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4 Together Partnership


4 Together Partnership

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									                         4 Together Partnership
                            11th November 2009
              6pm, Ferryhill Business and Enterprise College

                  Partner Organisations
                  Ian Brown                              IB
                  Acting Inspector Warren Edwards        WE
                  Gillian Fortune                        GE
                  Phil Gover                             PG
                  Darren Race                            DR
                  Nick Whitton                           NW

                  Public Representatives
                  Chris Buston                           CB
                  Tony Cutmore                           TC
                  Margaret Hayes                         MH
                  Kath Merrington                        KM
                  Helen Winskill                         HW

                  Elected Members
                  Cllr Brian Avery                       Cllr BA
                  Cllr David Farry                       Cllr DF
                  Cllr Alan Hodgson                      Cllr AH
                  Cllr Charles Magee                     Cllr CM
                  Cllr Christine Potts                   Cllr CP
                  Cllr Len Potts                         Cllr LP

ATTENDANCE        Lee Stephenson, Principal Area Action Partnership Co-
                  Helen Pinkney, AAP Support Officer
                  Paula Nixon, Community Development Project Officer
                  Peter Henderson, Community Development Project

ATTENDANCE        Doreen Barber; Anne-Marie Curry; Paul Gray; Michele
                  MacCallam; Zena Roddam; Betty Sheppard.

APOLOGIES:        Tony Brimm
                  Cllr Pat McCourt
                  Jeff Riddell

A1.   Introduction and apologies
      DR opened the meeting and introduced PN and PH to the Board. He
      invited the observers to stay behind if they had any questions.
      DR introduced Chris Buston as the new Public Representative.
A2.   Agreement of Minutes from the previous meeting (12th Oct)
      Matters Arising.
      Pg1. DF asked for his apologies to be added
      Pg2. Actions completed by LS

      LS asked the Board if they would allow the to recording of the
      amendment without resending. The Board agreed.

A3.   Local Neighbourhood Issues
      LS presented the issues that had been brought to her attention prior to
      the meeting

      Cllr Magee’s letter was presented.

      LS informed the Board that she had held a meeting with Cllr Mike
      Smith regarding projects in Bishop Middleham

      A letter from Ferryhill Town Council asking for a letter of support for
      Dean Park phase 2 was presented. Cllr BA proposed that a letter
      should be sent, this was seconded by GF

      A letter from Ferryhill 2000 was presented; it was proposed that they
      be invited to a Board meeting in the New Year. The group agreed.

      LS informed the Board that the Forum letters will be sent out week
      commencing 16th November 2009. She asked the Board to take
      posters if they would like to put some up.

      LS relayed the information regarding Chilton GP surgery

      LS informed the group that the Ferryhill Art Project Steering Group
      were holding a meeting on Monday 16th November 2009 at Ferryhill
      Town Council Offices, 4:30-5:30pm

      LS informed the Board that the results from the Place Survey were now
      available; she asked that anyone wanting this information should
      contact her. DR, KM, GF, HW, and CB expressed an interest in
      obtaining this information. ACTION HP

      The Communication Strategy was distributed. LS explained that this
      detailed what the Board can and cannot do, that the Partnership can
      develop its own underneath this guidance and that this was for
      GF proposed that the AAP develop its own
      LS informed the Board that this had been discussed
      DR proposed that this could be an item on the Forum; it could be asked
      how the Forum would like to be communicated with.
      Cllr CP raised issues with the post. LS apologised to anyone who did
      not receive papers and asked that all Board members provide an email
      address to ensure that papers are received before the meeting.
      LS informed the group that the Board papers are available to the
      Forum but are not posted out; this could be done but this would be at a
      cost to the Partnership
      TC suggested that they could be put in public libraries akin to what is
      done by Town and Parish Councils. ACTION LS to investigate.

