillator sewn into a specially fabricated compression shirt attached to a mobile
heart monitor can detect these occurrences and give the person a life saving service
when or if ever in need.

Idea3: Common Access Card Alert
Many businesses are making it mandatory to have a common access card of some
sort to access their computers, the U.S. Military being one of them. Leaving a CAC in
the reader by accident can give someone access to sensitive information and your
computer without you knowing.
An alert system that will alert you when you have gone more than a certain number
of feet away from your computer without removing your CAC. This will make
employees more aware of the problem and cut down on unauthorized access to


Title:Automatic Presciption Refiller (APR)
Problem:There are a number of pharmacy facilities on the market that provide a
subscription refilling service to nursing homes and hospitals. One of those is
Neighbor Care Inc. Each of those facilities have a number of departments that are
involved in the process. First department receivees a refill request and puts it in their
system. Another departments fills a small container with the proper pills for a patient
in the hospital or the nursing home, then another worker from a different
department puts a label on the container with the proper person, facility, and pills'
description. A pharmacist then checks all the containers to make sure that the pills
inside correspond to the pills on the lable. A driver then delivers all the refills to the
appropriate place, nurses distribute them to the patients. Each of the two
departments described in the process have about 15 people in each of the NC Inc.
and the Pharmacy spends a total of $700,000 every year to pay those workers. On
top of that since humans are involved in the process of doing a tedious repetitive
manual labor, mistakes are a common thing. A survey has shown that on average
10% of all pills sent to hospitals are not the ones that had to be sent. That means
that 1 out of 10 patients swallows pills that he is not supposed to, thus endangering
the life of millions of people.
Solution:Currently there is a PAS (Pharmacy Automated Systems) implementation
which for one reason or another is not properly used and utilized in each facility. We
should offer a solution to replace all the manual labor, and at the same time minize
the error rates. Such a system needs to read the recipies that have already been
entered in the system, fill a small container with the proper pills, put a label on it,
and prepare it for the drivers to distribute them.

Computer Component:Embedded system, Real Time Computing systems, RTOS,

Title:SMS Help Desk
Problem:Currently There are a number of Help Desk systems implemented to provide
service to different companies all around the world. People usually submit a ticket
from an online form or send an e-mail to a specific address to receive the
appropriate help. Have you ever had to deal with OCCS HELPDESK system, or the CS
"rootmail" system? Most of us have. It is tedious and a person has to make an effort
to get the proper service. What if you need help and there is no computer around
you, and your mobile phone does not provide 3G service? You will not be helped.
Solution:SMS addition to existing help-desk systems. You simply send a text
message to 757-ODU-HELP and it is automatically converted to a ticket request. Your
problem is solved and you receive a reply text message stating the fact that all your
issues are resolved. That would make life convenient.
Computer Component:3G networks, telephony.

Title:Medicine Cabinet of the Future

Problem: 95% all senior citizens are taking at least 1 medications on a regular basis.
How often do they forget to take it? Quite often, according to my grandparents.
What if there was something to remind them about it. What is there was something
to tell them not only when to take the pill, but also which exact pill to take. What if
the system would let their relatives if a medication has been skipped? That would be
lovely. Personally, I would like it if I received a call when my grandparents have
skipped a medication or have taken the wrong one. Ultimately, this new system
could save their life.
Solution: A new medicine cabinet that tracks down the pills people take and all that a
person needs to do is just scan a bar-code on a recipe and the new pills he puts
inside this cabinet. The systems is put on the local computer network and with a
simple emergency number and a speaker phone it will implement all of the necessary
Computer Component:Sensor Networks, VoIP, telephony, bar-code scanners.

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