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aum sri sai ram


									                                         Aum Sri Sai Ram

The last couple of months have been very eventful for youth in Hyderabad. Swami blessed us
with opportunities unique in many ways, be it the water projects taken up in the remote tribals
villages/Thandas or the Management meets that were conducted benefiting thousands of youth
in the state. Below is a brief account of some of the activities.

Water Tanks Construction
Summers in Andhra Pradesh are very severe and drought like conditions have prevailed in most
parts of the state for more than 5 years now, save the rains this year. One of the most affected
districts undoubtedly is Nalgonda. With water Fluorine content being one of the highest in the
world there are very few sources of potable water. Ramuni Thanda*, with population of about
300, is located at a distance of 50 km from Hyderabad.

                                     With no supply of water from the Municipality they face
                                     acute water shortage round the year, especially in the
                                     summer. Sai Yuvaks from Hyderabad came to know
                                     about the water crisis and immediately visited the
                                     village. They noticed that the problem was not primarily
                                     of water shortage, but of wastage. There was no facility
                                     to store water after it is pumped out of the bore-well.
                                     And the pumping of water was dependant on 3-Phase
                                     electric supply, which lasted for only about 6 hours in a
day. There was an instance in the recent past when there was no electricity in the village for
more than 2days and the Lamabadas had to go to villages which were almost 5km away to fetch

What was also observed was the pool of water that
was stagnant near the bore outlet was used for
drinking purposes by humans and animals alike.
Clothes and utensils were also washed there, and for
some it was the bathing area. This posed a major
health hazard to all the villagers, especially to the 50
odd children in the village.

With Swami’s blessings we, Sai Yuvaks, resolved to put an end to this plight. About 30 of us
                                          visited Ramuni Thanda, consulted with the villagers,
                                          gained their support and acceptance of the project and
                                          immediately started Water Tank construction work. The
                                          need was to construct a cost effective, long standing
                                          storage tank, and for this purpose cement rings were
                                          considered the appropriate choice. A 4000 liters tank
                                          construction started with the involvement of all the
                                          Lambadas, Sai Yuvak and Children alike. Infact the
                                          project wouldn’t have been completed in time without
the contribution of the children. To pass on some 1000 bricks that were about 100 meters away
from the construction site, all the children formed a train and accomplished the task within no
time!! Blessed is the nation where children who have not yet parted ways with their Milk Teeth
have realized and responded to the Social cause.

Under the Balavikas program all the children were given new footwear, and also special prizes
                              were given away to kids who actively participated in the entire

                               Once the construction of the tanks and connection of pipes was
                               completed all the Lambadas and Sai Yuvak alike anxiously
                               waited for
                               the       “3-
phase miracle” to happen. Sooner than we
realized trinkets of fresh ground water
started to make its way to the tank and
filled it with-in no time. There was no
bound to the happiness each one present
there experienced. There was no stopping
the children who immediately started filling
pots of water and carried them to their
mothers as their most precious gift.

Similar activity has been taken up and completed in two other Thandas nearby. The “Blue
Revolution” is taking huge strides.

Rakhi @ Victoria Memorial Home (VMH)
This day was an eye opener for most of us, as we once again realized the responsibility we have
towards our little brothers and sisters in VMH. We reached
there at 8 am, an hour late, and already the whole hostel (900
of them) was eagerly waiting for us sine 7 am. Nevertheless we
started of with the lower classes and made the girls tie Rakhi to
the little boy soldiers there.       It was a scene to be
captured….only in our hearts!! The pride on the face of the
brothers and the love of the sisters was overwhelming….yes,
there were tears flowing here and there, but by and large we
managed to hold our composure. Some of our brothers couldn’t hold themselves and
participated in the ceremony, they had MANY Rakhis tied to their hands ;-).

