ISYS123 Tutorial 2 by kmw34260


									                                     Assignment 2

                          INFO111/MAS111 Computer Games

                                    Due: week 12
                                   Value: 20 marks
                       (to be handed in in your laboratory class)

In recent practical sessions in this unit you have had the opportunity to become familiar with a
game development engine, the Aurora Engine.

In this assignment you are to use that engine to develop a small game module. Obviously, with
real games taking years and millions of dollars I am not expecting a large project, but the Aurora
practicals should have shown you what is possible with a little bit of time and thought.

You are to produce the following for this assignment
   1. A document outlining your game
   2. The game itself

The document that outlines your game is to be a type of design document outlining
    The basic idea behind your game, setting, style, what is interesting about your idea
    The outline of the play of the game: story, game tasks, etc
    The challenges and rewards in the game – which ones are easy, which ones are hard, how
       does the challenge increase through the game
    The portions of the engine used – how much of the technology were you required to master
    Any other relevant information – such as how much of your design you actually

The document should be about 5 pages long and will be marked out of 8. It will be assessed both
on its content and its presentation (readability, layout, grammar and spelling, etc).

Think of this as a document selling your game to a potential publisher – the Game Treatment
Document discussed in lectures. It has to be persuasive, it has to convince someone one that your
game idea is worth investing money in.

Grading Outline
Pass - the document is readable, but has some problems in presentation. It contains material on
most, but not all of the areas listed above
Credit – the document is well presented, with few errors. It contains relevant and informative
material on most, but not all of the areas listed above
Distinction – the document is well presented, with few errors. It contains relevant and informative
material on all of the areas listed above. As well as simply conveying the information, it has at
least some elements that are convincing of worth of funding the idea – that it is, at least in some
way, exciting and original
High Distinction – in addition to meeting the requirements for a distinction, the whole document
provides an exciting introduction to the game and what the designer is trying to achieve – it leaves
the reader thinking “wow – I want to fund/play this”.

Note the difference between Distinction and High Distinction – for the former at least parts of the
document have to convey some excitement to the reader – for the latter the whole document

You also have to produce the game :-)

The scale of the module in the Aurora practical gives you a starting idea of what I am looking for.
But don’t try to copy what I did – we’ll notice that. Use your imagination – come up with your
own world. Try things that I didn’t include in the example. Show us what you can do.

You also need to decide whether you are concentrating on mastering the technology of the engine
or on the design and implementation of your game. For each of these you need to decide what
percentage of the mark it will be worth. Together with your submission you need to nominate for
each (design and technology) one of 30% , 40% ,50% ,60% or 70% (and the two have to add up to
100%). As a guide, the sample module in the practical would be a 40% design, 60% technology
submission – it had a bit of a story, but not much, but did use quite a bit of the Aurora engine
(dialogue trees, scripts, item creation, etc), without exhausting the possibilities.

Your game will be marked out of 12.

Grading Outline
Pass – the game mostly works and shows a reasonable amount of effort roughly equivalent to the
example from the practicals
Credit – the game works and is a reasonably interesting (if not overly inspiring) design and use of
the technology within the balance set by the student (the example from the Aurora pracs would
land here)
Distinction – the game works and shows some outstanding feature in the design and or use of
technology, within the balance set by the student
High Distinction - in addition to meeting the requirements for a distinction, the game design
and/or use of the technology (as nominated by the student) show particularly innovative,
imaginative or skilled aspects (plural) of design and/or construction

We will also be asking students who produce outstanding work whether we can display it at the
next University open day (September next year).
You will give a short demonstration of your module to your practical demonstrator in your week
12 practical class. You will need to give them an electronic version of the module and either an
electronic or hard copy of your documentation at the same time

Michael Hitchens
October 2009

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