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					                            Administration of the
                        Union Territory of Lakshadweep
                              Kavaratti- 682 555

F.No.42-10/2009-DMHS(1)                                             Dated: 20. 08. 2009

                                 TENDER SCHEDULE

       Sealed Tenders are invited for supply of Laboratory Chemicals Reagents &
Equipments required by the Lakshadweep Medical Department for the year 2009-
2010 from licensed manufacturers or their authorised distributors/ agents. Tender
forms containing terms and conditions, list of Laboratory items required and last date for
submission of quotations, can be had from Store Superintendent, Lakshadweep, Medical
store, Indira Gandhi Road, Willington Island, Kochi – 682 003, Kerala from 21-08-2009
to 16-09-2009 10 AM on all working days on payment of Rs.500/- + 8% S.T (Total
Rs.540/) for Laboratory items by cash which is not refundable. Tender schedules can
also be downloaded from Web Site Tenderers, who have
downloaded the Tender Schedules from Web site, should remit the cost of Tender form to
Store Superintendent, Lakshadweep Medical Store, Kochi-3 at the time of submission of
Tender. Tenders addressed to the Store Superintendent, Lakshadweep Medical Store,
Indira Gandhi Road, Wellington Island, Kochi-682 003 should reach his office on or
before 2.00 PM on 16.09.2009. The tenders will be opened at 3.00 PM on the same day by
the committee constituted for the purpose in the presence of tenderers or their duly
authorised representatives present, if any, at that time. Any tenders received after due
date and time specified will be rejected.

      The acceptance of the tenders will be subject to the following terms and conditions

                               TERMS & CONDITIONS

    I)     The list of items required is furnished in the annexure attached. Rate quoted
           shall be inclusive of all packing, forwarding, insurance, transporting charges
           and other incidental charges up to Lakshadweep Medical Store, Kochi-3.
           This rate if once accepted will be valid for a period of one year from the
           date of acceptance.

    II)    Rate applicable for each packing unit shall be quoted separately

    III)   The delivery of the entire quantity of Lab items ordered should be made
           within 30 days from date of receipt of the supply order. Delayed supply of the
           ordered items shall not be accepted and supplier shall be responsible for any
           losses that may occur on account of this.

    IV)    The under signed does not bind himself to accept the lowest rate for any item
           or tender and reserves the right with him of acceptance of rates as a whole or
           of any part of the tender and the tenderers shall be bound to supply the
           accepted item at the rate quoted by him, in whatever quantity and as and
           when orders placed during the validity of the contract.

    V)     The lowest rates will be accepted subject to quality and ability to supply the
           items in time, as per the supply order. Representation for enhancement of rate
           once accepted will not be entertained during the validity of the contract.

    VI)    The successful bidders has to give the analysis report while supplying Lab

    VII)   Items bearing expiry dates of less than two years from the date of supply will
           not be accepted.

VIII) Payment of cost of items supplied will be made only after checking them by the
      representative authorised for the purpose and certifying to the genuineness
      and specifications of the items satisfactorily.

IX)    Sales Tax will be paid as per the rates applicable for Government Supplies at
       the time of supply. The tenderers shall furnish C.S.T and State Government
       Sales Tax Registration number in their tender and invoice/bill.

X)     Advance or part payment will not be made against the supplies under any
       circumstances, payment through bank against production of dispatch
       document also will not be made.

XI)    An amount equal to 2.5% of the total value of quoted items should be furnished
       as E.M.D along with the tender. This can be furnished by means of Demand
       Draft in favour of the Director, Medical & Health Services, Kavaratti
       drawn on Syndicate Bank and encashable at Syndicate Bank, Kavaratti .
       Tenders without the prescribed E.M.D will summarily be rejected.

XII)   The E.M.D. of successful bidders will be released only after satisfactory
       completion of supply within the specified period and E.M.D of those tenderers,
       whose tenders have been considered, but no contract could be awarded will be
       refunded immediately after the finalization of the tenders.

XIII) After the expiry of warranty period the supplier should provide the spares and
      prompt service 0f the equipments as and when required by the department.

XIV) The successful bidders have to deposit 5% of the total value of supply and
     in case they fail to deposit the security value then the EMD will be
     adjusted against Security deposit. The security will be released along
     with EMD of the successful bidders after satisfactory completion supply
     of stores.

XV)    The tenders should be neatly typed in one side of each sheet and tenderers will
       have to declare the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the tender

XVI) The tenderers shall furnish an experience certificate to the effect that they have
     supplied Laboratory items worth Rs. 2 Lakhs to any recognized Institutions/
     Government Institutions during the last one year with evidence and also
     provide income tax clearance certificate for the last year.

XVII) Violation of any of the terms of tender notice will entail cancellation of supply
      order. The Administrator, Union Territory of Lakshadweep, reserves the right
      to accept or terminate the contract at any time during the validity of contract
      and his decision in the matter shall be final and no appeal shall lie over it.

XVIII) The rate should be quoted in figures and words neatly and legibly. The total
       cost of the quoted items should be furnished in the tender.

                                         (DR. P.S.ASHRAF)
                                 DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL & HEALTH SERVICES
                                  For and on behalf of the Administrator,
                                           U.T.of Lakshadweep.