                               Part two of the Ceremony- after the sweets distributed was
                               Prize Distribution. VMH has a beautiful tradition where the
                               seniors take care of health related issues of the juniors. All
                               those who made a difference to the lives of the younger ones
                               were recognized and rewarded. Also our Stars, both boys and
                               girls, from Victoria WON the Inter-School Kabaddi competition.
                               They were also called on the stage and gifted amidst loud
                               thunderous applauses.

Grama Seva @ Nerutla & Choututla Thandas – Sep 4, 05
         After months of deliberation and searching for a needy
village to carry forward the Grama Seva Revolution we hit upon a
gold mine in one of the remotest places in our state (AP). Far- far -
Far away from the hustle and bustle of even the towns and villages,
our brothers from the Twin-Cities found the Twin-Thandas, Nerutla
and Choututla. At least 15 km off the nearest mud-road these two
Thandas are located right in the middle of the thick Nallamala
         With no access road, no safe drinking water, no Primary Health Center, no electricity for
irrigation and hardly anything to eat these people are living in one of the most heart-churning
conditions. When our brothers visited these villages for the first time, they were shaken up by
the site of the mothers feeding some kind of wild-grass to the children as a substitute for
Vegetables. Since there is no 3-phase electric supply, irrigation activities cannot be taken up in
                                the village which leaves no other option for the families, but to
                                migrate to Guntur and other districts in search of livelihood.
                                There they earn mere Rs.15-25 a day and somehow survive.
                                Others in the village who are old and are unable to relocate,
                                their survival itself is God’ Miracle!!
                                         As a starter, under the Grama Seva Program, we did a
                                much needed Medical Camp, Veterinary camp, Balavikas,
                                Health and Hygiene awareness
camp, Narayana Seva and Amrutha Kalasam (Rice, Dal, Jowar,
Tamarind, Oil, Turmeric, Salt, Pickles, Sai Protein, Blankets,
Plates) distribution.

As Phase-II, efforts are on to bring the 3-Phase electric supply to
the village. Our brothers are speaking with various govt. officials,
and other influential bodies to see how this task can be
accomplished. Once this is done the villagers need not migrate to other districts in search of
livelihood. The soil there is fertile, the wells are full hence Electricity seems to be the only
requirement now. Pray Swami to make this happen!!

Vinayaka Chavithi Celebrations - Army College of Dental Sciences
This was one of the most fulfilling meetings we had with college students in the recent past. As
part of the Vinayaka Chavithi festivities a cultural program was held in the Army College of
                                  Dental Sciences – Hyderabad. What started off as a 90 min
                                  program had to be ended forcefully after almost 3 hours of
                                  highly interactive session!! All the students showed great
                                  enthusiasm despite the exam they had the next morning. Sarva
                                  Dharma Bhajan was conducted where all the students
                                  participated enthusiastically; later a mime show performed by
                                  the College students and coordinated by our brothers- was
                                  staged. It was highly interactive and there was a flood of
thoughts from the student community on how to contribute to the Nation Building Activities!!
All the budding doctors vouched their time towards this noble cause.

Management Sapthaham
Inspired by the teachings of our Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba varu, Sri Sathya Sai Free Tutorials
has been rendering free coaching classes for B.Com and M.Com students for the past 12 years.
This Management Sapthaham was organized to cater to the needs of present day student
community. Every day there was two hours of session on various Management topics listed
below, delivered by eminent personalities in the industry.
    1. Communication Skills
    2. Presentation Skills
    3. Time Management
    4. How to face an interview
    5. Leadership and Management
    6. Career Guidance
    7. Personality Development
The response from the students was overwhelming – the classes were always tightly packed
despite the heavy rains in the city. On the final day they themselves approached the organizers
and requested for a similar session at a much larger scale for the benefit of the entire student
community in the city and the near by districts. The “Management Revolution” has begun and
several Districts have already conducted such events for the benefit of the student community.

We whole-heartedly pray to Swami that he bless us with such an opportunities going forward
also, and use us as instruments of His Divine Mission.

Jai Sai Ram

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