      The Winter Maintenance Overview and scrutiny is out; all members of
      the Board expressed an interest in receiving a copy. ACTION – HP to
      distribute to Board and Town and Parish Councils

      LS has received 3 Neighbourhood Budget Applications for the Board’s
      1) Cllr Magee – Feasibility Study for Dean Park - £10K
      2&3) Cllr Christine Potts and Cllr Avery – Chilton Skate Park - £25K

      No other formal issues had been raised.
      DR thanked Lee and the Board

A4.   Priorities & Action Plans
      LS referred back to the options report agreed on the percentage going
      to the Forum. She informed them that if the Board still wants to do this
      then a figure needs to be agreed on.
      LS informed the Board that there is now a Stage 2 Application form;
      this is not an open bidding process but rather a mechanism to capture
      information from the task and finish groups.
      LS proposed that the Board may want to consider giving each lead of
      the projects already proposed on the action plan a form to fill in and
      submit so that all projects can then be considered by a sub-group. This
      sub-group could be made up of 2 elected members (1 town/parish and
      1 DCC), 2 partner reps and 2 public reps (different geographic
      The Sub-group could then rank the 19 projects on the Boards behalf,
      see what we can fund to a specific point and any remaining projects
      could then go to the Forum to be voted on and paid for with the top-
      slice allocated to them.
      Discussion on this ensued.

      LS distributed the Action Plans and supporting documents including a
      table detailing geographic breakdown of project spend. She told the
      group that some late entries have been included for information only.
      She told the Board that the Action Plans are not the same across all of
      the AAPs, 4 Together opted for a full report with the table of projects at
      the back of the document.

      LS thanked the task and finish groups for their input. She told the
      Board that the Action Plan is still only in draft form. It was noted that
      the majority of projects could be delivered by local organisations which
      would mean as much of the money as possible would be spent directly
      in the area.
      LS went through the Action Plan and projects.
      KM noted that one of the projects for the Activities for Young People
      group was missing. ACTION HP to rectify.

      The Board decided that a sub-group should be set up to prioritise the
      It was decided that the project leads should complete the Stage 2
      Application form
      Discussion on top-slicing ensued. It was decided by the Board that it
      should remain as close to the £30K as possible as agreed and Minuted
      at the previous meeting.
      HW asked what would happen of there isn’t enough in the Forum pot to
      fund the projects that go forward. LS – If for example the top 2 voted
      projects add up to £35K then the second project may not receive the
      full allocation it applied for. The issue would have to be brought back to
      the Board to discuss whether or not Members would like to fund the
      shortfall or whether the additional needed to be allocated out of next
      years AAP pot if appropriate.

      LS then asked for volunteers for the appraisal sub-group saying that
      although members who had submitted projects could be on the sub-
      group, they would need to declare an interest at the time and
      demonstrate a level of detachment.

      The following then came forward:
             Cllr David Farry
             Cllr Alan Hodgson
             Gillian Fortune
             Darren Race
             Kath Merrington
             Helen Winskill

      CP congratulated the task and finish groups on the worthwhile projects
      pointing out that many addressed County Council concerns including
      pregnancy and NEETs.

      GF asked if task and finish groups would have a role in prioritising the
      projects. LS said no, now a sub-group has been appointed they would
      take on the responsibility on the ranking exercise.

A5.   Countrywide Partner Issues
      No issues were given to LS before the meeting

      HW informed the Board that the Local Children’s Board are looking to
      commission a project around risky behaviour in Ferryhill, Chilton and
      Shildon; this will be a big investment.
      LS updated the Board on the Forum.
      It will be held on 9th December 2009 at Ferryhill Leisure Centre
      A brief overview of the current proposed format was given; this will be
      confirmed once the Agenda is set.
      It was suggested that communication be addressed; i.e. how the
      Forum would like to be kept informed.
      HW asked about the engagement of young people. Discussion ensued.
      It was decided that school ambassadors be contacted.

A6.   Date and Time of Next Meeting

      6pm, 13th January 2010, Chilton Community College

      Cllr Christine Potts and Cllr Len Potts submitted their apologies for the
      next meeting.

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